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Transform Your Look With A Cotton Bandana

When you want a little kick to your style, then try wearing a Cotton Bandana. There are many great colours and patterns of cotton bandana to choose from, making it easy to find one which will suit you down to the ground. These comfortable cotton bandanas are made from breathable material which is snug enough to wear all day and even all night if you want to. Cotton Bandana lovers will also appreciate one as a gift for any occasion.

Orange Cotton Bandana

Orange Cotton Bandana
Orange Cotton Bandana

Brighten up any look with this vibrant Orange Cotton Bandana, ideal for experimenting in colour. This bright orange will compliment all skin tones and looks just as good with dark colours as it does with lighter colours. Orange is a colour that never goes out of style and instantly revamps any look. Made from 100% cotton, these bandanas are light and breathable. You can even use this orange cotton bandana as a headband or fold it into a triangle for a traditional overhead look.

Paisley Black Cotton Bandana

Paisley Black Cotton Bandana
Paisley Black Cotton Bandana

Enjoy the classic bandana look with this Paisley Black Cotton Bandana. Paisley is a timeless design that always looks great, all year round. These bandanas are made from 100% cotton fabric, keeping you cool enough on hot days yet warm in the cold. Bandanas look great on everybody, you can wear them in a variety of ways too, so you’ll never get bored.

Plain Pink Cotton Bandana

Plain Pink Cotton Bandana
Plain Pink Cotton Bandana

If you want to look hype and dazzling, then try out this Plain Pink Cotton Bandana. The loud pink will brighten up everyone’s day at the same time as making you look gorgeous. Made from 100% cotton, you can wear these high quality cotton bandanas any time of year. You can accessorise with candy colours, black or even tie it as a headband for a cool gym look. Pink Cotton Bandanas also look great with denim.

Blue Scarves

Square Chiffon Neck Blue Scarves (Plain)

For a cool and breezy look, these beautiful square chiffon blue scarves are ideal. The fantastically soft and light material makes the blue scarves ideal for summer or evening wear.

Incredibly these blue scarves are just £1.99, so brighten up your look and look gorgeous in one of these blue scarves.

Large Cotton Blue Scarves (Shimmer)

This elegant shimmering blue scarf looks fabulous as the light hits it and shows off the silver shimmer.

These stylish blue scarves are made from high quality cotton, perfect for summer evenings and touching a hint of glamour.

Plain Chiffon Blue Scarves
Large Blue Cotton Shimmer Scarf

Light Weight Pashmina (Navy Blue) Scarves

Light weight pashmina navy blue scarves add a touch of elegance and compliment any outfit, ensuring you are always looking superb.

Made from super soft viscose, this navy blue scarf will keep you warm on those chilly days and can also be used in the summer to match pretty dresses.

Sky Blue Lurex Scarf Belt

Woven with shimmery Lurex thread, these sky blue scarves look fantastic draped or wrapped. You can also wear these blue scarves as a belt or headband, ensuring you get plenty of use. Enjoy the wonderful sparkles under the light or during the daytime.

Navy Blue Light Weight Pashmina Scarf

blue-scarves-sky-blue-lurex-scarf-belt £2.99
Sky Blue Lurex Scarf Belt

Double Up with a Shawl Scarf

A shawl or scarf which one should you choose? Well these days many double up and can be used either way. With the many different varieties, lengths, patterns and materials available why not purchase something you love and can wear in a variety of ways.

Shawl Scarf Products

Sheer Shawl/Scarves (Black Stripe)

Ideal for all occasions, this sheer shawl with stripes is light, airy and gorgeous against the skin. Enjoy the rich colours of gold shimmer, burgundy and fresh white khaki. This particular product which can be worn as shawl/scarf is very flexible when it comes to skin tone as with a clever mixture of colours, this should suit everyone.

Peach Silk-Blend Shawl/Scarf (Shimmery)

This beautifully made silk-blend scarf can also be dropped softly over the shoulders to be worn as a shawl. The delicate gold and silver threading sets off the deep peach throughout.

Velvet Shawl/Scarf (Navy Flowers & Leaves)

What  better way to emphasise your clothes than with this snug navy velvet shawl which doubles up as a scarf. With beautiful flower and leaf detail, the shawl/scarf fabric will look as good as it feels. A stylish touch of black chiffon around the outlining allows light to shine upon the shawl to highlight the detail.

Navy Flower Leaves Shawl Scarf
Navy Flowers Leaves Shawl Scarf
Black Stripe Shawl Scarf
Peach Silk Shimmer Shawl Scarf

Red Scarves

If you know you want a red scarf but are not sure which one to go for then look at these red scarves. You are sure to find something to fit the bill whichever shade or material you are looking for, the huge selection of styles and brilliant prices is sure to have you satisfied.

Materials Available for Red Scarves?

Summer Pashmina, Chiffon Neck Scarves, Cotton, Glitter Skinny Scarves, Silk Scarves, Magic, Light Weight Pashmina, Crimson Triangle with Lace Weave, Lurex Scarf Belt, Polar Fleece, Embroidered Rose, Embellished Red with Flowers, the possibilities are endless.

How to Choose From the Red Scarves Available?

Take a browse through some of these red scarves and get that brain ticking over what you can match from your wardrobe, there is bound to be something here for everyone.

Red Silk Scarf Small (Chakra Healing)

For a little touch of heat and wow factor, this red silk scarf is not only great to look at but also the colour of the 6th and 7th chakras, associated with connection to the Earth and dynamic energy. You can use this scarf as a headscarf, for chakra meditation or around the neck.

Magic Scarf (Red)

Dazzle with this tomato red magic scarf, so named as with great vesatality it’s so flexible to change your look with it. Whether you want to use as a stole, over your head as a cowl or bundled snug beneath your coat, it’s all possible with this red magic scarf.

Printed Chiffon Red Scarves

This light and airy chiffon red scarf is ideal for hot days or for a sprout of colour in the winter. The elegant flowing of these red scarves will make you feel confident and great to be wearing it. You can also wear this red scarf as a headband or on the shoulders.

Silk Red Healing Scarf
Magic Red Scarves
red-scarves-printed £3.99
Printed Red Scarf

Cotton Scarves

Cotton is probably the most popular material when it comes to scarves, with so many different colours and styles of cotton scarves the only thing you need to do is to choose which one.

Different types of Cotton Scarves

Large Blue Cotton Scarf (Shimmer)

With winter approaching you will want to wrap yourself up in something warm, this large blue cotton scarf will not only do the job but the woven silver shimmer looks fabulous as light reflects off it. Even though winter may be dull, you don’t have to be. Made of soft breathable cotton you can wear these cotton scarves for any occasion.

Green Cotton Scarf (Ruffle)

For something a little more interesting than the average cotton scarves, try this green cotton scarf (Ruffle). With textured ruffles throughout and vibrant colour, you can either dress this up or down as you please. The green ruffle scarf is not heavy, which makes it ideal for wearing wherever you go.

Large Square Cotton Scarf (Navy with Flowers)

Here is a classically traditional cotton scarf with great colours, the large square cotton scarf is navy with a yin yang flowered detail throughout. You don’t even need to worry about spending time on style when you have one of these lovely cotton scarves, as all you need do is put it on. The scarf is light, breathable and soft to the touch. A handy bonus is that you can wear this all year round.
You will find more fantastically priced quality cotton scarves in the scarves section of the website.

Blue Shimmer Cotton Scarves

Green Ruffle Cotton Scarf

Square Navy Flowers Cotton Scarves

Treat Yourself to a Silk Scarf

To add a piece of luxury and sophistication, or simply some colour to your outfit, try a silk scarf. With so many beautiful scarves to choose from, there’s sure to be a silk scarf to suit any occasion. Patterned or plain, tasselled or straight, the choice is yours.

Which Silk Scarf to Choose?

Green Silk Scarf – Small (Chakra Healing)

With scarf world these are no ordinary silk scarves, the Green Silk Scarf – Small (Chakra Healing) for example has been dyed with the colour of the heart Chakra, the Chakras origin from Hindu beliefs, many people use crystals of varying colours on energy points of the body (Chakras). The heart centre is associated with love and healing and is perfect for mediation.

silk-scarf-green-chakra £3.99
Silk Scarf Green Chakra

So if you would like something more from your silk scarf than meets the eye, soothe your senses with this amazingly great value green silk scarf.

Square Silk Chakra Healing Scarf (Blue)

This dreamy Caribbean Sea coloured square silk chakra healing scarf symbolises the throat Chakra, Vishuddha. It is believed that whilst wearing this colour you will feel incredibly positive. The blue of this silk scarf is also associated with communication and learning, so whether you are studying for exams or just in an academic environment, this is the silk scarf to wear. This product is made from pure silk.

Silk Scarf Blue

Large Square Silk Shawl (Red with Knotted Tassels)

For something fierier this large red silk scarf will certainly bring some warmth and comfort as well as looking great. This large red silk scarf has a subtle lustre and drape which will compliment anything dress or top. The fine quality of this silk scarf is a great addition to your wardrobe as well as being a superb gift.

Silk Scarf Red

Girl’s Fancy Dress Accessories

Dressing up has always been a favourite pastime for little girls. My daughter is certainly no exception! Anything pink, glittery and fairy related is instantly desirable to most wanna-be princesses. At scarf world you can find an assortment of pretty  girl’s fancy dress accessories that will help transport your child to a mystical land of make belief. These are ideal to wear to themed birthday parties, fancy dress shows or even just to play with at home. The possibilities are endless!

Girls Accessories-Fluffy Wand and Tiara Set
Girls Accessories-Fluffy Wand and Tiara Set

Girl’s Fancy Dress Accessories-Pink fairy

I recently bought these pretty accessories as going home gifts for my daughter’s Sparkle like a Fairy themed birthday party. They went down a treat and were certainly a welcome alternative to a balloon and a bit of soggy cake. Sparkle on!

The fairy range varies from wands to crowns and tiaras.

Girls Accessories-Pink Fairy Wings
Girls Accessories-Pink Fairy Wings

Girl Fancy Dress Accessories-Pink Princess

These pretty girl accessories are next on my daughters list! Scarf world can turn your child in to a little princess. Make your daughters day with our range of fluffy and jewelled princess tiaras.

Girls Fancy Dress Accessories-Pink Princess Tiara
Girls Fancy Dress Accessories-Pink Princess Tiara

I recently bought these pretty accessories as going home gifts for my daughter’s Sparkle like a Fairy themed birthday party. They went down a treat and were certainly a welcome alternative to a balloon and a bit of soggy cake. Sparkle on!
The fairy range varies from wands to crowns and tiaras.

Animal Prints that Bite Back!

RANKIN LIVE! Took place in the trendy east London venue Old Truman Brewery, being a Rankin fan myself from back in my university days. I had been reading the reviews as I didn’t mange to wangle an invite! Everyone looking very trendy and I noticed actress Jamie Winstone has gone from brunette to blonde. To top off her new edgy do she has wrapped a bright pink and black animal print scarf round her neck, great way for all those girls out there making a statement with a new hair colour or even just changing their style from geek chick to rock chick…

Animal Print Scarf-Jamie Winstone Click to see this scarf on
Animal Print Scarf-Jamie Winstone Click to see this scarf on

Animal Print-Our Range

As well as leopard print, tiger and zebra print also holds the same amount of fashion value. Tiger print is distinctive and a gorgeous addition to your look. Zebra print is versatile, the black and white scarf below can be styled with all your looks.

Animal Print Scarf-Grey Animal Print Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Grey Animal Print Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Brown Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Brown Chiffon Scarf
Animal Print Scarf-Two Tone Orange Print
Animal Print Scarf-Two Tone Orange Print

Lace It Up with Lace Scarves

Lace will always be known for its sex appeal but when I saw a lace scarf draped over the shoulders of a shop window mannequin in Tokyo I thought wow, what a great way to dress up an otherwise basic outfit. Worn with a relatively simple outfit, the lace scarf added richness and texture to the outfit, rather than something more racy. This brought a whole new appeal to lace for me.

Lace has been in vogue for a while now, appearing on and off the catwalks. Louis Vuitton included beautiful lace-covered shoes in their last collection, while Ralph Lauren turned out chic lace jackets, Bally created divine lace leggings and Trussardi dived right into the lace trend with lace detail handbags, headdresses and long lace scarves.

Thankfully you don’t have to go to Tokyo or a designer boutique to add a chic lace scarf to your look. These lace triangle scarves look great for day or night and can be worn in lots of different ways:

Grey Lace Scarf
Grey Lace Scarf
Cream Lace Scarf
Cream Lace Scarf
Burgundy Lace Scarf
Burgundy Lace Scarf

Welcome the Scarf World Style Blog

At Scarf World we’re passionate about scarves, style and accessories. So far we’ve brought you gorgeous scarves at great prices, but from now on we’ll also be keeping you updated on all the latest news from the fashion world too. On our brand new blog you’ll find out about our latest scarves, deals and sales as well as anything that catches our eye from the world of style. Enjoy!