Coordinate Your Scarves With Your Outfits

Matching scarves and outfits, is quite a mysterious science. Although there are general rules such as, different tones of the same colour do not generally work together (red scarf and orange jumper and red/brown trousers.) There is always someone out there, who can achieve the impossible and make almost anything go with anything.

However, for the majority of us, we need some simple guidelines to help us match scarves with our attire. Matching does not mean wearing the same colour or even the same style, it means having items of clothing that look and feel comfortable with each other.

Create a Wide Range Of Styles With Our Glam Scarves


Scarf Style Tips

A dash of strong colour can liven up a dull outfit giving a more zestful overall appearance. The attractive scarf will take away the eye from the plain colours being worn. It should be in direct contrast, and not contain similar tones to the other garments.

Wearing a scarf that is the same colour as your skirt can work if you are dressing casually, however an exact match would look a little contrived and would possibly be difficult to do unless they were purchased together as a set.

Pastel colours such as azure, rose, lilac, lavender or teal always look good with both winter and summer outfits. Because they do not compete with the overall image, they add just a dash of friendly subtlety to the neck and shoulders. They also give a touch of femininity to more harsh darker business, or conference wear.

Many women love to wear casual clothes,even to go out for an evening. Fashion jeans, trendy shirts and jackets can be supplemented with the right scarf. If the look is slightly grungy, then a scarf that looks suitably but intentionally ragged will go well. It can even in this case contain similar tones,which would work better than something too different. As most casual wear tends to conform to blues/greys and browns,then the scarf should follow suit.

Red Scarves Make a Bold Statement

For half the year the priority is to also keep warm. There is no need to abandon style,for comfort. It is quite easy to pick a scarf that will go with your favourite coat. In this case it may be better to consider a paisley or check design that will stand out from the normally dark tones of outer coats. However a splash of strong colour is quite acceptable with a black coat.

The summer holds another kind of problem. If you are wearing a nice bare shoulder or flimsy dress outside in the sun,then go into a cool ventilated house you may soon be wishing you had something to put around your shoulders. A silk scarf in summer designs or pastel colours could easily be stored in your bag awaiting its moment.

Older women may feel self-conscious about their upper arms and neck area, particularly with excess or sagging skin. The art of hiding using larger square scarves or pashminas, will allow you to cover a bigger area of neck,shoulder and cleavage, without having to resort to turtle neck jumpers and long sleeves every time. Simple to wrap around and easy to match up several styles with your existing outfits.