Perfect Party Pashminas

The versatile scarf that is more than the sum of it’s parts. The pashmina is an article of clothing that can truly be called the perfect accessory. Its versatility and range of styles, makes it able to mix and match, with just about every design of clothes. It can be worn casually with jeans and a jumper,combined with smart day clothes, or even part of an evening ensemble, for parties and dining out. It is imbibed with nuances of different cultures, part eastern, but with western flair and inventiveness.

The poncho has often been seen as dated,ever since Emma Peel and the Avengers, but its cut down and modernised cousin, the pashmina is a perfect cross between a scarf and a wrap, and has taken the fashion scene by storm. Let’s look at some examples and how they could be paired with different outfits for parties.

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The Bohemian Look

Most people feel relaxed when they can dress casually for an event.For a number of years jeans have been seen as a fashion statement, rather than just cheap work trousers. High fashion jeans can even be more expensive than smart dresses. Matched with trendy shirts of cardigans and stylish leather boots, a pashmina will look alternative and carefree, especially if it is intentionally ragged and tasselled. Take a look at this lovely brown pashmina scarf.

The Elegant Casual Look

Many women have to find a look that is both elegant and smart, but at the same time comfortable enough to get through a busy day at work, including business functions and parties. Women that have to face the public in a stylish manner often need to use the same outfit regularly, especially if they cannot afford an extensive wardrobe of outfits.

Mixing and matching becomes important and the role of accessories takes on more significance. The pashmina is ideal for this role. It is cheap enough in general, to have several shades and designs in your wardrobe; Try this wonderful pink creation.

Pashmina Scarves Look Great With Both Daytime & Evening Outfits

Pashminas can also match a wide range of garments, and be worn by almost all age groups. The party night life of the pashmina could include being an accessory to summer silk dresses, in complimentary colours, or as a contrast to a sheer black dress and long dangly earrings,or even funky, with added beads,bangles and adorned hair styles. This strip of cloth takes on far more significance than would be assumed. It can transform a look,without changing much of one’s other clothes.

Other bonuses include practical issues, such as the fact that it will keep your neck nice and warm whilst travelling to your party, without spoiling the look with a chunky big coat. It is also easy to fold up and put away,if it gets too warm once you are inside and dancing away the night.