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Fantastic Father’s Day Scarves

If you can’t decide what to get your dad for father’s day then treat him to one of our fantastic men’s scarves this June. Our stunning father’s day scarves will immediately enhance his look and will bring a touch of elegance and flair to any outfit.

Blue Cotton Check Scarf
Blue Cotton Check Scarf

Treat your father to this stylish and incredibly comfortable Blue Cotton Check Scarf this year. The vibrant blue and deep black colour will draw everyone’s attention to your neck and will coordinate with all your plain t-shirts and jeans.

Get a fresh and attention-grabbing new look this summer with our fashionable men’s blue cotton scarf which will keep you very cool during the hot months. The eye-catching tassel detail and stunning checked design will immediately brighten up your look and draw compliments from all your friends and family this year.

Tie this amazing cotton scarf loosely around your neck or drape around your neck with a jean shirt, the choice is yours!

Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina Scarf

Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina
Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina

Plain yet fashionable, this extremely soft Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina will keep you cool during the summer and warm in winter. The luxurious Pashmina material will hang beautifully around your neck and will give you a sophisticated look in seconds.

If you love warm colours then you will definitely love wearing this stunning brown scarf. Team your tan leather jacket and jeans with this fabulous tassel scarf and watch everyone’s jaws drop!

The plain colour will look great with almost every outfit and will glow wonderfully in the light. If your dad is in need of a fashion fix then this fantastic Jacquard scarf is ideal for him.

Printed Summer Scarves

Even with the warm weather a selection of printed summer scarves is essential. Scarves are not only for winter so we have a great selection of printed summer scarves that will look great during the upcoming summer months. Bright colours and vivid patterns are a great way to bring life into a plain simple outfit so it is essential to accessorise your outfits well. Our ranges of printed summer scarves feel light and airy and will keep you feeling cool rather than hot.

Purple Floral Cotton Scarf

Purple Floral Cotton Scarf
Purple Floral Cotton Scarf

The bright modern colours are contrasted well by the classic floral print of this scarf. It has a delightful summery feel that will brighten up all your outfits wonderfully. The whole scarf is woven with sparkly lurex thread which catches the light wonderfully, adding to the overall glamorous finish of the scarf. The floral pattern is pretty and eye catching, bringing gorgeous feminine charm to all your outfits. This scarf will go amazingly with a variety of different outfits from casual shorts and t-shirts to pretty summer dresses. Enjoy gorgeous vibrant summer style all year round with a pretty floral scarf.

White Square Cotton Scarf

White Square Cotton Scarf
White Square Cotton Scarf

A white scarf is perfect for the upcoming summer months as it will brighten up your look instantly with effortless style. The white square cotton scarf has a funky stars pattern that will give any outfit a stylish modern twist. The cotton material is woven with a funky multicoloured lurex thread that catches the light and bring a subtle hint of colourful sparkle to your style. A tasselled edge brings attention grabbing style that finishes the scarf wonderfully. Just simply wrap this white square scarf around your neck for a trendy addition to your outfit.

Sparkly Lurex Scarves

You can dress yourself in dazzling style all year round with our gorgeous sparkly Lurex scarves as each scarf is woven with glittering threads that shimmer beautifully in the light. Lurex scarves are a great way to accessorize your clothes and with our irresistible prices from as little as £2 why not pick a selection of different colours to mix and match with different outfits.

Lurex Scarf Belts

Lurex Scarf Belt
Lurex Scarf Belt

Scarf belts like the one to the left are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe as they have so many different uses and can be worn with almost any outfit. Lurex scarf belts come in a wide range of colours from soft pastel colours to bold attention grabbing colours. Thread your scarf belt through belt loops and tie in a pretty bow for a funky alternative to buckled belts, this looks amazing with jeans and jean skirts and bright colours will give a gorgeous summery style. Boldly tie round your hair to create a stylish retro looking headband, perfect for those who want to create a chic festival look. Use as a traditional scarf and wrap round your neck for gorgeous shimmering style any time. What ever style you feel like creating a Lurex scarf belt will brighten your look and add flairs of gorgeous everyday sparkle.

Square Cotton Lurex Scarf

Square Cotton Lurex Scarf
Square Cotton Lurex Scarf

Refresh your style with a gorgeously soft square cotton Lurex scarf. The particular scarf featured in this section of the blog has a wonderfully bright eye catching fuchsia colour with a popular and stylish star design. The scarf has been woven with the luxury of shimmery multi coloured Lurex threads that add a subtle hint of elegant sparkle giving a gorgeous look both day and night. We also stock this funky scarf in the following colours: light blue, brown, pink and white. Enjoy stunning summer style all year round with a fabulous sparkly Lurex scarf.

Wear Skull Scarves for Halloween

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away so it’s the perfect time to make a statement with skull scarves. Skull print scarves first became popular in the wake of Alexander McQueen’s iconic skull print and now they are a real classic. The gothic trend is hot for autumn 2010 and this is one high fashion trend we can all enjoy. Just add a skull scarf to your outfit for an edgy, glamorous and effortless look.

Cotton Skull Scarves

Turquoise Cotton Skull Scarf
Turquoise Cotton Skull Scarf

Our cotton skull scarves are the perfect way to tap into this trend. These skull scarves are large square cotton scarves and they come in a great choice of colours, including the turquoise one pictured on the left.

I think this is the perfect scarf to take you into autumn. It is large and cosy yet lightweight enough that you don’t feel weighed down. Wear these skull scarves to toughen up a pretty dress or use them to add edge to a simple tee shirt.

Bandana Skull Scarves

Red Skulls Bandana
Red Skulls Bandana

Bandana skull scarves are the classic rock ‘n roll accessory. Here at Scarfworld we have a great range of skull print bandanas that range from classic heavy metal styles to cute retro chic.

These skull scarves are the perfect way to finish off an outfit. Wear them for an old school rock ‘n roll look, wear them pirate style or tie one around pinned up hair for a gorgeous 1950s rockabilly ‘do.

A Purple Arab Scarf Gives Traditional Style

Purple is one of those colours that can easily be worn by male and female, a great way to add purple into your outfit is by wearing a stylish Purple Arab Scarf. There are a few designs of Purple Arab Scarf, each one adding a different tone to your outfit. Each Purple Arab Scarf has a stunning chequered style pattern on it which adds a traditional style to any clothing you wear it with. You can wear a Purple Arab Scarf all year round, to keep you cool during the summer and warm in winter.

Cotton Purple Arab Scarf

Purple Arab Scarf

Brighten up your look with this traditional style Cotton Purple Arab Scarf, featuring a black chequered design on plum purple, complete with fashionable purple tassels on the three corners of the scarf. This gorgeous Purple Arab Scarf is made from light cotton which makes it perfect for wearing throughout summer, the material is breathable but also will keep you warm in the cold meaning you can enjoy it in all weathers. Both men and women can wear this trendy Purple Arab Scarf, whether it’s to add some edge to your style, colour or just to keep you cool.

White & Purple Arab Scarf

White and Purple Arab Scarf

Enjoy a breezy look with this wicked White & Purple Arab Scarf, featuring a chequered design this scarf will compliment a number of outfits of varying colours. You can enjoy staying cool with this White & Purple Arab Scarf, it is made from 100% cotton, making it an ideal summer wrap and can also be worn as an extra layer when it’s cold. Again either sex can wear this stunning White & Purple Arab Scarf, for a great addition to any wardrobe.

A Turquoise Scarf Completes An Outfit Perfectly

Wearing a turquoise scarf will brighten up your look, with many eye catching designs available such as striped, satin, pashmina and ruffle style. You can also buy a turquoise scarf as a gift for somebody else, perhaps adding other turquoise accessories with it. Most people like to wear a turquoise scarf during cooler weather but it’s a great summery shade that can be worn with smart or casual evening wear.

Turquoise Scarf Square Cotton Shimmer

Turquoise Scarf Square Cotton Shimmer

With this incredibly shimmering turquoise scarf you can be sure that you’ll stand out from the crowd. The Square Cotton Shimmer Turquoise Scarf features silver thread that adds subtle shimmer to any outfit. The square cotton shimmer turquoise scarf is made from luxurious cotton, which is light and breathable, ideal for any weather. You can wear the square cotton shimmer turquoise scarf in a variety of ways, wrapped loosely around your shoulder, snugly around your neck or even over your head as a headscarf or band.

Cotton Bandanas Can Be Worn All Year Round

There are several types of cotton bandanas that can be added to outfits to complete a rock’n’roll style, biker, or simply cool. Ideal situations for wearing cotton bandanas are music festivals, pub gardens and general days out. Most of the cotton bandanas are made from 100% cotton which means they are breathable, making you feel comfortable all day or night long.

Cotton Bandanas Black with Stars

Black with Stars Cotton Bandana

Stand out from the crowd and look sharp with one of these black with stars cotton bandanas. The design of the black & stars cotton bandana is simple, stylish and timeless, the great thing is that you can wear it all year round. You don’t just have to wear the black & stars cotton bandana in one way either, there’s the option to tie it around your neck, tie it over your head or wear pirate style. The black with stars cotton bandana is made from 100% cotton and is light and breathable to keep you cool throughout summer, yet warm in winter.

Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana

Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana

With this gorgeous navy dragon medal cotton bandana you can enjoy the lovely traditional Chinese inspired pattern, complimenting your clothing all year round if you want to. The Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana is great for wearing during summer and can be worn in a variety of different ways. The Navy Dragon Medal Cotton Bandana also makes a fantastic gift for friends and family.

A Skull Print Scarf Toughens Your Look

In order to feel and look ‘with it’ you can try posing in a skull print scarf, these designs are very popular with teenagers and young adults alike. Wearing a skull print scarf will add a toughness to your look, great for those who love rock’n’roll and motorbikes. You can buy a skull print scarf in a variety of colours such as green, red, blue, white, purple and of course black, all of which create different tones and moods.

Red & Black Cotton Skull Print Scarf

Red and Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf

Make your own fashion statement loud and clear with this Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf, featuring a black background and red skulls. The Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf is made from light and breathable cotton which is ideal for summer weather as well as adding some warmth in during cooler months. You can either wear the Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf over other patterns or with plain ones in a variety of ways.

Summer White Skull Print Scarf

White Summer Skull Print Scarf

An easy way to refresh your style is to wear this stunning Summer White Skull Print Scarf, consisting of a breezy white background and black printed skulls. As the Summer White Skull Print Scarf is lightweight, it is very comfortable to wear for most occasions and if you want to take it off you can simply fold it away into your bag as it is not bulky. You can also buy this Summer Skull Print Scarf in black.

A Summer Scarf Adds The Elegant Touch

When it comes to wearing a summer scarf the scope is huge, you can choose anything from an animal print summer scarf to a vibrant stripy summer scarf. A summer scarf is the perfect accessory for any summer dress, allowing you to elegantly wrap it over your shoulders in the evening, or drape loosely during the daytime. The wonderful thing about wearing summer scarf is that they are very breathable, which means you can enjoy staying cool and comfortable even in the hottest weather.

Large Square Navy With Flowers Cotton Summer Scarf

Large Square Navy With Flowers Cotton Summer Scarf
Large Square Navy With Flowers Cotton Summer Scarf

You can enjoy gorgeous summer style with this Large Square Navy Flowers Cotton Summer Scarf. The great thing about this large square navy flowers cotton summer scarf is that it’s suitable for all year round style. The yin yang floral design on the large square navy flowers cotton summer scarf gives a soft feminine tone to any outfit. As with all cotton scarves, this large square navy flowers cotton summer scarf is square, light and breathable.

Purple Printed Leaf Design Summer Scarf

Purple Printed Leaf Design Summer Scarf
Purple Printed Leaf Design Summer Scarf

This stunning sweet adorable Purple Printed Leaf Design Summer Scarf has a soft tone and is very flattering to all skin tones. The soft material that the purple printed leaf design summer scarf is made from feels wonderful on the skin and you can wear it around your neck tied in a stylish knot, or even wrapped around your head.

Cotton Scarves

Cotton is probably the most popular material when it comes to scarves, with so many different colours and styles of cotton scarves the only thing you need to do is to choose which one.

Different types of Cotton Scarves

Large Blue Cotton Scarf (Shimmer)

With winter approaching you will want to wrap yourself up in something warm, this large blue cotton scarf will not only do the job but the woven silver shimmer looks fabulous as light reflects off it. Even though winter may be dull, you don’t have to be. Made of soft breathable cotton you can wear these cotton scarves for any occasion.

Green Cotton Scarf (Ruffle)

For something a little more interesting than the average cotton scarves, try this green cotton scarf (Ruffle). With textured ruffles throughout and vibrant colour, you can either dress this up or down as you please. The green ruffle scarf is not heavy, which makes it ideal for wearing wherever you go.

Large Square Cotton Scarf (Navy with Flowers)

Here is a classically traditional cotton scarf with great colours, the large square cotton scarf is navy with a yin yang flowered detail throughout. You don’t even need to worry about spending time on style when you have one of these lovely cotton scarves, as all you need do is put it on. The scarf is light, breathable and soft to the touch. A handy bonus is that you can wear this all year round.
You will find more fantastically priced quality cotton scarves in the scarves section of the website.

Blue Shimmer Cotton Scarves

Green Ruffle Cotton Scarf

Square Navy Flowers Cotton Scarves