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10 Scarves Every Woman Should Have

Scarves are an essential item and should play a big part when planning your seasonal outfits. Their multitude of shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and materials add a splash of colour and eye-catching design to causal clothes and glamorous frocks. Scarves are worn by fashion icons and stylish divas all year round and are an all year fashion essential. If you’re thinking of adding another scarf to your collection, take a look at our top 10 essential scarves for women.

pashminasilk-scarf faux-fur

1- Pashmina Scarves

There is something about an elegant and sophisticated pashmina scarf that exudes a radiant and compelling style. One of the best components of pashminas is that they can be worn in many different ways and make a stylish addition to every woman’s wardrobe. Being chic and warm these versatile scarves are particularly valuable in the winter.

2- Faux Fur Scarves

OK so the nights might be getting slightly lighter but the warmer weather of spring is still a long way off. Faux fur is a fantastic material for the winter and one that never ceases to go out of fashion. With this lovely soft fabric lay against your skin and the luxury look this type of scarf denotes, you’ll feel a million dollars wearing something like our Grey Rose Faux Fur Scarf.

3- Colourful Silk Scarves

It’s never too long before a celebrity gets ‘papped’ wearing a stunningly colourful silk scarf. From Sharon Stone and Kylie Minogue to Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens, colourful women’s silk scarves augment a woman’s beauty and fashion know-how. The modern trend is to wear this ‘must have’ fashion accessory tied in a simple knot around the neck.

hijabs pippa-middleton stripes

4- Animal Print Scarves

Once synonymous with Bet Lynch in Coronation Street, animal print is now regarded an eye-catching fashion statement. A lady’s wardrobe should be all about turning heads and nothing is quite as striking as an animal print scarf. Being typically made out of polyester or cotton, these animal print scarves can be worn all year round, helping keep the chill out in the winter and weaving style into a summer outfit.

5- Hijab Scarves

For a special occasion in which only classic elegance will suffice, wearing a women’s hijab will intensify the glamour of the occasion. Worn around the head, a stylish hijab will frame the face, defining the eyes and drawing out key features – It’s no wonder hijabs are becoming a more mainstream fashion staple.

6- Paisley Scarves

With spring approaching – albeit slowly – it’s time to start thinking about our springtime wardrobes. Being pretty, delicate and feminine, a beautiful paisley scarf made out of cotton, viscose or another lightweight material, is an essential item for stylish spring attire.
velvet rock-chic floral

7- Striped Scarves

Whether you want to add some colour and life to a dark suit or bring a creative touch to a plain maxi dress, a striped scarf will speak volumes. The greatest part about stripes is that they go with a myriad of outfits and will knit life and vitality into the plainest the clothing.

8- Luxury Velvet Scarves

As mentioned earlier we are still very much in the thick of winter and if there’s one type of scarf you can rely on keeping you warm whilst maintaining style, it’s the velvet ruffle scarf. Fitting snugly into your neck this luxurious material will make you feel like royalty and its smart and graceful exterior will ensure you look as grand and stately as you feel.

9- Rock Chic Scarves

The great thing about the rock chic look is that you don’t have to be in your 20s to ‘get away with it’. Think Debbie Harry, Courtney Love and Madonna, they all look great in their daringly different rock chic outfits. Wearing a rock chic scarf will augment your alternative look, no matter how old – or young – you are.

10- Floral Scarves

From dainty daisies in the summer to darker floral in the winter, floral scarves come in many different materials, colours and patterns. One component of floral scarves does however remain consistent – they make an eye-catching fashion statement and are a type of scarf every woman should own.


Top 10 Wedding Scarf Looks

The great thing about scarves is that they can be incorporated into any look. From adding colour and additional style to a maxi dress to injecting some life in to a smart suit, you can always rely on a scarf to glamorise an outfit. At a wedding, scarves can be used to set a theme and bring a bespoke touch to traditional attire. If you are thinking about making scarves a stand-out feature at your wedding, take a look at the following ten wedding scarf looks.

1- The Vintage Look

Vintage weddings in which the bride looks like a 1950s movie star are all the rage these days. Scarves are synonymous with vintage glamour, so why not integrate them into your wedding? Augment your stunning lace, 50s dress with a retro silk scarf and by doing so you’ll create a unique and bespoke vintage style.

Check Out Our Colourful Range of Pashmina Scarves

2- Scarves to Match Decor

Décor that spills into the attire of the bride and groom, bridesmaids or even the guests always goes down well at a wedding. Scarves could be the perfect accessory to bridge the gap between wedding décor and garb. For example, if the décor at your wedding is dominated by snazzy shades of purple, unite the furnishings with the guests by asking them to wear an eye-catching purple scarf.

3- Classic Bridesmaids’ Shawls

If there is one group at a wedding that can afford to be flamboyant, it’s the bridesmaids. Adorning your bridesmaids in elegant bridal shawls will create a classy and chic look, not to mention help keep the chill off their shoulders.

4- Feather Scarves for Flamboyancy & Fun

If you’re intent on not going down the ‘conventional’ route at your wedding and want to add some burlesque fun, feather scarves adorned round the neck of the bride, bridesmaid and even the guests will add some playful flamboyance to your wedding.

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5- An Animal Print Wedding Theme

There is something both sexy and sophisticated about animal print. If you and your soon-to-be-husband have a mutual fondness for animal print and are planning an animal print theme at your wedding, compliment the leopard print wedding cake by wearing a leopard print scarf.

6- Beautiful Bridal Hijabs

A hijab crafts an aura of mystery and intrigue. Why leave the enigma of hijabs at home on your wedding day? Bridal hijabs are simply stunning and can be adorned in jewels, turning the bride into a true princess on her wedding day.

7- Cream Pashminas

Whether it’s the bridesmaid dresses or the bridal gown, cream goes hand in hand with a wedding. Why confine the cream theme to the dresses? Really go to town with the beauty of cream by wearing an cream pashmina.

Our Beautiful Hijabs Will Brighten Up Your Wedding Outfit

8- The Luxury Look

From a luxury wedding venue to lavish flower bouquets embellished on the walls, if your forthcoming wedding is designed to exude the lavishness of a royal wedding complement your bridal dress with a stunning silk pashmina scarf. A colourful pashmina will inject some stylish vibrancy to a traditional dress of white, cream, ivory or pale pink.

9- A Prayer Shawl

Who said the groom couldn’t accentuate his style by wearing a scarf of some form on his wedding day? Prayer shawls can make a man look effortlessly cool and stylish at a wedding. Take a look at the wedding ceremony of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. The couple looked fantastic, Chelsea wearing a Vera Wang strapless dress and Marc wearing a prayer shawl and Jewish yarmulke .

10- Matching Bridesmaids with Bride

Wedding attire that equates the bridesmaids with the brides is always a nice touch. Scarves can make a subtle connection between bride and bridesmaids. Opt for a colour that will suit and enhance the bridal gown and the bridesmaids dresses. For example, a plain light yellow pashmina would make a stylish addition to a white wedding gown as well as complementing darker bridesmaids dresses.

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Funky Rock Chic Scarves

Show off our Funky Rock Chic Scarves this year. The vibrant prints and luxurious material will stun all your friends and family. Make sure you get yourself one of these attention-grabbing rock chic scarves to wear to concerts parties and much more!

Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf

Get the ultimate rock star look with this incredibly light Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf. The soft cotton material will feel great against your skin and the eye-catching red skulls on the black background will coordinate with your denim perfectly.

Below we have celebrities Kylie Minogue, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan all wearing a fabulous skull print scarf. Simply wrap this funky scarf loosely around your neck or over your shoulders, the choice is yours!

Get red carpet glamour in an instant with this bold skull cotton scarf which can be worn in a number of ways. Either treat yourself to this scarf or give to a stylish friend or sibling; they will enjoy wearing it every day.

Yellow Leopard Print Scarf

Update your style with this wild Yellow Leopard Print Scarf, perfect for everyday wear and parties. This Stephen Sprouse inspired funky white scarf with black and yellow leopard spots has a stunning tassel edging which will spice up your style.

Coloured leopard print scarves are a big hit this summer and are a great way to add a splash of colour to dark outfits.

Pippa Middleton, Billie Piper and Kelis have been seen wearing one of these printed scarves, so make sure you set the trend and pair one with your favourite prints and glittering gold jewellery.

Brown Scarves

Add some warm, deep tones of brown to your look with our gorgeous range of brown scarves. Choose from a wide range of materials, designs and shapes to find the perfect scarf to coordinate with your outfits. Everyone will love your cute brown scarf and will want one to uplift their plain clothes and accessories.

Ruffle Brown Pashmina

Ruffle Brown Pashmina
Ruffle Brown Pashmina

Soften your style with this luxurious ruffle brown pashmina scarf. The attractive ruffle effect gives you shape and character, this is a wonderful addition to your new look. The subtle tones of brown will coordinate perfectly with your favourite clothes. Get your hands on this smooth and lightweight pashmina ideal for wearing on a windy day, warm summers afternoon and on a cold winter’s night. You will feel stylish all year round wearing this unique and fabulous quality pashmina scarf. Make this the ideal gift for a loved friend or family member; they will love pairing it with their cute gold accessories and comfortable black leggings.

Brown Striped Lurex Square Scarf

Brown Striped Lurex Square Scarf
Brown Striped Lurex Square Scarf

Get an edgy look this year wearing our festival favourite brown striped Lurex square scarf. This warm brown scarf with shimmering Lurex stripes will glitter in the light and complete your casual and evening outfits. The short tassels create a rock chick look and when wrapped around your neck it creates a layered style which looks amazing. The thin breathable fabric will keep you cool on a hot summer’s day and feel wonderful against your skin. Enjoy wearing this amazing scarf all year round, it will look great!

Brown Zebra Print Pashmina Shawl

Brown Zebra Print Pashmina Shawl
Brown Zebra Print Pashmina Shawl

Show off your wild side in this brown animal print pashmina shawl. The eye-catching zebra print looks stylish and will certainly turn heads this year. The light cream colour with dark brown zebra print looks bold and attention-grabbing. Make sure you feel comfortable all day wearing this light pashmina ideal for summer and winter. Drape over your shoulders with an evening dress or tie loosely around your neck for a more casual look. Make sure you get this great value brown scarf; your friends will love it!

Cheap Pashmina Scarves

Times are very tight at the moment and finding a comfortable cheap pashmina scarf is very difficult. However here at scarfworld.com we have a beautiful range of lightweight pashmina scarves which will give your outfits an instant lift. Whether you want a patterned, silk, jacquard, square, summer, plain or evening wear scarf, you will find the ideal fashion accessory here.

Light Weight Apple Green Pashmina

Light Weight Apple Green Pashmina
Light Weight Apple Green Pashmina

Spice up your style with this stunning apple green pashmina scarf. Light and comfortable, this will bring a touch of summer glamour to almost every outfit you have. Perfect for cool evenings and changeable weather, this luxurious and great value scarf will easily light up your look. Pair a cute jean skirt and brown pumps to get a natural looking style this summer. Make sure you feel fresh and cool wearing this attractive and eye-catching scarf.

Neon Animal Print Pashmina Scarf

Neon Animal Print Pashmina Scarf
Neon Animal Print Pashmina Scarf

Sharpen a simple outfit with this bold neon animal print pashmina scarf. The unique and attention-grabbing animal print design will uplift your plain outfits. Within each of the black leopard print spots are vibrant colours which make any outfit look glamorous. Make this great value for money scarf the perfect addition to your new look or give as a present to a loved friend or family member.

You Don’t Need To Be A Celebrity To Wear Leopard Print Scarves

Billie Piper Leopard Print Scarves
Billie Piper Leopard Print Scarves

If Billie Piper, along with a whole line of other celebrities can pull off leopard print scarves, then we don’t see why anybody else can’t too. You can transform your look by wearing Leopard Print Scarves, enjoying glamour, style and colour. There is a large range of colours of Leopard Print Scarves available such as blue, brown, pink, orange, red and even neon if you want to get funky. With beautiful materials such as chiffon available you won’t want to take off the leopard print scarves once you have one on.

Leopard Print Scarves Cream Pashmina

Cream Pashmina Leopard Print Scarves
Cream Pashmina Leopard Print Scarves

This gorgeous Leopard Print Cream Pashmina Scarf brightens and refreshes any look with ease, featuring a graffiti-style quirky animal print. The leopard print cream pashmina has been woven with a luxurious shimmering silver lurex, this looks stunning in the light. Wearing the leopard print cream pashmina scarf will keep you looking fashionably chic, updating your look effortlessly. You can also buy this stunning leopard print cream pashmina in fuchsia.

Gold Shimmer Leopard Print Scarves

Gold Shimmer Leopard Print Scarves
Gold Shimmer Leopard Print Scarves

Wearing this gorgeous Gold Shimmer Leopard Print Scarf you can soften the tone of hard dark colours and compliment lighter ones. You can wear the gold shimmer leopard print scarf with anything from plain t-shirts to fancy dresses, the lightweight material means it will never weigh you down. The gold shimmer leopard print scarf is made from polyester so is very soft and comfortable on the skin.

Red Scarves Create A Cheery Look

A brilliant way to brighten up your look is by wearing red scarves, they come in many different materials and patterns and can be sophisticated, smart or casual. Red Scarves come in all different types of tones of red, from bright to deep wine red scarves. You can try buying a friend or relative red scarves for Birthdays, Valentines Day and as special treats.

Glitter Chiffon Animal Print Red Scarves

Glitter Chiffon Animal Print Red Scarves
Chiffon Animal Print Red Scarves

With this gorgeous Glitter Chiffon Animal Print Red Scarf you can very easily brighten up your outfit, creating a classy and distinctive look. The Glitter Chiffon Animal Print Red Scarves are made from a soft chiffon fabric which is light and airy, providing exceptional comfort. You can wear the Glitter Chiffon Animal Print Red Scarf for special occasions or to glam up general daytime looks.

Lurex Paisley Square Cotton Red Scarves

Lurex Paisley Cotton Square Red Scarves
Lurex Paisley Cotton Square Red Scarves

Wear this luxurious Lurex Paisley Square Cotton Red Scarf to add a splash of colour to winter clothing, or to compliment other red clothing and accessories. This gorgeous Lurex Paisley Square Cotton Red Scarf is a bright and breezy accessory, printed with a delicate paisley pattern. The fine stripes on the pretty Lurex shimmers in the light to create a much brighter style.

Batik Square Silk Red Scarves

Batik Square Silk Red Scarves
Batik Square Silk Red Scarves

Wearing this gorgeous Batik Square Silk Red Scarf you can add a warmth welcoming feel to your look. The Batik Square Silk Red Scarf features a very well designed pattern with a gorgeous rich red central backdrop. You can wear pretty much any clothing with these pretty Batik square silk red scarves and they feel wonderfully soft on the skin.

Strut Your Stuff With Leopard Print Scarves

Many people love leopard print scarves and clothing, the great thing about leopard print scarves is that you can go as wild or safari toned down as you like, bringing out the real animal in you. Leopard Print Scarves are chosen by many stars such as Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and Eve Longoria who cleverly wear their leopard print scarves with style.

Leopard Print Scarves
Leopard Print Scarves

Blue Leopard Print Scarf 3 In 1

Blue Leopard Print Scarf
Blue Leopard Print Scarf

Brighten up your look with this glorious bright Blue Leopard Print Scarf 3 In 1, the gorgeous blues compliment each other to give you a refreshed look with whatever you are wearing it with. As the name suggests the blue leopard print scarf can be worn many different ways, as a normal scarf, tied in knots, as a belt, tie or headscarf, so you can create several different looks with the one scarf. You can even dress up something as plain as a white t-shirt by draping the blue leopard print scarf across your shoulders or wrap it around your neck. This blue leopard print scarf 3 in 1 is also available in pink.

Fuchsia Pashmina Leopard Print Scarf

Fuchsia Pashmina Leopard Print Scarf
Fuchsia Pashmina Leopard Print Scarf

With this pretty shimmering Fuchsia Pashmina Leopard Print Scarf you can add sophistication and style to your outfit. The graffiti style animal print on this fuchsia pashmina leopard print scarf gives it spice and glamour with this silver lurex shine. You can also buy the fuchsia pashmina leopard print scarf as a gift for somebody you know, it’s so reasonable priced you could even get one for yourself whilst your at it.

Orange Two Tone Chiffon Leopard Print Scarf

Orange Two Tone Chiffon Leopard Print Scarf
Orange Two Tone Chiffon Leopard Print Scarf

Warm your look with this lovely Orange Two Tone Chiffon Leopard Print Scarf, the luxurious feel of the chiffon will keep your comfortable all day or evening. The blend of Orange, Browns and white creates a subtle way to wear orange without the need for sunglasses, in-fact the scarf is very masterfully neutrally toned.