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Use a Scarf To Give More Elegance To Your Bag

There are two things to consider regarding using a long scarf and bag together. One is, do they match each other? And secondly how do I fix a scarf around,onto, or over the bag to give it extra appeal. Assuming that you don’t just want to tie it on for convenience, because it has got too warm to wear, and your bag is too full. We are considering that attaching the two together, is actually a fashion statement.

Tie a Gorgeous Silk Scarf Around The Handle Of Your Bag

Ways To Convert Your Bag With a Scarf

When matching an outfit and accessories, it is common to link up shoe, bag, and scarf or hat colour. They may not be exactly the same tones, but near enough to be comfortable with each other.

Studs in the shoes may be translated into spots of regular colour in the scarf design, or patterns on the bag. The rest of the outfit will tend to be tones that accentuate the accessories rather than clash or compete. Therefore if you have a strong coloured scarf and bag, the skirt and blouse or jumper may be fawn or dusty colours.

Having decided on the colour scheme you now have to attach the apparently casual but cunningly designed scarf, to the bag. This will depend on how you want to appear. You may want to be cool or even make a statement about who you are.

The easiest form is to just knot it mid-way down its length, onto the end of the handle of the bag. This will allow the scarf to hang down covering part of the bag. If you want to have the girl in a hurry look, make the scarf one that is very long, so that it trails behind your shoulder, when you are heading somewhere.

Follow Our Easy DIY Scarf Bag Tutorial
Follow Our Easy DIY Scarf Bag Tutorial

If you have time, then a neat pretty bow on the clasp may look good. But remember a tatty bow will look awful, and you will in any case have to design it so that you can still open your bag with ease. A better place for the bow, may be on the start of the handle before the area where you would hold it.

You can make a custom clutch, rather than use a bigger bag, and decorate it by entwining a small silk scarf around the handle or hanging from the corner. But don’t make it too big, so that it dwarfs the clutch, or makes it difficult to carry.

There seems to be a trend at the moment to completely encase your bag in a scarf,so that it more or less disappears, apart from the odd glimpse of the handle area. I think the idea is to give the appearance that you are carrying a casual scarf type bag knotted at the corners.

The inner bag gives the security of knowing that all its contents are not going to fall out from the corners of the scarf. The other good thing about this style is that you can change the colour scheme much more cheaply, than having to buy a new bag each time. There are some who have the skill to do away with the bag completely and fold and knot the scarf to take its place as a carry-all.



5 Scarves Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

A scarf is no longer just to keep the neck warm, it ranks alongside other must have fashion accessories. It can be colour coordinated to match your dress, playful as a throw on, or the perfect winter warmer that still looks good. No need to make do with one, here are five scarves that should have a place in your wardrobe;

Natural flower inspired designs and animal prints, have always looked good on silk scarves. They can be subtle tones or colours, such as pale blue and pink, or bold colours with defined patterns. Our natural designs both vintage,and more intentionally funky and modern,vibrate with colour, yet are also very sophisticated and stylish.

Take a look at our wonderful range of long silk scarves in incredibly vibrant colours. The orange flower print scarf dazzles, whilst the leopard print silk scarf, is dramatic in black,grey and white.You can wear these casually or with your best outfit to create a chic effect. A colourful silk scarf is the ideal summer accessory, complimenting flowing light summer dresses.

For the younger look that would go well with casual jumpers and even fashion jeans, and calf length boots, what about a brown, black or blue frayed scarf, not only warm, but can be wrapped around in a casual rough manner, for the perfect bohemian look. This scarf is a mix of streamline and scruffy. It is robust enough to keep you warm but flyaway enough to make you feel good.

Add a Touch of Leopard Print To Your Wardrobe
Add a Touch of Leopard Print To Your Wardrobe

For keeping really warm, but not losing out on the image front,what about a great big knitted scarf, full of nice warming tints. The wonderful brown scarf with chunky textured stripe patterns,and tasty warm orange and beige designs, will look good over thick jumpers or coats and will add a touch of colour to the drabbest day. It will be like a big snuggly friend.

It is good to have a scarf that looks smart and elegant but not overdressed. Something that you can wear with sophisticated suits or jackets and coats. Check and tartan scarves, look functional but stylish at the same time. They give you the no nonsense girl about business look.

The Pashmina is definitely in these days. It is an essential accessory to any girl’s wardrobe. In many ways it is almost seen as a main item of clothing rather than a scarf, as it can hang over a large upper body area, draping down in folds and tassels depending on the style. There are lots of variations which will go with numerous outfits, and you can have fun matching everything up.

Don’t be scared to experiment with combinations and colours, most scarves are relatively inexpensive and therefore you can slowly build up a collection for every eventuality. Take some time to look through our extensive collection to find the ones that best suit your needs.


How To Wear Your Scarf For Work

Isn’t it great being a woman in the working world? With figure-hugging trouser suits and killer heels, we only need to walk into an office and our male colleagues are quivering at the knees. Scarves can help propel the dominant yet at the same elegant and utterly stylish business look to greater heights. Though when it comes to wearing scarves to work, there are certain ‘rules’ we should comply with in terms of how we tie them. Take a look at the following guidelines on how to wear a scarf to work.

The Bow Tie

No went don’t mean the kind Laurel out of Laurel and Stanley wore. A sophisticated and stylish scarf tied round your neck in a bow tie fashion will add subtle touch of elegance to any corporate attire. To achieve the Bow Tie scarf knot take, for example, a polka dot scarf (which work particularly well with this look). Fold the two opposite corners of the scarf so they meet in the middle and fold the sides again. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it softly in a knot. Then simply tuck the two ends behind the knot. And there you have it, an ultra-elegant bow tie look, perfect caper for the corporate world.

The French Knot

There is no look quite as timeless, elegant and quintessentially ‘European’ as tying your scarf into a French knot. Being such a classy way to wear your scarf, the French knot is perfect for work, regardless of your profession. Simply fold the scarf in half, drape it round your neck, then take the folded half and pull the ends that are un-looped through the fold – tres belle! An elegant and super chic silk scarf worn in a French knot will look especially smart and classy in the office.

The Handbag Scarf

It is not uncommon for offices and working environment to get a tad on the hot side during the summer. If the air-con in your office isn’t up to much and your scarf is causing you to sweat profusely, simply take a trip to the ladies’ and remove your scarf. Instead of hiding it away so it becomes crumpled and creased, make your scarf a fabulous addition to your handbag. Simply tie your scarf onto one of the handles of your handbag, either let the ends hang loose or tie it in a bow tie and use it as a decoration.

The Faux Knot

Another great scarf look that was made for the office is the faux knot, whereby your scarf hangs smartly down the middle of your body with a loose knot gathering the ends about a third of the way down. To achieve this look simply fold your scarf so it’s a long, thin shape, drape it around your neck with one end slightly longer, take the longer end and loosely tie a knot halfway up. Take the shorter end and slide it through the loose knot. Tighten the knot and adjust into position – The perfect accessory for a trouser suit and killer heels, guaranteed to leave male colleagues quivering. the faux knot


Hottest Scarf Celeb Looks

Why do celebrities look so darn good? Is it their glossy hair? Their high cheek bones? Legs that seem to go on for miles perhaps? Or is it their choice of fashion? Celebrities do look good, period, and as not all celebrities are born with a natural size 6 figure and skin as smooth and blemish-free as a baby’s bottom, we have to assume it’s their distinct and enviable sense of fashion that propels them to goddess-looking domains.

Accessories play a pivotal role in a celebrity’s style wardrobe and none more so than scarves. Have a look at the following hottest scarf celebrity looks.

Heidi Klum’s Bohemian-Style Scarf Glamour

Heidi Klum's fashionable use of a patterned scarf!
Heidi Klum’s fashionable use of a patterned scarf!

Okay so we said celebrities aren’t born with legs that go on for infinity and cheek bones that defy gravity but we’ll make an exception for Heidi Klum. Asides her natural good looks, the stunning model boasts an impeccably great sense of style.

This style was typified on camera recently at an airport in Cannes, where Heidi was snapped in a stylish printed jumpsuit, a short black leather jacket, topped off perfectly with a black and yellow printed scarf. We have to admit that this leather jacket, printed jumpsuit and brightly-coloured patterned scarf combo is one of the hottest celebrity scarf looks ever caught on camera!

Katie Holmes Denim On Denim

Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit
Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit

Not many can get away with wearing denim on denim. For us mere mortals wearing a denim shirt or jacket with denim jeans would make us look like a tad of a hill billy! Celebrities don’t seem to have the same problem, particularly not Katie Holmes. Perhaps Ms Holmes’ managed to pull off the multi-denim look with such enviable passion and conviction by breaking up the jeans and denim shirt with a colourful patchwork scarf.

The beautiful long silk scarf sported a plethora of patterns in pink, blue and cream. Kate wrapped the lengthy scarf once around her neck and let the ends hang loosely, almost reaching her knee – some feat when you’re 5 foot 9!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress
Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress

Isn’t it almost uncanny how celebrities still manage to look incredible when they are pregnant or not long become a mum? Sarah Michelle Gellar is certainly no stranger to gaining attention through her great looks and fantastic sense of fashion even when wrapped up in the joys of motherhood. One of the hottest celebrity scarf looks has to be Sarah Michelle’s ultra-casual but incessantly cool outfit she wore whilst spending time with her daughter in LA. The star wore a black maxi dress and cropped denim jacket. The look was really brought to life by a beautiful purple and blue scarf the actress had tied around her neck. The scarf was ruffled seductively in what appears to be loosely wrapped around her neck with the ends left hanging alluringly down the front of the black maxi dress.

With so many colours, patterns, materials and styles of scarves on offer, with a little fashion creativity and imagination, you too can achieve a hot celebrity look this summer by making a scarf part of your outfit.


Wear Your Scarf Like Royalty

Want to look like royalty? You can forget shoes with four-figure price tags, Armani coats, one-off designer dresses and handbags that cost as much as a house, as to really look like a member of the royal family, it’s all in how you wear your scarf.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following royals who have used the humble scarf to define their own individual style – a style that you can replicate.

Kate Middleton Looks Bonny in Tartan

Kate Middleton

It was a chilling spring day when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Dumfries House in Ayrshire last year. As the royal couple went to greet the throng of locals that had gathered at the house, Kate looked typically stunning, her bright orange, knee-length Armani woollen coat, high black boots and suede black gloves really ensured the Duchess stood out. Though we have to admit what really stole the show was the beautiful tartan scarf Kate wore tumbling down the front of her coat. Kate’s tan checked scarf was tied in one simple knot round her neck with the ends of the scarf left to hang down.

The ‘Kate Middleton scarf look’ can be achieved by wearing a warm and handsome tan tartan scarf in a skip knot round the neck and left on the outside of the coat.

Replicate the Sophisticated Style of Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan is being dubbed as a new fashion icon. Rania Al Adbullah is the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan and she certainly knows a thing or two about creating breathtakingly stunning and unique styles. The beautiful queen is often seen out with a pretty hijab. This exquisite beige silk hijab really epitomises Queen Rania’s sophisticated and alluring style in which simplicity and subtleness is at the heart.

You too can create a queen-inspired look by wearing a beautifully plain hijab. Whether you want to replicate Rania’s style entirely by wearing a jijab around your head or prefer to wrap the scarf casually round the neck and shoulders, with hijabs you have this unique versatility that will sharpen your style impeccably.

Emulate Princess Diana’s Unique Style

Princess Diana

When it comes to members of the royal family who achieved the fashion status usually confined to models and designers, the late Princess Diana was the forerunner. From stunning blue outfits to that unmistakable short crop of blonde hair, Diana took royal fashion to new heights.

Princess Diana regularly wore scarves to complement outfits and became widely recognised for her penchant for wearing head scarves. Take a look at this stunning white, lacy head scarf Diana wore to an event. Her look has been replicated by millions around the world, including Kate Middleton herself. Kate has been known to emulate Diana’s style in the past and looked strikingly similar to the late Princess when she donned a beautiful white headscarf on an event in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia.

It just goes to show what you can achieve with the humble scarf.