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Pink Scarves

Never get lost in the crowd with one of these ultimate fluorescent pink scarves. Ideal for wearing as a simple neck scarf, a sash belt, shawl or head wrap. These breezy neon pink scarves are made from super soft jersey and will feel light yet warm.

Fluorescent Pink Scarves

Fuchsia Pink Scarves

For elegance and style when it comes to this Fuchsia satin number is definitely a winner. This will look excellent with black as well as bright colours, giving an instant lift to your look. This pink scarf is woven with stripes of luxurious soft satin with see through fabric, making you shimmer wherever you go. You can loop this scarf loosely around your neck, elegantly drape around your shoulders or even wrap around your waist as a belt.

Fuchsia Pink Scarves

Light Weight Pashmina Pink Scarf

This subtle pale pink scarf is light and soft making it a joy to wear. Made from light-weight super soft viscose, unlike some other pink scarves, this one will not weigh you down.

Light Weight Pashmina Pink Scarves

Pashmina Scarf

Silk Pashmina (Mint Green)

Revitalise your look with this stunning silk Pashmina Scarf. Enjoy the warmth, lightness and comforting softness of Pashmina whenever you wish to with this tranquil mint green scarf. The skilfully designed fabric will drape fluidly over your shoulders or outfit, however you wish to wear it.

Square Pashmina (Red Stars)

Revamp your style with this trendy red starred pashmina scarf . Made from 100% Pashmina cashmere, you can benefit from the luxuriously soft and naturally breathable fabric.
This red scarf can also be worn as an Arab scarf and is sure to look great with a variety of outfits.

Jacquard Pashmina (Brown Paisley)

This high quality item is woven from a silk-cashmere blend on an intricate jacquard loom, glowing with rich colour you can easier enrich your outfit by wrapping this around you. The soft and incredibly comfortable pashmina scarf material can be worn anytime of the year either on the shoulder or neck.

Mint Green Pashmina Scarf
Red Stars Pashmina Scarf
Brown Paisley Pashmina Scarf

Red Scarves

If you know you want a red scarf but are not sure which one to go for then look at these red scarves. You are sure to find something to fit the bill whichever shade or material you are looking for, the huge selection of styles and brilliant prices is sure to have you satisfied.

Materials Available for Red Scarves?

Summer Pashmina, Chiffon Neck Scarves, Cotton, Glitter Skinny Scarves, Silk Scarves, Magic, Light Weight Pashmina, Crimson Triangle with Lace Weave, Lurex Scarf Belt, Polar Fleece, Embroidered Rose, Embellished Red with Flowers, the possibilities are endless.

How to Choose From the Red Scarves Available?

Take a browse through some of these red scarves and get that brain ticking over what you can match from your wardrobe, there is bound to be something here for everyone.

Red Silk Scarf Small (Chakra Healing)

For a little touch of heat and wow factor, this red silk scarf is not only great to look at but also the colour of the 6th and 7th chakras, associated with connection to the Earth and dynamic energy. You can use this scarf as a headscarf, for chakra meditation or around the neck.

Magic Scarf (Red)

Dazzle with this tomato red magic scarf, so named as with great vesatality it’s so flexible to change your look with it. Whether you want to use as a stole, over your head as a cowl or bundled snug beneath your coat, it’s all possible with this red magic scarf.

Printed Chiffon Red Scarves

This light and airy chiffon red scarf is ideal for hot days or for a sprout of colour in the winter. The elegant flowing of these red scarves will make you feel confident and great to be wearing it. You can also wear this red scarf as a headband or on the shoulders.

Silk Red Healing Scarf
Magic Red Scarves
red-scarves-printed £3.99
Printed Red Scarf

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina is the luxurious fine cashmere wool that works so wonderfully when used for textiles such as Pashmina Scarves. The warmth that Pashmina provides is unmistakeable, which is why so many people love it.

The Different Varieties of Pashmina Scarves

Sheer Pashmina Scarf (Sky Blue Thin Stripe)

When looking for something lighter than the standard Pashmina Scarves, this sheer Pashmina scarf is the answer. You can continue to wear your favourite material without comprising on quality, resulting in a airy, soft feel and look.

Pashmina Scarves Patterned Blue

Jacquard Pashmina Scarves (Cream Paisley)

There is a pashmina scarf for every occasion; the Jacquard Pashmina (Cream Paisley) is a beautiful scarf warm and also very light to wear. A subtle textured paisley pattern gives this pashmina scarf depth, using Jacquard weaving and finishes off the stylish look.

Pashmina Scarves Cream Paisley

Pashmina Scarves (Pink & Blue Stripes)

Pashmina Scarves can be perfect for everyday use, this warm and colourful pink and blue Pashmina has a wonderful feeling against the skin and looks fantastic. Pashmina Scarves can be worn in a variety of different ways, as a shawl, scarf or wrapped around your whole body, are very versatile and burst of quality.

Pashmina Scarves Pink Blue

Treat Yourself to a Silk Scarf

To add a piece of luxury and sophistication, or simply some colour to your outfit, try a silk scarf. With so many beautiful scarves to choose from, there’s sure to be a silk scarf to suit any occasion. Patterned or plain, tasselled or straight, the choice is yours.

Which Silk Scarf to Choose?

Green Silk Scarf – Small (Chakra Healing)

With scarf world these are no ordinary silk scarves, the Green Silk Scarf – Small (Chakra Healing) for example has been dyed with the colour of the heart Chakra, the Chakras origin from Hindu beliefs, many people use crystals of varying colours on energy points of the body (Chakras). The heart centre is associated with love and healing and is perfect for mediation.

silk-scarf-green-chakra £3.99
Silk Scarf Green Chakra

So if you would like something more from your silk scarf than meets the eye, soothe your senses with this amazingly great value green silk scarf.

Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf (Blue)

This dreamy Caribbean Sea coloured square silk chakra healing scarf symbolises the throat Chakra, Vishuddha. It is believed that whilst wearing this colour you will feel incredibly positive. The blue of this silk scarf is also associated with communication and learning, so whether you are studying for exams or just in an academic environment, this is the silk scarf to wear. This product is made from pure silk.

Silk Scarf Blue

Large Square Silk Shawl (Red with Knotted Tassels)

For something fierier this large red silk scarf will certainly bring some warmth and comfort as well as looking great. This large red silk scarf has a subtle lustre and drape which will compliment anything dress or top. The fine quality of this silk scarf is a great addition to your wardrobe as well as being a superb gift.

Silk Scarf Red