Mens Winter Scarves & Pashminas

Scarves have become an important style accessory for the modern man. For the very first time men are wearing scarves with shirts, t-shirts, vests and jackets. There is no set way to tie a scarf, this gives you a chance to get creative! Scarves are an essential accessory because they can be worn throughout the year- keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With the colder days approaching men’s winter scarves and pashmina’s make a great style statement!

Men's Winter Scarf - Striped & Knitted
Men's Winter Scarf - Red Plain

Men's Winter Scarf - Navy

Smart Mens Winter Scarves & Pashmina’s

Scarves are a great way to update your smart outfits, they really bring out your complexion. Try not to match your scarf exactly with the colour of your shirt; experimenting with other colours will pull your style together. Contrasting colours will flatter tailored outfits. At we have a range of elegant mens scarves for all occasions.

Men's Pashmina - Clay Brown
Men Pashmina - Steel Grey

Men's Pashmina - Black

Traditional Men’s Winter Scarves

Traditional men’s winter scarves usually feature a checked or striped pattern with dark colours. This style is great because it will compliment even the simplest of outfits! The soft cosy fabric is warm and comfortable, perfect for the change of season. I recommend you style our range of winter scarves with all your jackets and coats.

Mens Winter Scarf - Brown & Blue Check
Men's Winter Scarf - Red & Grey

Men's Winter Scarf - Black & White