Should I Wear a Plain or Printed Scarf?

Everybody has their own style quirks and it’s often these little individualities which help stand us out from the crowd. Scarves are the best accessory you can use to add a little bit of individual flair or just accentuate your style whether you prefer neutral tones or bright colours. It’s important to know what kind of scarf goes well with what kind of outfit though, and in this blog we’ll be focusing on plain and printed scarves, and when it’s best to wear each one. There aren’t too many Don’ts, but plenty of Dos for you to try out during these winter months.

How to Wear Plain Scarves

Plain scarves work better with more sober coloured outfits. Black, white or grey clothing will be greatly accentuated by a plain scarf, whether it’s a colourful one or a similarly sober toned shade.

Matching up different shades of grey often has a classy effect, while black and white will always compliment each other. Brown, like grey, is a colour that greatly benefits from being matched with lighter and darker shades of the same colour. This layered colour affect can be lost with a patterned scarf though.

Brightly coloured scarves will usually bring a plainly coloured outfit alive while retaining that understated element of classy style. Printed scarves can work well too with brightly coloured outfits, but they will often seem a little out of place on an otherwise conservatively coloured outfit. A brightly coloured or intricately patterned scarf will become the outfit, so to speak, if the clothing is soberly toned, whereas a simple plain scarf will merely accentuate the style.

Use plain scarves, whether brightly coloured or not, to accentuate rather than dominate an outfit. If the scarf is large, then the brighter it is the more it will dominate the outfit, but a large dark grey scarf will look fabulous worn with a lighter grey top, as would two differing shades of brown.

Plain Grey Scarf with Black Outfit
Grey Scarves Are The Perfect Addition To Your Look

How to Wear Printed Scarves

Printed scarves work best with colourful clothes, though you can use them as the focus point of less colourful outfits as well. One vital thing to remember with printed scarves is to let them be the only print or pattern in their vicinity. Pairing a printed scarf with a patterned dress, blouse or jacket will be far too busy and each print will distract from the other.

Darker reds and blues compliment simple pattern scarves particularly well, while the likes of bright yellows and greens will work well with flowery patterns for a typical summery appeal. There are plenty of darker coloured scarves featuring printed patterns as well, and these match up excellently with white or grey outfits. A black and white printed scarf will look especially good with either a black or white coat.

Black, as ever, will work with most patterned scarves regardless of their colour, but again by wearing a plain black outfit the patterned scarf will dominate your entire appearance, so make sure it’s a scarf you want to be remembered for!

Multiple Scarf Pic
Add Pattern To Your Look With Printed Scarves