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The Best Cheap Pashmina Scarves Around

Few scarves scream luxury like pashmina scarves. They are versatile – women of all ages wear them as scarves, belts, necklaces, headbands and even kerchiefs. Moreover, they are timeless and seem to radiate a certain classic beauty. Cheap pashmina scarves are perfect for any outfit, during any season, anywhere you are and will save you a lot of money without compromising on looks. Looking for the right pashmina scarf for your occasion? Don’t worry, we have some of the best cheap pashmina scarves around for you to check out.

The Top Cheap Pashmina Scarves for Summer

Turquoise Pashmina Scarf (Butterflies)
Turquoise Pashmina Scarf (Butterflies)

Summer pashminas are light, breezy, and make a statement on the beach. If you are looking for a great summer pashmina scarf, check out our extensive Summer Pashmina section full of beautiful scarves. Since they are perfect for the beach, and excellent for having fun in the sun, we suggest getting a pashmina with a beachy color scheme. Our Butterflies print Turquoise Pashmina Scarf is a perfect companion for your beach outfit. Invoke the surf and the sand with a great summer color theme, and you will be sure to make waves!

The Ideal Cheap Pashmina Scarf for Eveningwear

Jacquard Pashmina (Black Paisley)
Jacquard Pashmina (Black Paisley)

When you are arriving at the opera, or simply attending a black tie dinner, it’s important to dress the part. An eveningwear pashmina can help pull together just about any outfit. Since black is always in fashion, we highly suggest our Black Paisley Jacquard Pashmina scarf. It’s definitely affordable, yet looks hot off the runway. The paisley print gives it a special retro touch, which is perfect for channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pashmina scarves are a close second.

Cheap Pashmina Scarves For Everyday Wear

Cream Lurex Scarf (Striped)
Cream Lurex Scarf (Striped)

Of course, everyone needs a pashmina scarf that is made for daily wear. Some people even use pashminas as a signature accessory. If you are looking for a pashmina for daily wear, consider buying our Cream Lurex Scarf. It’s a perfect match for work wear, has an elegant color that matches many outfits, and also is comfortable to wear. What more can we say? People who are looking to add a splash of color to their daily outfit should check out our plain pashminas section. There’s a scarf for just about every outfit. In order to get the most wear out of your pashmina, try to buy a scarf in a color that you normally wear.

Evening Wear Scarves

Draping an evening wear scarf loosely around your shoulders looks great even with a simple dress. Evening wear scarves are always fashionable and can be worn with a range of outfits. Once you enter a prestigious party you don’t want to fully reveal your dress until you are seated. A classy scarf hides your dress; once you reveal how stunning your dress is it will surprise and impress those around you!

At our evening scarves feature elaborate to subtle embellishments guaranteed to turn heads when you enter the room. Every lady should have a dazzling evening wear scarf to match that gorgeous dress! It is an essential accessory that you can wear through out the year.

Evening Wear Scarf -Black Butterfly
Evening Wear Scarf - Organza Beaded

Evening Wear Scarf - Flower Shimmer

Silk Evening Wear Scarves

Silk evening wear scarves are a great accessory for those of you who are creating a more subtle look. The luxurious silk fabric is high quality and flows beautifully when you move. In a stunning range of colours there is something for everyone, browse our range today to find a bargain for your next classy event.

Silk Evening Wear Scarf - Brown
Silk Evening Wear Scarf - Purple

Silk Evening Wear Scarf - Silver

Mens Winter Scarves & Pashminas

Scarves have become an important style accessory for the modern man. For the very first time men are wearing scarves with shirts, t-shirts, vests and jackets. There is no set way to tie a scarf, this gives you a chance to get creative! Scarves are an essential accessory because they can be worn throughout the year- keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With the colder days approaching men’s winter scarves and pashmina’s make a great style statement!

Men's Winter Scarf - Striped & Knitted
Men's Winter Scarf - Red Plain

Men's Winter Scarf - Navy

Smart Mens Winter Scarves & Pashmina’s

Scarves are a great way to update your smart outfits, they really bring out your complexion. Try not to match your scarf exactly with the colour of your shirt; experimenting with other colours will pull your style together. Contrasting colours will flatter tailored outfits. At we have a range of elegant mens scarves for all occasions.

Men's Pashmina - Clay Brown
Men Pashmina - Steel Grey

Men's Pashmina - Black

Traditional Men’s Winter Scarves

Traditional men’s winter scarves usually feature a checked or striped pattern with dark colours. This style is great because it will compliment even the simplest of outfits! The soft cosy fabric is warm and comfortable, perfect for the change of season. I recommend you style our range of winter scarves with all your jackets and coats.

Mens Winter Scarf - Brown & Blue Check
Men's Winter Scarf - Red & Grey

Men's Winter Scarf - Black & White

A White Cotton Bandana Will Keep You Cool Throughout Summer

A great inexpensive way to re-vamp your style is by wearing a White Cotton Bandana, with various patterns to choose from or plain if you prefer, there’s bound to be something you like. If you know somebody who wears a bandana regularly then perhaps you can treat them to a White Cotton Bandana.

Sword Dragon White Cotton Bandana

Sword Dragon White Cotton Bandana
Sword Dragon White Cotton Bandana

Wearing this cool Sword Dragon White Cotton Bandana you can keep cool in the hot weather and look very trendy whilst you are at it. Featuring an intricate black sword dragon design on the white cotton bandana, you can wear this with pretty much anything you like. As the Sword Dragon White Cotton Bandana is made from 100% cotton, it’s perfect for sunny days and evenings.

Paisley White Cotton Bandana

Paisley White Cotton Bandana
Paisley White Cotton Bandana

Enjoy laid back style wearing this traditional patterned Paisley White Cotton Bandana out on your travels. Made from 100% cotton, the Paisley White Cotton Bandana is very comfortable to wear and is also breathable so will not make you feel too hot. You can wear the Paisley White Cotton Bandana around your neck, head or over your head for a pirate style summer look.

Wear A Pashmina Scarf To Highlight Your Style

Refresh your look with a pashmina scarf in order to update and bring new colours into your outfit. With a pashmina scarf you can be as daring or safe as you like with everything from plain to complex patterns. Many people use a pashmina scarf to help colour coordinate their outfits, matching other accessories such as jewellery and hats. A pashmina scarf also makes a suitable gift item, particularly when combined with other accessories.

Pine Green Pashmina

Pine Green Pashmina Scarf
Pine Green Pashmina Scarf

With this stunning natural coloured Pine Green Pashmina you can accessorize with summer evening dresses, skirts or even jeans and a t-shirt. The tone of this Pine Green Pashmina is rich and enhanced by the subtleness of the pashmina fabric, looking great against any skin tone.

The Pine Green Pashmina is light and breathable, making it great during the warmer months as well as the cooler.

Plain Turquoise Pashmina

Turquoise Pashmina Scarf
Turquoise Pashmina Scarf

Wearing this pretty Plain Turquoise Pashmina it’s easy to brighten up your style, featuring sweet hanging tassels the plain turquoise pashmina is the ideal summer accessory. The great thing about this Plain Turquoise Pashmina is that you can also wear it during the colder weather to layer up and keep some heat in.

Feel Great In A Warm Coloured Silk Scarf

You can lighten your look when you wear a Warm Coloured Silk Scarf, as well as brightening up other people’s day. A warm coloured silk scarf will go with dark colours as well as complimentary and matching shades. There are some lovely choices of warm coloured silk scarf to choose from including the Chakra Healing Scarves featured here, Silk Scarves with Tassels, Plain and Patterned.

Red Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf

Red Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf
Red Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf

Look hot in this gorgeous Red Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf, this vibrant scarf is symbolic of the base chakra Muladhara and is thought to aid stability, physical drive and grounding. The red square silk chakra healing scarf is made from pure silk and adds a touch of luxury, feeling fantastic on the skin. Red is a confident bold colour and is sure to brighten up your whole outfit.


Yellow Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf

Yellow Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf
Yellow Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf

Mellow out with this beautiful splash of colour in the Yellow Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf. This scarf is made from luxurious silk and the gorgeous yellow symbolises the solar plexus chakra, Manipura which is associated with positive energy.


Orange Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf

Orange Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf
Orange Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf

Brighten your day with this warm and happy colour Orange Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf. The orange chakra healing scarf is thought to symbolise the navel chakra, Swadisthana, believed to be the centre of activity and energy. The gorgeous soft orange silk scarf is a great way to treat yourself or somebody else.

The Head Scarf’s History

Headscarves are worn for many reasons, religion, sanitation, warmth, to hide baldness and of course for fashion purposes. A head scarf covers most or all of the wearers head and hair. Orthodox Jewish women are expected to cover their hair, so scarves are the obvious method of doing so, the Muslim religion also use the head scarf in their dress code. Whatever the reason you wear a head scarf there are many different varieties to choose from.

Head Scarves

The head scarf comes in many colours and designs, whether you want a brightly coloured detailed head scarf or a more subtle and traditional head scarf, you will find something suitable here.

3 in 1 Yellow Chiffon Head Scarf

Brighten your look with this vibrant and mellow head scarf. The great thing about this head scarf is that you can wear it in 3 different ways, as a belt, around your neck or as a headband.

3 in 1 Cherry Print Chiffon Head Scarf

This gorgeous cherry print head scarf will sweeten you up as you use it around the neck, waist or head.

3 in 1 Yellow Chiffon Head Scarf
Cherry Head Scarf

Double Up with a Shawl Scarf

A shawl or scarf which one should you choose? Well these days many double up and can be used either way. With the many different varieties, lengths, patterns and materials available why not purchase something you love and can wear in a variety of ways.

Shawl Scarf Products

Sheer Shawl/Scarves (Black Stripe)

Ideal for all occasions, this sheer shawl with stripes is light, airy and gorgeous against the skin. Enjoy the rich colours of gold shimmer, burgundy and fresh white khaki. This particular product which can be worn as shawl/scarf is very flexible when it comes to skin tone as with a clever mixture of colours, this should suit everyone.

Peach Silk-Blend Shawl/Scarf (Shimmery)

This beautifully made silk-blend scarf can also be dropped softly over the shoulders to be worn as a shawl. The delicate gold and silver threading sets off the deep peach throughout.

Velvet Shawl/Scarf (Navy Flowers & Leaves)

What  better way to emphasise your clothes than with this snug navy velvet shawl which doubles up as a scarf. With beautiful flower and leaf detail, the shawl/scarf fabric will look as good as it feels. A stylish touch of black chiffon around the outlining allows light to shine upon the shawl to highlight the detail.

Navy Flower Leaves Shawl Scarf
Navy Flowers Leaves Shawl Scarf
Black Stripe Shawl Scarf
Peach Silk Shimmer Shawl Scarf

Cotton Scarves

Cotton is probably the most popular material when it comes to scarves, with so many different colours and styles of cotton scarves the only thing you need to do is to choose which one.

Different types of Cotton Scarves

Large Blue Cotton Scarf (Shimmer)

With winter approaching you will want to wrap yourself up in something warm, this large blue cotton scarf will not only do the job but the woven silver shimmer looks fabulous as light reflects off it. Even though winter may be dull, you don’t have to be. Made of soft breathable cotton you can wear these cotton scarves for any occasion.

Green Cotton Scarf (Ruffle)

For something a little more interesting than the average cotton scarves, try this green cotton scarf (Ruffle). With textured ruffles throughout and vibrant colour, you can either dress this up or down as you please. The green ruffle scarf is not heavy, which makes it ideal for wearing wherever you go.

Large Square Cotton Scarf (Navy with Flowers)

Here is a classically traditional cotton scarf with great colours, the large square cotton scarf is navy with a yin yang flowered detail throughout. You don’t even need to worry about spending time on style when you have one of these lovely cotton scarves, as all you need do is put it on. The scarf is light, breathable and soft to the touch. A handy bonus is that you can wear this all year round.
You will find more fantastically priced quality cotton scarves in the scarves section of the website.

Blue Shimmer Cotton Scarves

Green Ruffle Cotton Scarf

Square Navy Flowers Cotton Scarves

Chiffon Scarves

Chiffon scarves come in many different styles and colours and are not only comfortable but look great too. Patterned, plain, square or rectangular, you can choose a chiffon scarf to compliment any outfit.

A Selection of Chiffon Scarves

Square Lilac Chiffon Neck Scarf (Plain)

This example of a Chiffon Scarf shows the delicate fabric in a pretty lilac. The scarf is square shaped and can be gently wrapped or tied to suit how you are feeling and what you are wearing. Ideal for summer this Chiffon Scarf can also be worn to match an evening suit.

Cream Chiffon Scarf (Rectangles)

For a fresh and light radiant hint, try this cream chiffon scarf with lovely rectangle detail. Chiffon Scarves are made extremely skilfully and this particular scarf is woven with opaque rectangle shapes to give a lovely texture and added warmth.

Pink Chiffon Printed Scarf (Floral)

To dazzle and brighten up everybody’s day, use one of these vibrant Pink Chiffon Scarves. The floral design will give you that summer feeling whatever the weather. At £4.99 this is an immaculate buy.

Lilac Chiffon Scarves
Cream Rectangles Chiffon Scarves
pink-chiffon-printed-scarf-floral £4.99
Pink Floral Chiffon Printed Scarf