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Choosing a Scarf

When choosing a scarf there are many factors to consider, the material, colour, feel, and cost. With such a variety to choose from, here are some examples of which type of scarf you can purchase.

Black & Red Tartan Scarf

Wrap up warm with this classy black and red tartan scarf. Tartan works fantastically with denim as well as dark colours, so you can add a touch of colour into those dull winter mornings. The black and red tartan square scarf is also light enough to wear in those summer evenings that will follow.

Black and Red Tartan Scarf
Black and Red Tartan Scarf

Grey Silk Scarf

For a touch of elegance, this silky smooth scarf will match perfectly with any stunning dress or casual top. The versatile grey scarf is light and comfortable, radiating light which will make you look fantastic. Drape the silk scarf loosely around your neck or even use it as a headband, you can achieve many different styles from this one scarf. The beauty of this scarf is that being charcoal grey it will coordinate with any outfit.

Grey Plain Silk Scarf
Grey Plain Silk Scarf

Large Square Silk Scarf with Yellow Tone Flowers

This yellow tone floral silk scarf will soften any outfit and also flatter complextion. Made from pure quality silk, this large yellow tone flowers scarf is so incredibly smooth that you won’t want to take it off. You can wear this silk scarf with flowing skirts, dresses or even everyday jeans, for an effortless lift to your look.

Yellow Tone Floral Scarf
Yellow Tone Floral Scarf

The Head Scarf’s History

Headscarves are worn for many reasons, religion, sanitation, warmth, to hide baldness and of course for fashion purposes. A head scarf covers most or all of the wearers head and hair. Orthodox Jewish women are expected to cover their hair, so scarves are the obvious method of doing so, the Muslim religion also use the head scarf in their dress code. Whatever the reason you wear a head scarf there are many different varieties to choose from.

Head Scarves

The head scarf comes in many colours and designs, whether you want a brightly coloured detailed head scarf or a more subtle and traditional head scarf, you will find something suitable here.

3 in 1 Yellow Chiffon Head Scarf

Brighten your look with this vibrant and mellow head scarf. The great thing about this head scarf is that you can wear it in 3 different ways, as a belt, around your neck or as a headband.

3 in 1 Cherry Print Chiffon Head Scarf

This gorgeous cherry print head scarf will sweeten you up as you use it around the neck, waist or head.

3 in 1 Yellow Chiffon Head Scarf
Cherry Head Scarf

Fashion Scarves

When it comes to fashion, you want a complete look and no look is complete without fashion scarves in the equation. With an extensive amount of choice and colour available, fashion scarves compliment whatever you are wearing.

Coloured Leopard Print Fashion Scarf

Make a fashion statement by impressing passers by, with these funky pink coloured leopard print fashion scarves. With graphics inspired by fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse.
You can wear the leopard print fashion scarf with a simple t-shirt or mix it up with other colours and patterns.

Grey Summer Fashion Scarves

The grey summer fashion scarves are ideal for festival goers, the beach, college, or just as a complimentary accessory to your outfit. These light and airy fashion scarves can be wrapped around your neck and tucked into your coat or draped loosely.

Satin Black Polka Dot Fashion Scarves

The satin polka dot fashion scarves shout out style in a bold and beautiful manner. The thick bands of sheer and opaque satin fabric will feel super soft against your skin, the transparency throughout these scarves also allow whatever you are wearing underneath to peek through.

fashion-scarves-coloured-leopard-print-scarf-pink £6.99
Coloured Leopard Print Fashion Scarves
fashion-scarves-grey-summer-scarf-peace-signs £7.99
Grey Peace Design Fashion Scarves
fashion-scarves-satin-black-polka-dot-stripe £5.99
Satin Black Polka Dot Stripe Fashion Scarves

Blue Scarves

Square Chiffon Neck Blue Scarves (Plain)

For a cool and breezy look, these beautiful square chiffon blue scarves are ideal. The fantastically soft and light material makes the blue scarves ideal for summer or evening wear.

Incredibly these blue scarves are just £1.99, so brighten up your look and look gorgeous in one of these blue scarves.

Large Cotton Blue Scarves (Shimmer)

This elegant shimmering blue scarf looks fabulous as the light hits it and shows off the silver shimmer.

These stylish blue scarves are made from high quality cotton, perfect for summer evenings and touching a hint of glamour.

Plain Chiffon Blue Scarves
Large Blue Cotton Shimmer Scarf

Light Weight Pashmina (Navy Blue) Scarves

Light weight pashmina navy blue scarves add a touch of elegance and compliment any outfit, ensuring you are always looking superb.

Made from super soft viscose, this navy blue scarf will keep you warm on those chilly days and can also be used in the summer to match pretty dresses.

Sky Blue Lurex Scarf Belt

Woven with shimmery Lurex thread, these sky blue scarves look fantastic draped or wrapped. You can also wear these blue scarves as a belt or headband, ensuring you get plenty of use. Enjoy the wonderful sparkles under the light or during the daytime.

Navy Blue Light Weight Pashmina Scarf

blue-scarves-sky-blue-lurex-scarf-belt £2.99
Sky Blue Lurex Scarf Belt

Crochet Scarf

Chenille Crochet Scarf (Black Wash)

Two-tone is a great way to create more interest and depth to a look, it also makes this chenille crochet scarf more wearable. A crochet scarf will keep you nice and warm yet they don’t necessarily have to be heavy. Thanks to the skilled technique in making this crochet scarf you can enough warmth as well as lightness.

Chenille Crochet Scarf (Brown/White)

This Crochet Scarf will soften your overall look thanks to the gentle shade of rich brown. The loose, open crochet means that you will feel comfortable and look great at the same time. You can wear either dark or light colours with this crochet scarf which makes getting dressed into something that matches will be easy.

Black Wash Crochet Scarf
Black Wash Crochet Scarf
Brown White Crochet Scarf
Brown White Crochet Scarf

Black Crochet Scarf

Drape this wonderful Crochet scarf around your shoulders and enjoy the luxurious feeling of Chenille, or you can gather the scarf around your neck on those cold days and evenings. This black crochet scarf will look great with whatever you are wearing both casual and dressed up.

Black Crochet Scarf
Black Crochet Scarf

Pashmina Scarf

Silk Pashmina (Mint Green)

Revitalise your look with this stunning silk Pashmina Scarf. Enjoy the warmth, lightness and comforting softness of Pashmina whenever you wish to with this tranquil mint green scarf. The skilfully designed fabric will drape fluidly over your shoulders or outfit, however you wish to wear it.

Square Pashmina (Red Stars)

Revamp your style with this trendy red starred pashmina scarf . Made from 100% Pashmina cashmere, you can benefit from the luxuriously soft and naturally breathable fabric.
This red scarf can also be worn as an Arab scarf and is sure to look great with a variety of outfits.

Jacquard Pashmina (Brown Paisley)

This high quality item is woven from a silk-cashmere blend on an intricate jacquard loom, glowing with rich colour you can easier enrich your outfit by wrapping this around you. The soft and incredibly comfortable pashmina scarf material can be worn anytime of the year either on the shoulder or neck.

Mint Green Pashmina Scarf
Red Stars Pashmina Scarf
Brown Paisley Pashmina Scarf

Cotton Scarves

Cotton is probably the most popular material when it comes to scarves, with so many different colours and styles of cotton scarves the only thing you need to do is to choose which one.

Different types of Cotton Scarves

Large Blue Cotton Scarf (Shimmer)

With winter approaching you will want to wrap yourself up in something warm, this large blue cotton scarf will not only do the job but the woven silver shimmer looks fabulous as light reflects off it. Even though winter may be dull, you don’t have to be. Made of soft breathable cotton you can wear these cotton scarves for any occasion.

Green Cotton Scarf (Ruffle)

For something a little more interesting than the average cotton scarves, try this green cotton scarf (Ruffle). With textured ruffles throughout and vibrant colour, you can either dress this up or down as you please. The green ruffle scarf is not heavy, which makes it ideal for wearing wherever you go.

Large Square Cotton Scarf (Navy with Flowers)

Here is a classically traditional cotton scarf with great colours, the large square cotton scarf is navy with a yin yang flowered detail throughout. You don’t even need to worry about spending time on style when you have one of these lovely cotton scarves, as all you need do is put it on. The scarf is light, breathable and soft to the touch. A handy bonus is that you can wear this all year round.
You will find more fantastically priced quality cotton scarves in the scarves section of the website.

Blue Shimmer Cotton Scarves

Green Ruffle Cotton Scarf

Square Navy Flowers Cotton Scarves

Animal Prints that Bite Back!

RANKIN LIVE! Took place in the trendy east London venue Old Truman Brewery, being a Rankin fan myself from back in my university days. I had been reading the reviews as I didn’t mange to wangle an invite! Everyone looking very trendy and I noticed actress Jamie Winstone has gone from brunette to blonde. To top off her new edgy do she has wrapped a bright pink and black animal print scarf round her neck, great way for all those girls out there making a statement with a new hair colour or even just changing their style from geek chick to rock chick…

Animal Print Scarf-Jamie Winstone Click to see this scarf on
Animal Print Scarf-Jamie Winstone Click to see this scarf on

Animal Print-Our Range

As well as leopard print, tiger and zebra print also holds the same amount of fashion value. Tiger print is distinctive and a gorgeous addition to your look. Zebra print is versatile, the black and white scarf below can be styled with all your looks.

Animal Print Scarf-Grey Animal Print Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Grey Animal Print Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Brown Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Brown Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Two Tone Orange Print
Animal Print Scarf-Two Tone Orange Print

ScarfWorld Loves Hussein Chalayan: From Fashion and Back

The must see exhibition of the Spring for Fashionista’s and admirers of pure design alike must have been the Hussein Chalayan exhibition at the Design Museum From Fashion and Back.

With futurism being an on-going trend for Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer alike, we at Scarf World were keen to visit the exhibition for ourselves, and it was every bit as inspiring as we hoped.

Renowned for his innovative use of materials, meticulous pattern cutting, and use of new technology, Chalayan’s clothes are like technically constructed costumes, but his use of fabric and print make them look feminine and wearable.

Hussein Chalayan at the Design Museum. photocredit: Chris Moore
Hussein Chalayan's architectural designs. Photocredit: Chris Moore

His designs are experimental and creative with collections inspired by aircraft, architecture, and furniture.  His garments go from extreme shapes and materials from dresses in Swarovski crystals, lasers, and flickering LED lights, to wearable soft gathered layers of cotton checks, jerseys, silks and light printed chiffons.

Hussein Chalayans's "Airborne" at the Design Museum

Beautifully crafted and truly visionary, Chalayan’s creations also offer plenty of style inspiration for everyday outfits. Take a tip from his soft drapery with patterned chiffon scarves, take pleasure in the tactile quality of your clothes with a printed silk scarf or explore spring/summer prints with splashy floral scarves, patterned shawls and shimmering sequin scarves.