Scarf Tie Guide for Every Neckline

We all know that scarves can make or break outfits and are one of the most useful accessories we have in our wardrobes. The right scarf can turn a dowdy dress into a fantastic frock and a bland blouse into a show-stopping shirt. There are scarves which can flatter certain body shapes as we’ve covered in scarves to suit your figure blog before, but there are also many scarf designs which work particularly well with certain necklines and dress cuts. Have a glance below at some awesome scarf tying techniques and the necklines they are best suited for.


Round Neck

A braided scarf adds an extra dimension of elegance which compliments this particular neckline shape very well. It can work with other necklines, but the rounded necklines allow the braided side of the scarf to cut across the open neckline for a more eye-catching effect. The braided scarf works best when you only braid one side of the scarf, which keeps it quirky and cool rather than overdoing it. Once braided, simply drape the scarf around your neck so the ends meet in front of your chest and then tie a loose knot to hold it in place. Light pastel scarf colours work best, though clashing light and dark colours can also look good when done right.

Strapless Dresses

Strapless dresses are usually worn for a reason, and that reason is often you have nice shoulders! So obviously, if you’re showing off your shoulders then you won’t want to be covering up part of them with a scarf. However, your scarves can come in handy when worn as a waist accessory. Simply fold your scarf like an accordion until it’s of the desired width and then wrap it around your waist with a simply knot at the back or side. This style of scarf accessory will help accentuate the natural cut of your shoulders, making you look slimmer and fitter. Try and clash the colours with this style, such black on white, red on blue or yellow on green.



Square Neck

A lovely scarf style that works excellently with square cut necklines (and v-neck, for that matter, but we have another one especially for that cut) is the chain knot style. It wraps tight around the neck and lets the rest of the scarf flow down your back. To achieve it, drape the scarf around the back of your neck so the ends hang down your front, then wrap the ends around each other twice near your throat to form the part that gives the chain knot its name. Once you’ve formed the chain, drape the ends back over your shoulders and tie a simple over-and-under knot to hold in place. Wear with any colour you like, but ensure it’s different to your top.

Off the Shoulder

Dresses or tops that come off the shoulder and around the arms are a casually classy style which is ideal for accessorising with a scarf. It’s a dress style that can work with several different scarf tying methods, but perhaps the best is the Windsor knot style. The basic idea is to tie your scarf similarly to that of an ordinary neck tie that men usually wear with their suits, but effected with a scarf turns into a beautiful design that will particularly compliment off the shoulder tops and dresses. When tying the Windsor knot, first tie two knots in each side of the long scarf, one tight and one loose. Then as you tie the two ends together, slot the tight knot through the loose knot to create a much larger knot effect. Pastel colours and flowery designs are ideal.



A slightly more complicated one now involving twists and loops. This style works best with a V-neck, but can also work well with a variety of wide or plunging necklines. First off, fold your scarf (preferably multicoloured) in half and drape around your neck so there is a loop on one side and the two scarf ends at the other side. Bring each side to the front and put one of the scarf ends through the loop, then twist the loop around once and insert the other end of the scarf. You’ll need to adjust how it hangs but keep it quite loose for a bohemian scarf style.


The Pan Am neck knot is ideal for the bateau dress cut, made famous of course by flight attendants the world over. You’ll need a square silk scarf, preferably colourful, which you drape around the back of your neck with the ends flowing over your shoulders. Then you need only tie a simple knot at the front for a flowery and stylish scarf accessory that can make your outfit really come alive with colour. Worn with a blazer or similar such jacket, you’ll remind everyone of an air stewardess, but when worn with a bateau cut dress it is the very picture of elegance.



This is one of the most delicate looking necklines we can wear, most often seen during the summer months when the weather is good. An ideal scarf style to compliment the thin straps and straight cut of a camisole is one most simply described as front chain knots or knot rows. With the scarf draped around the back of your neck with the ends falling evenly over your front, tie three or four over-and-under knots in a row which will give the appearance of a chain. Chiffon Scarves also work best with camisoles as they are light and elegant. Now just let the scarf hang for a simple but stylish scarf accessory that won’t be too hot on your body but will look pretty awesome. Bright summery colours work best, though a dark red is recommended for darker tops.

One Shoulder

One shoulder dresses ooze style already but you can add even more with careful scarf selection. A good choice for this one shoulder dress style is the boa scarf technique, which involves draping the scarf around your neck to tie a knot at the front before winding one end of the scarf around the scarf loop. Keep winding it around the loop until you run out of scarf and tuck it in. The technique gets its name from having a snake-like appearance, and as such it is best suited to wearing with larger scarf designs, so maybe it is best used only for travelling to and from events rather than being worn all night long. Animal print scarves can work well with this method.