Summer Scarf Styles

The scarf is not just for winter, it is an all year round versatile garment that can make an individual statement or be part of an ensemble. Not only will colour and style be an important factor in your choice, but something simple as how you go about knotting it, can create a myriad of different impressions. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and at affordable prices, allowing you a drawer full of possibilities. A scarf will refresh an existing outfit, making it feel different. Let’s look at a few hints to start your summer scarf adventure.

Don’t think of a scarf for just around your neck. It can adorn a hat, making the band an important feature, even trailing down the back. Loop a thin scarf through your waist band making it a very impressive belt. A small silk Bandana could be tied around the wrist like a bracelet or fixed to the handle of your bag,to add a bit of moving colour. Hold your hair in a ponytail by using a small silk scarf or use a broad folded Bandana for the Axl Rose look. The motto is to be inventive.

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Bustiers are a great way to look cool in summer. They can be worn with a long flowing cotton dress, a flash of midriff and especially a loose casually tied matching scarf . Slip on the sandals with just a few tiny beads attached and away you go skipping through the grass. They are also just right for slipping over a bathing suit so you can sip your Martini at the pool party.

A slight summer breeze and you can adopt the young Sofia Loren look and be a 50′s icon by tying a nice colourful scarf over your head,allowing the hair to fall partly free at the front.

Going out for the evening? Then try a Hijab style scarf, pair it with a smart blouse and some seriously high stilettos.

What about the cowboy look with a light denim jacket and jeans? Tie the scarf in a knot to one side for the equestrian/bohemian image.


Double loop a long thin summer scarf and drape over shoulder, for the student, just dashing look. Great with army type canvas jackets or the trusty leather version. Save the heavy knotted and tangled variety of scarf for winter.

For the older shoulders try a large, light cotton or silk patterned and colourful scarf, that will distract, yet cover sensitive areas of the neck and shoulders, but still allow the summer air to sooth you.

At work, a light scarf can complement a dress suit or smart formal wear. Wear it like neck tie with a loose Windsor knot. Try a Peter Pan blouse with small rounded collar, to soften the hard edges.