9 Amazing Scarf Hacks

The scarf is an amazingly adaptable piece of material; it can be used in numerous ways to create inventive accessories that will liven up an existing collection of clothes. With affordable prices and the expanding variety of designs, sizes and materials there is no need to go out and buy whole new outfits, unless you can’t resist shopping. So here are a few scarf hack ideas from Scarf World, which will have you looking at the humble scarf in a whole new light.

Scarf Hacks Ideas You’ll Love

1. Two large silk scarves, complimentary colours but one plane, one with interesting design. Stitch together along from either end, on one side about two or three inches, and up the two sides about six to eight inches, depending on your size. You should then have gaps for arms and head, bingo! You should have a trendy summer slip on.

2. Buy a large colourful but cheap wristwatch, take off the strap and weave a small pretty silk scarf through the holders, and let it flutter from the wrist, or make a small bow.

3. You can even disguise the laces on your casual shoes with small neat bows.
bows and shoes

4. Two long rectangular cotton scarves knotted at one end and stitched part way up to sides, will make a colourful summer dress to wear over casual light clothes. Ideal for beach or pool parties.

5. Replace your belt with a length of twisted colourful material; it will give a splash of colour to your old trendy ripped or faded jeans. It you have some interesting belt buckles you can stitch a folded scarf in place of the original strap, or cover an existing one. At the very least have a colourful small silk scarf casually tucked into the back pocket of your jeans, so that it hangs partially out.

6. Twist a bright patterned scarf around the straps of your bag. Choose a colour that matches something else you are wearing. It can be twisted tight or left to drape at one end. You could even add a bow for a more feminine look.k5-1024x729

7. Make a vintage scrunchie, they may have been out of fashion for a while, but they are now back. If it’s good enough for Catherine Zeta Jones or Kate Beckinsale,then go for it. Sturdy silk scarf, large pattern, cut 4 to 5 inches wide and 16 to 20 inches long, stitch into open ended tube. Thread wide elastic into it and stick up ends so that the elastic pulls the material into a scrunched loop. These are ideal for holding pony tails and bunched hair in place without creasing it.

8. Design your own bracelets,by wrapping simple cheap ones, in interesting designed material. Add a bandanna in similar colours to achieve a bohemian look.

9. Take a layered necklace several loops of material,cut and twisted, mix and match from a couple of cheap scarves you don’t mind cutting up.