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Summer Scarf Styles

The scarf is not just for winter, it is an all year round versatile garment that can make an individual statement or be part of an ensemble. Not only will colour and style be an important factor in your choice, but something simple as how you go about knotting it, can create a myriad of different impressions. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and at affordable prices, allowing you a drawer full of possibilities. A scarf will refresh an existing outfit, making it feel different. Let’s look at a few hints to start your summer scarf adventure.

Don’t think of a scarf for just around your neck. It can adorn a hat, making the band an important feature, even trailing down the back. Loop a thin scarf through your waist band making it a very impressive belt. A small silk Bandana could be tied around the wrist like a bracelet or fixed to the handle of your bag,to add a bit of moving colour. Hold your hair in a ponytail by using a small silk scarf or use a broad folded Bandana for the Axl Rose look. The motto is to be inventive.

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Bustiers are a great way to look cool in summer. They can be worn with a long flowing cotton dress, a flash of midriff and especially a loose casually tied matching scarf . Slip on the sandals with just a few tiny beads attached and away you go skipping through the grass. They are also just right for slipping over a bathing suit so you can sip your Martini at the pool party.

A slight summer breeze and you can adopt the young Sofia Loren look and be a 50′s icon by tying a nice colourful scarf over your head,allowing the hair to fall partly free at the front.

Going out for the evening? Then try a Hijab style scarf, pair it with a smart blouse and some seriously high stilettos.

What about the cowboy look with a light denim jacket and jeans? Tie the scarf in a knot to one side for the equestrian/bohemian image.


Double loop a long thin summer scarf and drape over shoulder, for the student, just dashing look. Great with army type canvas jackets or the trusty leather version. Save the heavy knotted and tangled variety of scarf for winter.

For the older shoulders try a large, light cotton or silk patterned and colourful scarf, that will distract, yet cover sensitive areas of the neck and shoulders, but still allow the summer air to sooth you.

At work, a light scarf can complement a dress suit or smart formal wear. Wear it like neck tie with a loose Windsor knot. Try a Peter Pan blouse with small rounded collar, to soften the hard edges.


9 Amazing Scarf Hacks

The scarf is an amazingly adaptable piece of material; it can be used in numerous ways to create inventive accessories that will liven up an existing collection of clothes. With affordable prices and the expanding variety of designs, sizes and materials there is no need to go out and buy whole new outfits, unless you can’t resist shopping. So here are a few scarf hack ideas from Scarf World, which will have you looking at the humble scarf in a whole new light.

Scarf Hacks Ideas You’ll Love

1. Two large silk scarves, complimentary colours but one plane, one with interesting design. Stitch together along from either end, on one side about two or three inches, and up the two sides about six to eight inches, depending on your size. You should then have gaps for arms and head, bingo! You should have a trendy summer slip on.

2. Buy a large colourful but cheap wristwatch, take off the strap and weave a small pretty silk scarf through the holders, and let it flutter from the wrist, or make a small bow.

3. You can even disguise the laces on your casual shoes with small neat bows.
bows and shoes

4. Two long rectangular cotton scarves knotted at one end and stitched part way up to sides, will make a colourful summer dress to wear over casual light clothes. Ideal for beach or pool parties.

5. Replace your belt with a length of twisted colourful material; it will give a splash of colour to your old trendy ripped or faded jeans. It you have some interesting belt buckles you can stitch a folded scarf in place of the original strap, or cover an existing one. At the very least have a colourful small silk scarf casually tucked into the back pocket of your jeans, so that it hangs partially out.

6. Twist a bright patterned scarf around the straps of your bag. Choose a colour that matches something else you are wearing. It can be twisted tight or left to drape at one end. You could even add a bow for a more feminine look.k5-1024x729

7. Make a vintage scrunchie, they may have been out of fashion for a while, but they are now back. If it’s good enough for Catherine Zeta Jones or Kate Beckinsale,then go for it. Sturdy silk scarf, large pattern, cut 4 to 5 inches wide and 16 to 20 inches long, stitch into open ended tube. Thread wide elastic into it and stick up ends so that the elastic pulls the material into a scrunched loop. These are ideal for holding pony tails and bunched hair in place without creasing it.

8. Design your own bracelets,by wrapping simple cheap ones, in interesting designed material. Add a bandanna in similar colours to achieve a bohemian look.

9. Take a layered necklace several loops of material,cut and twisted, mix and match from a couple of cheap scarves you don’t mind cutting up.

Coordinate Your Scarves With Your Outfits

Matching scarves and outfits, is quite a mysterious science. Although there are general rules such as, different tones of the same colour do not generally work together (red scarf and orange jumper and red/brown trousers.) There is always someone out there, who can achieve the impossible and make almost anything go with anything.

However, for the majority of us, we need some simple guidelines to help us match scarves with our attire. Matching does not mean wearing the same colour or even the same style, it means having items of clothing that look and feel comfortable with each other.

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Scarf Style Tips

A dash of strong colour can liven up a dull outfit giving a more zestful overall appearance. The attractive scarf will take away the eye from the plain colours being worn. It should be in direct contrast, and not contain similar tones to the other garments.

Wearing a scarf that is the same colour as your skirt can work if you are dressing casually, however an exact match would look a little contrived and would possibly be difficult to do unless they were purchased together as a set.

Pastel colours such as azure, rose, lilac, lavender or teal always look good with both winter and summer outfits. Because they do not compete with the overall image, they add just a dash of friendly subtlety to the neck and shoulders. They also give a touch of femininity to more harsh darker business, or conference wear.

Many women love to wear casual clothes,even to go out for an evening. Fashion jeans, trendy shirts and jackets can be supplemented with the right scarf. If the look is slightly grungy, then a scarf that looks suitably but intentionally ragged will go well. It can even in this case contain similar tones,which would work better than something too different. As most casual wear tends to conform to blues/greys and browns,then the scarf should follow suit.

Red Scarves Make a Bold Statement

For half the year the priority is to also keep warm. There is no need to abandon style,for comfort. It is quite easy to pick a scarf that will go with your favourite coat. In this case it may be better to consider a paisley or check design that will stand out from the normally dark tones of outer coats. However a splash of strong colour is quite acceptable with a black coat.

The summer holds another kind of problem. If you are wearing a nice bare shoulder or flimsy dress outside in the sun,then go into a cool ventilated house you may soon be wishing you had something to put around your shoulders. A silk scarf in summer designs or pastel colours could easily be stored in your bag awaiting its moment.

Older women may feel self-conscious about their upper arms and neck area, particularly with excess or sagging skin. The art of hiding using larger square scarves or pashminas, will allow you to cover a bigger area of neck,shoulder and cleavage, without having to resort to turtle neck jumpers and long sleeves every time. Simple to wrap around and easy to match up several styles with your existing outfits.


Scarf Tie Guide for Every Neckline

We all know that scarves can make or break outfits and are one of the most useful accessories we have in our wardrobes. The right scarf can turn a dowdy dress into a fantastic frock and a bland blouse into a show-stopping shirt. There are scarves which can flatter certain body shapes as we’ve covered in scarves to suit your figure blog before, but there are also many scarf designs which work particularly well with certain necklines and dress cuts. Have a glance below at some awesome scarf tying techniques and the necklines they are best suited for.


Round Neck

A braided scarf adds an extra dimension of elegance which compliments this particular neckline shape very well. It can work with other necklines, but the rounded necklines allow the braided side of the scarf to cut across the open neckline for a more eye-catching effect. The braided scarf works best when you only braid one side of the scarf, which keeps it quirky and cool rather than overdoing it. Once braided, simply drape the scarf around your neck so the ends meet in front of your chest and then tie a loose knot to hold it in place. Light pastel scarf colours work best, though clashing light and dark colours can also look good when done right.

Strapless Dresses

Strapless dresses are usually worn for a reason, and that reason is often you have nice shoulders! So obviously, if you’re showing off your shoulders then you won’t want to be covering up part of them with a scarf. However, your scarves can come in handy when worn as a waist accessory. Simply fold your scarf like an accordion until it’s of the desired width and then wrap it around your waist with a simply knot at the back or side. This style of scarf accessory will help accentuate the natural cut of your shoulders, making you look slimmer and fitter. Try and clash the colours with this style, such black on white, red on blue or yellow on green.



Square Neck

A lovely scarf style that works excellently with square cut necklines (and v-neck, for that matter, but we have another one especially for that cut) is the chain knot style. It wraps tight around the neck and lets the rest of the scarf flow down your back. To achieve it, drape the scarf around the back of your neck so the ends hang down your front, then wrap the ends around each other twice near your throat to form the part that gives the chain knot its name. Once you’ve formed the chain, drape the ends back over your shoulders and tie a simple over-and-under knot to hold in place. Wear with any colour you like, but ensure it’s different to your top.

Off the Shoulder

Dresses or tops that come off the shoulder and around the arms are a casually classy style which is ideal for accessorising with a scarf. It’s a dress style that can work with several different scarf tying methods, but perhaps the best is the Windsor knot style. The basic idea is to tie your scarf similarly to that of an ordinary neck tie that men usually wear with their suits, but effected with a scarf turns into a beautiful design that will particularly compliment off the shoulder tops and dresses. When tying the Windsor knot, first tie two knots in each side of the long scarf, one tight and one loose. Then as you tie the two ends together, slot the tight knot through the loose knot to create a much larger knot effect. Pastel colours and flowery designs are ideal.



A slightly more complicated one now involving twists and loops. This style works best with a V-neck, but can also work well with a variety of wide or plunging necklines. First off, fold your scarf (preferably multicoloured) in half and drape around your neck so there is a loop on one side and the two scarf ends at the other side. Bring each side to the front and put one of the scarf ends through the loop, then twist the loop around once and insert the other end of the scarf. You’ll need to adjust how it hangs but keep it quite loose for a bohemian scarf style.


The Pan Am neck knot is ideal for the bateau dress cut, made famous of course by flight attendants the world over. You’ll need a square silk scarf, preferably colourful, which you drape around the back of your neck with the ends flowing over your shoulders. Then you need only tie a simple knot at the front for a flowery and stylish scarf accessory that can make your outfit really come alive with colour. Worn with a blazer or similar such jacket, you’ll remind everyone of an air stewardess, but when worn with a bateau cut dress it is the very picture of elegance.



This is one of the most delicate looking necklines we can wear, most often seen during the summer months when the weather is good. An ideal scarf style to compliment the thin straps and straight cut of a camisole is one most simply described as front chain knots or knot rows. With the scarf draped around the back of your neck with the ends falling evenly over your front, tie three or four over-and-under knots in a row which will give the appearance of a chain. Chiffon Scarves also work best with camisoles as they are light and elegant. Now just let the scarf hang for a simple but stylish scarf accessory that won’t be too hot on your body but will look pretty awesome. Bright summery colours work best, though a dark red is recommended for darker tops.

One Shoulder

One shoulder dresses ooze style already but you can add even more with careful scarf selection. A good choice for this one shoulder dress style is the boa scarf technique, which involves draping the scarf around your neck to tie a knot at the front before winding one end of the scarf around the scarf loop. Keep winding it around the loop until you run out of scarf and tuck it in. The technique gets its name from having a snake-like appearance, and as such it is best suited to wearing with larger scarf designs, so maybe it is best used only for travelling to and from events rather than being worn all night long. Animal print scarves can work well with this method.


Snow Hats That Keep You Warm & Fashionable

January and February are the frostiest months of the year and often when the cold starts to bite, many people’s fashion sense goes straight out the window and they’ll just wear anything to protect themselves against the icy winds and rain.

But while wearing the huge and thick jackets that makes you look five stone heavier than you are might be preferable to the sexier but thinner material of your favourite coat you like to wear in less freezing weather, there’s no need to abandon your sense of style completely.

With the right hat and scarf combo, you can make your winter apparel just as stylish as your summer threads. What combination is ideal for you will depend largely on your winter jacket of choice, as the different colours and shapes work better with certain styles than others do.

Winter Hat & Scarf - Pink
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Dark Coloured Winter Coats

If you’ve got a long dark coat that goes passed your knees then you need a splash of colour to avoid looking too dour. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and gaudy, but something lighter and in contrast to your coat. A cream or white woolly hat and scarf combo will work very well with a long black coat, whereas a long brown coat will benefit from pinks and reds. A long dark blue coat will match up well with darker red accessories.

You can rock a matching dark scarf and hat with a shorter dark coat that comes to your waist, and black on black in this case is actually recommended. Even better would be to match your shorter black coat with a dark colour like purple, such as this purple hat and scarf combo. You can also try matching your dark winter coat with a grey scarf, though you’ll want it to be a large scarf which you can wrap around your neck and shoulders at least twice..

Winter Hat & Scarf - Furry
Grey Scarves Are The Perfect Addition To Your Look

Light Coloured Winter Coats

It’s better to avoid matching white scarves and hats with a white coat, as too much white can look like you’re trying too hard. But the great thing about a white coat is that you can look pretty stylish with any colour you choose. Blues and reds work with white, as do greens or yellows.

Avoid dark colours, apart from black which will always work well with a white jacket for a stylish but understated look. A very feminine and elegant look can be achieved by matching a short white or even light grey coat with a pink hat and scarf combo. Make sure the pink is a soft pastel, nothing too bright and certainly not luminous, and you’ll have an effortlessly cool style to go building snowmen in.

Winter Hat & Scarf - Couple
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Brightly Coloured Winter Coats

The trick to looking stylish in a brightly coloured winter jacket is to clash the colours of your accessories. For example, if your coat is red, then wear a hat and scarf combo in blue, green or yellow. Try to avoid pink though in that instance though, and any other colours that are lighter or darker shades of your coat’s colour.

If you don’t like clashing colours then you should aim to match up the shades of your coat and woolly accessories as much as possible, so a lighter pink jacket coat would look excellent with this red lurex bobble hat.

Whether to bobble or not bobble is entirely your choice and won’t really affect your style too much, but remember that the brighter the colours of your woolly hat and scarf combo are, the better a bobble looks.


Should I Wear a Plain or Printed Scarf?

Everybody has their own style quirks and it’s often these little individualities which help stand us out from the crowd. Scarves are the best accessory you can use to add a little bit of individual flair or just accentuate your style whether you prefer neutral tones or bright colours. It’s important to know what kind of scarf goes well with what kind of outfit though, and in this blog we’ll be focusing on plain and printed scarves, and when it’s best to wear each one. There aren’t too many Don’ts, but plenty of Dos for you to try out during these winter months.

How to Wear Plain Scarves

Plain scarves work better with more sober coloured outfits. Black, white or grey clothing will be greatly accentuated by a plain scarf, whether it’s a colourful one or a similarly sober toned shade.

Matching up different shades of grey often has a classy effect, while black and white will always compliment each other. Brown, like grey, is a colour that greatly benefits from being matched with lighter and darker shades of the same colour. This layered colour affect can be lost with a patterned scarf though.

Brightly coloured scarves will usually bring a plainly coloured outfit alive while retaining that understated element of classy style. Printed scarves can work well too with brightly coloured outfits, but they will often seem a little out of place on an otherwise conservatively coloured outfit. A brightly coloured or intricately patterned scarf will become the outfit, so to speak, if the clothing is soberly toned, whereas a simple plain scarf will merely accentuate the style.

Use plain scarves, whether brightly coloured or not, to accentuate rather than dominate an outfit. If the scarf is large, then the brighter it is the more it will dominate the outfit, but a large dark grey scarf will look fabulous worn with a lighter grey top, as would two differing shades of brown.

Plain Grey Scarf with Black Outfit
Grey Scarves Are The Perfect Addition To Your Look

How to Wear Printed Scarves

Printed scarves work best with colourful clothes, though you can use them as the focus point of less colourful outfits as well. One vital thing to remember with printed scarves is to let them be the only print or pattern in their vicinity. Pairing a printed scarf with a patterned dress, blouse or jacket will be far too busy and each print will distract from the other.

Darker reds and blues compliment simple pattern scarves particularly well, while the likes of bright yellows and greens will work well with flowery patterns for a typical summery appeal. There are plenty of darker coloured scarves featuring printed patterns as well, and these match up excellently with white or grey outfits. A black and white printed scarf will look especially good with either a black or white coat.

Black, as ever, will work with most patterned scarves regardless of their colour, but again by wearing a plain black outfit the patterned scarf will dominate your entire appearance, so make sure it’s a scarf you want to be remembered for!

Multiple Scarf Pic
Add Pattern To Your Look With Printed Scarves


5 Scarves Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

A scarf is no longer just to keep the neck warm, it ranks alongside other must have fashion accessories. It can be colour coordinated to match your dress, playful as a throw on, or the perfect winter warmer that still looks good. No need to make do with one, here are five scarves that should have a place in your wardrobe;

Natural flower inspired designs and animal prints, have always looked good on silk scarves. They can be subtle tones or colours, such as pale blue and pink, or bold colours with defined patterns. Our natural designs both vintage,and more intentionally funky and modern,vibrate with colour, yet are also very sophisticated and stylish.

Take a look at our wonderful range of long silk scarves in incredibly vibrant colours. The orange flower print scarf dazzles, whilst the leopard print silk scarf, is dramatic in black,grey and white.You can wear these casually or with your best outfit to create a chic effect. A colourful silk scarf is the ideal summer accessory, complimenting flowing light summer dresses.

For the younger look that would go well with casual jumpers and even fashion jeans, and calf length boots, what about a brown, black or blue frayed scarf, not only warm, but can be wrapped around in a casual rough manner, for the perfect bohemian look. This scarf is a mix of streamline and scruffy. It is robust enough to keep you warm but flyaway enough to make you feel good.

Add a Touch of Leopard Print To Your Wardrobe
Add a Touch of Leopard Print To Your Wardrobe

For keeping really warm, but not losing out on the image front,what about a great big knitted scarf, full of nice warming tints. The wonderful brown scarf with chunky textured stripe patterns,and tasty warm orange and beige designs, will look good over thick jumpers or coats and will add a touch of colour to the drabbest day. It will be like a big snuggly friend.

It is good to have a scarf that looks smart and elegant but not overdressed. Something that you can wear with sophisticated suits or jackets and coats. Check and tartan scarves, look functional but stylish at the same time. They give you the no nonsense girl about business look.

The Pashmina is definitely in these days. It is an essential accessory to any girl’s wardrobe. In many ways it is almost seen as a main item of clothing rather than a scarf, as it can hang over a large upper body area, draping down in folds and tassels depending on the style. There are lots of variations which will go with numerous outfits, and you can have fun matching everything up.

Don’t be scared to experiment with combinations and colours, most scarves are relatively inexpensive and therefore you can slowly build up a collection for every eventuality. Take some time to look through our extensive collection to find the ones that best suit your needs.


Get The Perfect Evening Look With a Bolero Scarf

The bolero scarf entwines the practicalities of a scarf with the elegance of a shawl impeccably. Void of the bulk of shawls and certain types of scarves, boleros are the perfect accessory to wear on a glamorous evening event. Coming in a myriad of styles, colours, shapes and sizes, boleros cater for an equally as diverse amount of looks and occasions. If it’s glamour, elegance and enchantment you’re after, take a look at the following ways boleros can help you create the perfect evening look.

Bohemian Glamour

Society has long adored the electric mix of boho chic and rock chick. Think Deborah Harry, Courtney Love, Kate Moss and Gwen Stafani, all of which have often sported bohemian glamour with divine results.

Accessories play an essential role in the bohemian glamour and no more so than the bolero. Take for example, a fluffy black bolero scarf. Slipping such a soft-feeling and elegant-looking bolero around your neck, shoulders and arms will craft a unique boho style and make you feel like a million dollars.

These versatile boleros are fun to wear and will make a glamorous addition to virtually any outfit. Though when worn with a pair of skinny, five-inch stilettos and a rock chick top, a bohemian-style bolero will really come into its own.


Elegant ‘Princess-esque’ Glamour

Who could ever forget when the Princess fashionista Kate Middleton was photographed wearing a white angora bolero during her wedding reception in 2011? The bride looked utterly stunning and her look was recreated by the masses on an international scale. Kate’s white angora bolero complemented her silk white dress impeccably, injecting effortless elegance into a fundamentally traditional dress.

The exquisite look Kate seemed to effortlessly achieve can be replicated by accompanying your evening attire with a beautiful bolero scarf. Slipping your arms inside the soft, skin-hugging bolero will make you feel like royalty yourself – the perfect accessory to augment elegant, Princess-like glamour on a night out.

If It’s Good Enough For Victoria Beckham…

With her skin-tight leather trousers, huge designer handbag and even bigger designer sunglasses, if there is one celebrity in knows how to get the paparazzi in a flurry of excitement through her choice of fashion, it’s Victoria Beckham.

The fashion designer really pulled out all the stops when she stepped out in a stunning brown bolerao accompanying her skin-tight leather trousers. You too could replicate this ultra-glam yet elegant look by wearing a glamorous fluffy brown bolero on your night on the town. Not only will you enjoy the warmth these versatile accessories provide, but you’ll reach glamour heights that are normally confined to the likes of Ms Middleton and Ms Moss!


Perfect Party Scarf Knots

Scarves are an absolute fashion accessory must. Not only do they come in almost endless designs, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes but they can also be worn in a number of different ways. In fact how you wear your scarf can be almost important as the style of the scarf itself. If you’re going to a party, scarves can be the perfect way to enhance a party outfit, particularly if you tie it in an appropriate manner. To ensure your scarf is knotted befittingly for a party take a look at the following different knots that can be used for parties.

The Bandana-Style Party Scarf

The summer is here and there couldn’t be a cooler way to show up to a party than with your scarf tied in a bandanna-like way. Simply fold your scarf in half (a scarf that’s on the slimmer side works better in a bandana-style knot), centre the scarf around the nape of your neck, collect each side above one ear, tie a double knot and either let the ends hang loosely down one side or twist the sides and tuck them in. Either way, a funky summertime look is achieved through your scarf that is perfect for a party.

Wearing A Hijab Scarf To A Party

If you’re looking for a tasteful, classy and ultra-glamorous accessory to wear to a forthcoming party then look no further than an eveningwear hijab. These elegant headscarves will bring a new dimension to a classy evening gown of glitzy party dress. But how do you tie a beautiful eveningwear hijab?

This easy-to-follow hijab tutorial provides you with a step by step guide on how to tie a hijab whilst retaining a gorgeous, stunning look. What’s particularly great about this tutorial is that it teaches you how to fasten a beautiful silk hijab with a pair of ultra-glam, dangly earrings – Could there be a more appropriate way to tie a knot in a hijab for a party?

The Celebrity Style

Turning up at a party dressed like a celebrity is always going to be well-received so it makes sense to tie your scarf using the celebrity style. For this knotting technique to be most effective you’ll need an eye-catching and striking scarf, the kind the likes of Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss could easily be photographed in. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice and then tuck one end around the knot, like the technique used on the tutorial above. And there you have it, a scarf look for for not just a party but the celebrity circuit too!


Hottest Scarf Celeb Looks

Why do celebrities look so darn good? Is it their glossy hair? Their high cheek bones? Legs that seem to go on for miles perhaps? Or is it their choice of fashion? Celebrities do look good, period, and as not all celebrities are born with a natural size 6 figure and skin as smooth and blemish-free as a baby’s bottom, we have to assume it’s their distinct and enviable sense of fashion that propels them to goddess-looking domains.

Accessories play a pivotal role in a celebrity’s style wardrobe and none more so than scarves. Have a look at the following hottest scarf celebrity looks.

Heidi Klum’s Bohemian-Style Scarf Glamour

Heidi Klum's fashionable use of a patterned scarf!
Heidi Klum’s fashionable use of a patterned scarf!

Okay so we said celebrities aren’t born with legs that go on for infinity and cheek bones that defy gravity but we’ll make an exception for Heidi Klum. Asides her natural good looks, the stunning model boasts an impeccably great sense of style.

This style was typified on camera recently at an airport in Cannes, where Heidi was snapped in a stylish printed jumpsuit, a short black leather jacket, topped off perfectly with a black and yellow printed scarf. We have to admit that this leather jacket, printed jumpsuit and brightly-coloured patterned scarf combo is one of the hottest celebrity scarf looks ever caught on camera!

Katie Holmes Denim On Denim

Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit
Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit

Not many can get away with wearing denim on denim. For us mere mortals wearing a denim shirt or jacket with denim jeans would make us look like a tad of a hill billy! Celebrities don’t seem to have the same problem, particularly not Katie Holmes. Perhaps Ms Holmes’ managed to pull off the multi-denim look with such enviable passion and conviction by breaking up the jeans and denim shirt with a colourful patchwork scarf.

The beautiful long silk scarf sported a plethora of patterns in pink, blue and cream. Kate wrapped the lengthy scarf once around her neck and let the ends hang loosely, almost reaching her knee – some feat when you’re 5 foot 9!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress
Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress

Isn’t it almost uncanny how celebrities still manage to look incredible when they are pregnant or not long become a mum? Sarah Michelle Gellar is certainly no stranger to gaining attention through her great looks and fantastic sense of fashion even when wrapped up in the joys of motherhood. One of the hottest celebrity scarf looks has to be Sarah Michelle’s ultra-casual but incessantly cool outfit she wore whilst spending time with her daughter in LA. The star wore a black maxi dress and cropped denim jacket. The look was really brought to life by a beautiful purple and blue scarf the actress had tied around her neck. The scarf was ruffled seductively in what appears to be loosely wrapped around her neck with the ends left hanging alluringly down the front of the black maxi dress.

With so many colours, patterns, materials and styles of scarves on offer, with a little fashion creativity and imagination, you too can achieve a hot celebrity look this summer by making a scarf part of your outfit.