Evening Wear Scarves

Draping an evening wear scarf loosely around your shoulders looks great even with a simple dress. Evening wear scarves are always fashionable and can be worn with a range of outfits. Once you enter a prestigious party you don’t want to fully reveal your dress until you are seated. A classy scarf hides your dress; once you reveal how stunning your dress is it will surprise and impress those around you!

At Scarfworld.com our evening scarves feature elaborate to subtle embellishments guaranteed to turn heads when you enter the room. Every lady should have a dazzling evening wear scarf to match that gorgeous dress! It is an essential accessory that you can wear through out the year.

Evening Wear Scarf -Black Butterfly
Evening Wear Scarf - Organza Beaded

Evening Wear Scarf - Flower Shimmer

Silk Evening Wear Scarves

Silk evening wear scarves are a great accessory for those of you who are creating a more subtle look. The luxurious silk fabric is high quality and flows beautifully when you move. In a stunning range of colours there is something for everyone, browse our range today to find a bargain for your next classy event.

Silk Evening Wear Scarf - Brown
Silk Evening Wear Scarf - Purple

Silk Evening Wear Scarf - Silver