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Evening Scarf Styles

The once very humble scarf that hung around in the wardrobe is fast becoming the style diva of modern fashion accessories. No longer have the stylish bags and shoes got it their own way,they have to match in with the ever growing army of scarf styles. The humble scarf has been called eye candy for a new generation. So what is this all about, what should we be wearing on our evenings out and whirlwind social calendar?

“When I wear a silk scarf, I feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman”

This was said by, Audrey Hepburn. It also seems that Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon agreed with her, by constantly being seen in scarves. They wore them during the day and also at chic social functions. If it was good enough for them,then I think we should take the hint.

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Evening Scarf Tips

  • Scarves add a special finishing touch; they are often the focal point of an outfit. Make the most of a plain dress, by adding a splash of colour around the neck. Create different ways to wear it by experimenting with twisting, knotting, looping and draping.
  • Scarves are relatively inexpensive, so you can have a drawer full for every season and occasions. Having said they are inexpensive, did you know that one designed by Henri Matisse, sold for 4.8 million at a Christies auction?
  • Try a Royal blue scarf with a black dress.
  • A Summer scarf will go with a cocktail dress.
  • A Darker green scarf will go with black suit type clothes, and brown or red with dark blue.
  • Try a white scarf with leather.
  • Put opposite textures together, e.g. courser coat with smooth silk scarf or smooth coat with textured fluffy scarf.
  • Use the scarf as a trendy head wrap to go with oriental style clothes.
  • Beware the rainbow scarf unless you are heading to a football match.
  • If the scarf is complex and highly coloured then the rest of what you are wearing should be more subdued.

Many top fashion designers are now including scarves in their collections, for us it is all about being your own stylist. A spokesman for Bloomingdales puts the rise in interest in scarves down to a world, where every purchase has now more than one function. The scarf covers numerous possibilities both as a fashion statement, weather protection and also as a religious head cover.

You’ll Look Our Wide Selection of Hijab Scarves

Increasingly Muslim women are looking for something more stylish to wear at work, college and also at family and evening events. The basic Hijab has been replaced by more fashionable creations. The traditional black, still has its place, but there are now Hijabs in all manner of colours and patterns to suit any dress. The traditional Abayas dress now also be found highly embroidered, and in a choice of many colours and digitally printed designs. There is no need now for having to stay in a drab costume when you go out.

The scarf is also a boon for the older lady, as Nora Ephron puts it:

“Our faces are lies, and our necks are the truth.”

Mature women can look elegant in silk scarves thrown across the shoulders and upper arms of smart evening wear.


Perfect Party Scarf Knots

Scarves are an absolute fashion accessory must. Not only do they come in almost endless designs, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes but they can also be worn in a number of different ways. In fact how you wear your scarf can be almost important as the style of the scarf itself. If you’re going to a party, scarves can be the perfect way to enhance a party outfit, particularly if you tie it in an appropriate manner. To ensure your scarf is knotted befittingly for a party take a look at the following different knots that can be used for parties.

The Bandana-Style Party Scarf

The summer is here and there couldn’t be a cooler way to show up to a party than with your scarf tied in a bandanna-like way. Simply fold your scarf in half (a scarf that’s on the slimmer side works better in a bandana-style knot), centre the scarf around the nape of your neck, collect each side above one ear, tie a double knot and either let the ends hang loosely down one side or twist the sides and tuck them in. Either way, a funky summertime look is achieved through your scarf that is perfect for a party.

Wearing A Hijab Scarf To A Party

If you’re looking for a tasteful, classy and ultra-glamorous accessory to wear to a forthcoming party then look no further than an eveningwear hijab. These elegant headscarves will bring a new dimension to a classy evening gown of glitzy party dress. But how do you tie a beautiful eveningwear hijab?

This easy-to-follow hijab tutorial provides you with a step by step guide on how to tie a hijab whilst retaining a gorgeous, stunning look. What’s particularly great about this tutorial is that it teaches you how to fasten a beautiful silk hijab with a pair of ultra-glam, dangly earrings – Could there be a more appropriate way to tie a knot in a hijab for a party?

The Celebrity Style

Turning up at a party dressed like a celebrity is always going to be well-received so it makes sense to tie your scarf using the celebrity style. For this knotting technique to be most effective you’ll need an eye-catching and striking scarf, the kind the likes of Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss could easily be photographed in. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice and then tuck one end around the knot, like the technique used on the tutorial above. And there you have it, a scarf look for for not just a party but the celebrity circuit too!


Top 10 Wedding Scarf Looks

The great thing about scarves is that they can be incorporated into any look. From adding colour and additional style to a maxi dress to injecting some life in to a smart suit, you can always rely on a scarf to glamorise an outfit. At a wedding, scarves can be used to set a theme and bring a bespoke touch to traditional attire. If you are thinking about making scarves a stand-out feature at your wedding, take a look at the following ten wedding scarf looks.

1- The Vintage Look

Vintage weddings in which the bride looks like a 1950s movie star are all the rage these days. Scarves are synonymous with vintage glamour, so why not integrate them into your wedding? Augment your stunning lace, 50s dress with a retro silk scarf and by doing so you’ll create a unique and bespoke vintage style.

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2- Scarves to Match Decor

Décor that spills into the attire of the bride and groom, bridesmaids or even the guests always goes down well at a wedding. Scarves could be the perfect accessory to bridge the gap between wedding décor and garb. For example, if the décor at your wedding is dominated by snazzy shades of purple, unite the furnishings with the guests by asking them to wear an eye-catching purple scarf.

3- Classic Bridesmaids’ Shawls

If there is one group at a wedding that can afford to be flamboyant, it’s the bridesmaids. Adorning your bridesmaids in elegant bridal shawls will create a classy and chic look, not to mention help keep the chill off their shoulders.

4- Feather Scarves for Flamboyancy & Fun

If you’re intent on not going down the ‘conventional’ route at your wedding and want to add some burlesque fun, feather scarves adorned round the neck of the bride, bridesmaid and even the guests will add some playful flamboyance to your wedding.

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5- An Animal Print Wedding Theme

There is something both sexy and sophisticated about animal print. If you and your soon-to-be-husband have a mutual fondness for animal print and are planning an animal print theme at your wedding, compliment the leopard print wedding cake by wearing a leopard print scarf.

6- Beautiful Bridal Hijabs

A hijab crafts an aura of mystery and intrigue. Why leave the enigma of hijabs at home on your wedding day? Bridal hijabs are simply stunning and can be adorned in jewels, turning the bride into a true princess on her wedding day.

7- Cream Pashminas

Whether it’s the bridesmaid dresses or the bridal gown, cream goes hand in hand with a wedding. Why confine the cream theme to the dresses? Really go to town with the beauty of cream by wearing an cream pashmina.

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8- The Luxury Look

From a luxury wedding venue to lavish flower bouquets embellished on the walls, if your forthcoming wedding is designed to exude the lavishness of a royal wedding complement your bridal dress with a stunning silk pashmina scarf. A colourful pashmina will inject some stylish vibrancy to a traditional dress of white, cream, ivory or pale pink.

9- A Prayer Shawl

Who said the groom couldn’t accentuate his style by wearing a scarf of some form on his wedding day? Prayer shawls can make a man look effortlessly cool and stylish at a wedding. Take a look at the wedding ceremony of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. The couple looked fantastic, Chelsea wearing a Vera Wang strapless dress and Marc wearing a prayer shawl and Jewish yarmulke .

10- Matching Bridesmaids with Bride

Wedding attire that equates the bridesmaids with the brides is always a nice touch. Scarves can make a subtle connection between bride and bridesmaids. Opt for a colour that will suit and enhance the bridal gown and the bridesmaids dresses. For example, a plain light yellow pashmina would make a stylish addition to a white wedding gown as well as complementing darker bridesmaids dresses.

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Striped Skinny Scarves are a Wardrobe Essential

Stand out from the crowd with one of our stunning Striped Skinny Scarves. These stunning fashion accessories are a wardrobe essential and will draw compliments from all your friends. Enhance your look this spring with one of these colourful and attention-grabbing skinny striped scarves.

Green Lurex Striped Scarf

Green Lurex Striped Scarf
Green Lurex Striped Scarf

Feel glamorous wearing our glittery Green Lurex Striped Scarf to all your parties, special occasions and days out with your friends. The deep shade of green will really get you noticed and will look great against the sparkly lurex thread.

Thanks to the lightweight thin material, you can even wear this shimmering green skinny scarf as a headband when it’s hot outside. This will look great with your dresses, shorts and pretty green or pastel pink skirts.

Everyone will be complimenting on your bargain scarf and will want one to slip through their jeans as wear as a belt.

Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf

Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf
Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf

Make a bold statement this year with our striking Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf. The horizontal black stripes will immediately grab your attention and will coordinate with all your favourite outfits.

Wrap this eye-catching scarf around your neck and pair with all your stunning striped leggings and matching headbands. All your friends and family will be impressed with the fantastic quality, skinny design and the glamorous striped design which will update your style.

This stunning scarf will also make a fantastic gift for a friend or family member this year, they will love wearing it will their favourite denim and printed t-shirts.

Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf

Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf
Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf

Add some eye-catching design to all your favourite spring outfits with this incredible quality Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf. The beautiful shades of blue and green will compliment all skin tones and will look great with gorgeous floral prints.

Wrap this stunning blue scarf loosely around your neck or wear it as a headband with a gorgeous summer dress and pumps. The lightweight Rayon material will feel really great on and will keep you cool throughout the hot summer months.

This wonderful striped skinny scarf will completely change your appearance and will immediately bring a touch of glamour to all your everyday and party outfits.

Head Scarves Are An Easy Way To Complete Your Outfit

People wear head scarves in many different ways, it’s not difficult to find a style and design that suits you as there are so many different choices available. Many favour head scarves for their lightness and comfort, others find them useful for keeping cool during intense climates , whilst others simply like to cover their hair on a bad hair day or when rushed. The different types of head scarves include patterns such as floral, leopard print, striped, skull and crossbones and of course plain colours. Head Scarves make a great finishing touch to any outfit and they can be worn all year round.

Slim Pink Floral Chiffon Head Scarves

Slim Pink Floral Chiffon Head Scarves

Look summery no matter what the weather is like outside with this pretty slim pink floral chiffon head scarf. The delicate floral print on this slim pink floral chiffon head scarf is light and airy, feeling fantastic on the skin. You can wear the slim pink floral chiffon head scarf with black, grey, green or pastel shades.

Stripe Effect Purple Head Scarves

Stripe Effect Purple Head Scarves

Adding colour to your look is easy with bold colours such as plum, simply wrap the stripe effect purple head scarf around your head and your whole look will be uplifted. The stripe effect purple head scarf is lightweight, versatile and looks fantastic as a neck scarf, headband or headscarf.

Silk Head Scarves Feel Radiant Against The Skin

There’s nothing quite like the delicate, soft, luxurious feel of silk on the skin which is why silk head scarves are so popular and with the beautiful designs available, it’s not difficult to see why. People wear silk head scarves for religious purposes, to keep cool, to colour coordinate outfits and to generally add a splash of daring colour they might otherwise not wear.

Grey Silk Head Scarves Echo Design

Echo Design Grey Silk Head Scarves

The complex yet effective design of this grey silk echo design head scarf works very well with plain coloured clothing all year round. Featuring a vintage 70′s paisley design the grey silk head scarf will uplift any outfit you wear with it, made from pure silk you can enjoy effortless glamour no matter what the occasion. There are currently great savings of 25% off the RRP of the grey silk head scarf to take advantage of too, so get in there quickly.

Black Paisley Silk Head Scarves

Silk Head Scarves Black Paisley

Enjoy timeless style with this stunning black paisley silk head scarf, featuring a vintage design of swirling patterns this pure silk scarf drapes fluidly over your body. You can wear the black paisley silk head scarf with flowing dresses and skirts, jeans and t-shirts or elegant evening wear.

Headscarves That Can Be Worn Many Ways

All you need to do on your next bad hair is to try wearing headscarves and you’ll find the problem disappears instantly. You can either buy specific headscarves or tie many of the general scarves into headscarves which mean you get the best of both worlds. Block coloured headscarves look great when you have a colour scheme throughout your outfit and you can easily match the same colour accessories and clothing. Design wise there are numerous types of headscarves you can go for, from plain, animal print and floral to skulls, stripes and polka dot.

Stripe Effect Purple Headscarves

Stripe Effect Purple Headscarves

Wearing this glamorous stripe effect purple headscarf you can create a luxurious outfit, the deep plum purple goes excellently with silver jewellery and accessories and is nice and lightweight so will not weigh you down. You can wear the stripe effect purple headscarf neatly around your neck or tie it as a headband.

Brown Stripe Sash Headscarves

Brown Stripe Sash Headscarves

To enjoy natural style, try on this light and cosy brown stripe sash headscarf, featuring brown and white stripes which are soothing to the eye and look great with dresses, jeans and skirts.

A Paisley Cotton Bandana Gives Classic Style

One of the favourite bandana designs of all time is the paisley cotton bandana, this timeless floral and leave print gives a stunning traditional style to any outfit. Depending on which colour paisley cotton bandana you choose, you can add a breezy, dark, bright or subtle hint to your clothing, whilst at the same time keeping cool during summer and warm in winter. The paisley cotton bandana is usually made of 100% cotton which makes it comfortable and breathable whatever the occasion.

Paisley Cotton Bandana Lilac

Paisley Lilac Cotton Bandana

This gorgeous lilac paisley cotton bandana is perfect for spring/summer style and you can wear it with most colours, most notably cream, white, black and pastels. You can wear the lilac paisley cotton bandana in a variety of ways such as wrapped around or over your head, or around the neck as a neckerchief.

Paisley Cotton Bandana Hot Pink

Paisley Hot Pink Cotton Bandana

In order to add a bright, colourful touch to your look, try this vibrant hot pink paisley cotton bandana. The great thing about 100% cotton bandanas such as this is that you can wear them all year round, enjoying breathable comfort throughout. You can go for a pirate style, classic head band style or wear it around your neck, enjoying the different effects each look achieves.

A Black Bandana Adds Chic Style

Wearing a Black Bandana is a great way to match with any outfit, there are many designs of black bandana, ranging from plain to black and white designs. We’ve found some striking examples of black bandana for you to check out, with white prints that stand out fantastically.

Black Bandana Ying Yang Print

Ying Yang Black and White Bandana

A great way to update your style is to wear this stylish Ying Yang Black Bandana, featuring white and black Ying Yang symbols, you can wear this stunning accessory to bring balance and hopefully peace into your life. The Ying Yang Black Bandana is made from 100% cotton and is light and breathable, ideal for keeping cool in summer as well as extra warm in winter. The peace and harmony that Ying Yang symbols stand for create a very distinctive style which can be worn again and again.

Black Bandana Tribal Print

Tribal Black and White Bandana

For classic tribal style, try out this cool Tribal Print Black Bandana, featuring a striking white tribal pattern on black, complete with designs around the edges of the bandana. The Black Bandana Tribal Print is made from 100% cotton, great in all weathers and updates any look. As well as treating yourself, you can also buy the tribal print black bandana as a gift for somebody else.

Use A Blue Cotton Bandana To Freshen Your Look

A very easy way of brightening your style is by wearing a Blue Cotton Bandana, there are many designs ranging from beautiful intricate patterns to classic paisley and peace sign prints. The great thing about wearing a Blue Cotton Bandana is that it’s an ideal colour to wear right the way through the year. If you know somebody whose favourite colour is blue and they love wearing bandanas, then what better gift to present them with than a blue cotton bandana to suit their taste.

Star Print Blue Cotton Bandana

Star Print Blue Cotton Bandana

Wearing this stylish Star Print Blue Cotton Bandana you can enjoy fresh looks with minimal effort. The Star Print Blue Cotton Bandana is made from 100% cotton which keeps the whole piece breathable and airy. You can wear the Star Print Blue Cotton Bandana in a variety of ways such as around your neck, over your head, wrapped around your head or tied to the side, pirate style.

Camouflage Blue Cotton Bandana

Camouflage Blue Cotton Bandana

Using this funky Camouflage Blue Cotton Bandana you can keep cool whilst looking cool, featuring a classic combat style camouflage design of gorgeous blues and black. The Camouflage Blue Cotton Bandana is made from 100% cotton and feels light, breathable and the ideal summer accessory. Again you can use the Camouflage Blue Cotton Bandana in a variety of ways, creating different styles to go with different moods and outfits.