Shawls & Scarves

The fantastically adaptable quality of Shawls and Scarves is that they can be worn all year round, brightening up summer outfits just as good as they bring you warmth in the winter. The choice of fabrics and design is so vast that there will always be a shawl or scarf to meet your requirements.

The Different Materials & Types of Shawls & Scarves


summer, winter, silk, polar fleece, pashmina, arab, satin, printed cotton, printed chiffon, polka dot, chequered and tartan, animal print, triangle, sequin, beaded, lurex and belly dance.


Sequin, velvet, silk, evening wear, beaded, floral

Shawls and Scarves

Men’s Grey Pashmina Scarf (Striped)

This trendy and comfortable Men’s Pashmina Scarf ensures a clean and refreshing look to compliment smart or casual clothing. Made from lightweight and soft Pashmina, this is one of those brilliant shawls/scarves that can be worn just as effectively in summer and winter. This grey striped scarf is amazing value for money, so get in there quick.

Mens Grey Shawls Scarves

Sheer Silk Shawl (Blue Aqua/Gold)

This handloom sheer silk shawl is a lovely example of exceptional quality and design. The airy yet comfortable softness of this shawl drapes beautifully around the shoulders or neck. Woven from pure silk, this shawl/scarf is incredibly luxurious, perfect to compliment your favourite outfit.

Blue Gold Shawl-Scarf