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Perfect Party Scarf Knots

Scarves are an absolute fashion accessory must. Not only do they come in almost endless designs, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes but they can also be worn in a number of different ways. In fact how you wear your scarf can be almost important as the style of the scarf itself. If you’re going to a party, scarves can be the perfect way to enhance a party outfit, particularly if you tie it in an appropriate manner. To ensure your scarf is knotted befittingly for a party take a look at the following different knots that can be used for parties.

The Bandana-Style Party Scarf

The summer is here and there couldn’t be a cooler way to show up to a party than with your scarf tied in a bandanna-like way. Simply fold your scarf in half (a scarf that’s on the slimmer side works better in a bandana-style knot), centre the scarf around the nape of your neck, collect each side above one ear, tie a double knot and either let the ends hang loosely down one side or twist the sides and tuck them in. Either way, a funky summertime look is achieved through your scarf that is perfect for a party.

Wearing A Hijab Scarf To A Party

If you’re looking for a tasteful, classy and ultra-glamorous accessory to wear to a forthcoming party then look no further than an eveningwear hijab. These elegant headscarves will bring a new dimension to a classy evening gown of glitzy party dress. But how do you tie a beautiful eveningwear hijab?

This easy-to-follow hijab tutorial provides you with a step by step guide on how to tie a hijab whilst retaining a gorgeous, stunning look. What’s particularly great about this tutorial is that it teaches you how to fasten a beautiful silk hijab with a pair of ultra-glam, dangly earrings – Could there be a more appropriate way to tie a knot in a hijab for a party?

The Celebrity Style

Turning up at a party dressed like a celebrity is always going to be well-received so it makes sense to tie your scarf using the celebrity style. For this knotting technique to be most effective you’ll need an eye-catching and striking scarf, the kind the likes of Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss could easily be photographed in. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice and then tuck one end around the knot, like the technique used on the tutorial above. And there you have it, a scarf look for for not just a party but the celebrity circuit too!

Wear Skull Scarves for Halloween

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away so it’s the perfect time to make a statement with skull scarves. Skull print scarves first became popular in the wake of Alexander McQueen’s iconic skull print and now they are a real classic. The gothic trend is hot for autumn 2010 and this is one high fashion trend we can all enjoy. Just add a skull scarf to your outfit for an edgy, glamorous and effortless look.

Cotton Skull Scarves

Turquoise Cotton Skull Scarf
Turquoise Cotton Skull Scarf

Our cotton skull scarves are the perfect way to tap into this trend. These skull scarves are large square cotton scarves and they come in a great choice of colours, including the turquoise one pictured on the left.

I think this is the perfect scarf to take you into autumn. It is large and cosy yet lightweight enough that you don’t feel weighed down. Wear these skull scarves to toughen up a pretty dress or use them to add edge to a simple tee shirt.

Bandana Skull Scarves

Red Skulls Bandana
Red Skulls Bandana

Bandana skull scarves are the classic rock ‘n roll accessory. Here at Scarfworld we have a great range of skull print bandanas that range from classic heavy metal styles to cute retro chic.

These skull scarves are the perfect way to finish off an outfit. Wear them for an old school rock ‘n roll look, wear them pirate style or tie one around pinned up hair for a gorgeous 1950s rockabilly ‘do.

Skull Bandanas Add Character & Style

Rather than wearing a plain ordinary bandana, try wearing one of the stunning skull bandanas available. With skull bandanas you will instantly add character and make a bold fashion statement whilst you do so. There are many types of skull bandanas to choose from, with complex multiple skulls, to large singular red eyed skull and crossbones prints. Colour wise you can find skull bandanas in black and white, pink, red and yellow.

Black Skull Bandanas Scary Print

Black Skull Bandanas Scary Print

Wearing one of these stylish scary print black skull bandanas you can make a wicked fashion statement, these high quality scary print black skull bandanas are made from 100% cotton and they feel light and comfortable to wear. The scary print black skull bandanas are great for summer festivals, b.b.q’s and nights out. You can wear the black skull bandanas in a variety of ways too, meaning you need never get bored with your look.

Grey Skull Bandanas Punk Graphitte

Grey Skull Bandanas Punk Graphitte

You can enjoy unique style with this Punk Graphitte Grey Skull Bandana, featuring grey skulls and punk text and red hot lip prints. This stunning Punk Graphitte Grey Bandana is made from 100% cotton and is very light to wear during summer, whilst adding protection in winter.

Bandanas Transform Style Instantly

You can enjoy classic style when wearing one of the stunning collections of Bandanas, with so many designs and colours to choose from that the only issue will be how many you are going to buy. With classic prints such as paisley, skulls, flags and florals you can create a variety of looks by simply wearing Bandanas. If you know somebody who wears Bandanas on a regular basis then they also make great gifts, with impressive intricate designs that they can wear for special occasions.

Red Multi Paisley Cotton Bandanas

Red Multi Paisley Cotton Bandanas

The gorgeous design on this red multi paisley cotton bandana is eye-catching and classic when worn with black and other dark colours. For a fresh look, try wearing the red multi paisley cotton bandana with creams and light pastels. These fashionable red multi paisley cotton bandanas are made from 100% breathable cotton which is great for keeping you cool throughout summer and adding extra warmth in winter.

Wearing A Skull Bandana Can Personalise Your Style

If you want to make an impact then try wearing a skull bandana, by doing this you can stand out from a crowd effortlessly. The classic skull bandana print has been a favourite for many years, amongst bikers, rock ‘n’ rollers and general people who like heavy striking looks. You can buy a skull bandana in a variety of colours, or you can enjoy plain black and white for ultimate style. In addition to a skull bandana, you could also try wearing skull scarves and bonnet headbands.

Black Skull Bandana

Black Skull Bandana

Wearing this scary skull bandana you can create a rocking look, when worn with leathers, plain jeans and t-shirts the black skull bandana is at its best. The black skull bandana is made from 100% cotton and it feels light and breathable making a comfortable addition to any wardrobe. There are multiple white skulls on the black skull bandana and you can wear it in a variety of ways such as over your head, wrapped around as a headband or tied to the side.

Red & Black Skull Bandana

Skull Bandana Red and Black

This striking red & black skull bandana makes a great addition to any outfit, great for casual summer looks and providing extra warmth during winter. The red & black skull bandana is eye-catching and can be worn loosely over other patterns, you can also wear this as a neckerchief.

Multi Colored Bandanas Add Summer Style

If you want to add colour to your look but are not brave enough to wear brightly coloured clothing, then try out the funky range of multi colored bandanas. By wearing multi colored bandanas you can enjoy brightening up your look but also take it off when you feel like it. The multi colored bandanas are very comfortable to wear as they are made out of 100% cotton which means they are breathable and light. Due to different styles you can wear multi colored bandanas in, you need never get bored, with pirate, headband and neckerchief amongst the most popular styles.

Printed Cotton Multi Colored Bandanas

Printed Cotton Multicolour Bandana

The quirky bright pink, yellow, orange, blue and green combine to make an arty fashion statement in this multicoloured bandana. The colours are printed in a swirl pattern with adds movement and vibrancy to any look. The printed cotton multi coloured bandana feels light and breathable which is ideal for summer styles as well as brightening up the cooler days.

Punk Graphitte Pink Bandanas

Punk Graphitte Multi Colored Bandanas

Wearing this snazzy punk graphite pink bandana you can make a colourful impact on at any event. The feminine pink of the graphite bandana is combined with subtle grey patterns such as lips and skulls, this blends into the pink very well indeed. This punk graphitte pink bandana is made from 100% cotton and is light and breathable enough to keep you cool throughout summer and warm during the cooler months.

A Skull Bandana Gives Attitude To Any Look

You can turn heads to your hearts desire when wearing a skull bandana, the striking styles and sharp colours will not only brighten your look but decipher your whole look. Whether you want to achieve a rock ‘n’ roll style or biker trend, there will be a skull bandana to suit your taste. Buying a skull bandana as a gift is a fantastic way to treat somebody special and anybody who wears a bandana regularly is sure to love the cutting edge designs of skull bandana available.

Skull Bandana Fireworks

Skull Bandana Fireworks Print

This Fireworks Skull Bandana has got to be the ultimate skull bandana around, featuring a stunning visual display with bright red, yellow and blues on black is the perfect setting to kick off the large skull in the centre. The fireworks skull bandana also has four skulls in each corner so whichever way you tie it, the result is guaranteed to look awesome. These firework skull bandanas are Mexican inspired and ideal for cool summer styles as well as protecting you from wind and rain the rest of the year. Made from 100% cotton the fireworks skull bandana is breathable as well, so you won’t need to worry about perspiring uncontrollably, even in the hottest climates.

Skull Bandana Pirate Print

Skull Bandana Pirate Print

Rock out in this stunning pirate black cotton skull bandana, featuring numerous pirate skulls with funky red bandanas and large pirate scissor skulls. The perfect way to wear this pirate print skull bandana is pirate style but you can also wear it wrapped as a headband or as a neckerchief. As the pirate print skull bandana is made from 100% cotton it feels nice and light and will not overheat you.

A Paisley Cotton Bandana Gives Classic Style

One of the favourite bandana designs of all time is the paisley cotton bandana, this timeless floral and leave print gives a stunning traditional style to any outfit. Depending on which colour paisley cotton bandana you choose, you can add a breezy, dark, bright or subtle hint to your clothing, whilst at the same time keeping cool during summer and warm in winter. The paisley cotton bandana is usually made of 100% cotton which makes it comfortable and breathable whatever the occasion.

Paisley Cotton Bandana Lilac

Paisley Lilac Cotton Bandana

This gorgeous lilac paisley cotton bandana is perfect for spring/summer style and you can wear it with most colours, most notably cream, white, black and pastels. You can wear the lilac paisley cotton bandana in a variety of ways such as wrapped around or over your head, or around the neck as a neckerchief.

Paisley Cotton Bandana Hot Pink

Paisley Hot Pink Cotton Bandana

In order to add a bright, colourful touch to your look, try this vibrant hot pink paisley cotton bandana. The great thing about 100% cotton bandanas such as this is that you can wear them all year round, enjoying breathable comfort throughout. You can go for a pirate style, classic head band style or wear it around your neck, enjoying the different effects each look achieves.

Cotton Bandanas Can Be Worn All Year Round

There are several types of cotton bandanas that can be added to outfits to complete a rock’n’roll style, biker, or simply cool. Ideal situations for wearing cotton bandanas are music festivals, pub gardens and general days out. Most of the cotton bandanas are made from 100% cotton which means they are breathable, making you feel comfortable all day or night long.

Cotton Bandanas Black with Stars

Black with Stars Cotton Bandana

Stand out from the crowd and look sharp with one of these black with stars cotton bandanas. The design of the black & stars cotton bandana is simple, stylish and timeless, the great thing is that you can wear it all year round. You don’t just have to wear the black & stars cotton bandana in one way either, there’s the option to tie it around your neck, tie it over your head or wear pirate style. The black with stars cotton bandana is made from 100% cotton and is light and breathable to keep you cool throughout summer, yet warm in winter.

Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana

Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana

With this gorgeous navy dragon medal cotton bandana you can enjoy the lovely traditional Chinese inspired pattern, complimenting your clothing all year round if you want to. The Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana is great for wearing during summer and can be worn in a variety of different ways. The Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana also makes a fantastic gift for friends and family.

A Skull and Crossbones Bandana Makes The Perfect Festival Accessory

Those who love rock’n’roll style will look right at home in a skull and crossbones bandana, whether they are attending a gig or festival, work or socialising with friends. There are many different designs of skull and crossbones bandana available such as large prints, several small prints and wild complex designs. A skull and crossbones bandana also makes an excellent gift for Father’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions.

Skull and Crossbones Bandana

Skull and Crossbones Cotton Bandana

Ideal for festival goers and any rock’n’roll person at heart is this wicked Large Skull & Crossbones Cotton Bandana. Featuring large white skull and crossbones, with vivid red eyes on a black background, this Skull & Crossbones Cotton Bandana is not for the faint hearted. The Skull & Crossbones Cotton Bandana is made from 100% cotton and feels comfortable, breathable and of course looks great too. You can wear the Skull & Crossbones Cotton Bandana in a variety of styles, either around your neck, over your head or wrapped around your head as a headband.

Skull and Crossbones Bandana Black & Red Cotton

Skull and Crossbones Black and Red Bandana

Wearing this stunning Skull & Crossbones Black & Red Cotton Bandana will freshen up any look, whilst adding a rock chic fashion statement to any outfit. The design of the Skull & Crossbones Black & Red Cotton Bandana consists of red hearts with skull and crossbones in a classic paisley print. This Skull & Crossbones Black & Red Cotton Bandana is made from 100% cotton and is light and breathable, ideal in all weather.