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Ladies Scarves

There are many varieties of ladies scarves available for any occasion. Whether you want a scarf to keep warm over the cold months or just to accessorise an outfit, there is sure to be somthing suitable. The most popular types of ladies scarves are chiffon, cotton, evening wear, arab, fashion, head, jersey, neck, pashmina, printed, satin, silk, summer and winter.

Ladies Scarves Collection

Pink Satin Twilly Ladies Scarves

To brighten your look as well as save the pennies, you can’t go wrong with this soft satin twilly ladies scarf.  You can use this scarf to dress up an outfit or simply for the lovely comfortable feeling you get around your neck. These ladies scarves are also available in white, orange, black, lilac and green satin.

Pink Twilly Ladies Scarves

Glitter Skinny Ladies Scarves (Dark Green)

Superbly made ladies scarves don’t have to be expensive when you know where to look for them. This Dark Green Light Skinny Scarf has a beautiful shimmering silver thread running through it, for a wonderfully dazzling spectacle when the light shines on it. You can also use these ladies scarves as a headband or a belt, making it very useful and compatible with a variety of outfits.

Dark Green Ladies Scarf

Gold Crinkle Scarf

If you are looking for something a bit different and golden, these Gold Crinkle Ladies Scarves tick all the boxes. The soft sheen will look glamourous against any background. So wrap this beauty up, whilst it’s such an excellent price.

Gold Crinkle Ladies Scarf

Shawls & Scarves

The fantastically adaptable quality of Shawls and Scarves is that they can be worn all year round, brightening up summer outfits just as good as they bring you warmth in the winter. The choice of fabrics and design is so vast that there will always be a shawl or scarf to meet your requirements.

The Different Materials & Types of Shawls & Scarves


summer, winter, silk, polar fleece, pashmina, arab, satin, printed cotton, printed chiffon, polka dot, chequered and tartan, animal print, triangle, sequin, beaded, lurex and belly dance.


Sequin, velvet, silk, evening wear, beaded, floral

Shawls and Scarves

Men’s Grey Pashmina Scarf (Striped)

This trendy and comfortable Men’s Pashmina Scarf ensures a clean and refreshing look to compliment smart or casual clothing. Made from lightweight and soft Pashmina, this is one of those brilliant shawls/scarves that can be worn just as effectively in summer and winter. This grey striped scarf is amazing value for money, so get in there quick.

Mens Grey Shawls Scarves

Sheer Silk Shawl (Blue Aqua/Gold)

This handloom sheer silk shawl is a lovely example of exceptional quality and design. The airy yet comfortable softness of this shawl drapes beautifully around the shoulders or neck. Woven from pure silk, this shawl/scarf is incredibly luxurious, perfect to compliment your favourite outfit.

Blue Gold Shawl-Scarf

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina is the luxurious fine cashmere wool that works so wonderfully when used for textiles such as Pashmina Scarves. The warmth that Pashmina provides is unmistakeable, which is why so many people love it.

The Different Varieties of Pashmina Scarves

Sheer Pashmina Scarf (Sky Blue Thin Stripe)

When looking for something lighter than the standard Pashmina Scarves, this sheer Pashmina scarf is the answer. You can continue to wear your favourite material without comprising on quality, resulting in a airy, soft feel and look.

Pashmina Scarves Patterned Blue

Jacquard Pashmina Scarves (Cream Paisley)

There is a pashmina scarf for every occasion; the Jacquard Pashmina (Cream Paisley) is a beautiful scarf warm and also very light to wear. A subtle textured paisley pattern gives this pashmina scarf depth, using Jacquard weaving and finishes off the stylish look.

Pashmina Scarves Cream Paisley

Pashmina Scarves (Pink & Blue Stripes)

Pashmina Scarves can be perfect for everyday use, this warm and colourful pink and blue Pashmina has a wonderful feeling against the skin and looks fantastic. Pashmina Scarves can be worn in a variety of different ways, as a shawl, scarf or wrapped around your whole body, are very versatile and burst of quality.

Pashmina Scarves Pink Blue