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Wear Silk Not For Fashion But For Healing

Here’s a fact you may not be aware of: silk has been the luxury material of choice for humanity for approximately 7000 years. Now, that’s quite a surprising amount of time, but it certainly appears to be true as that number is derived from archaeological findings in China where ivory basins were discovered incised with silk worm designs, dated to around 4900BCE. Sure, we’re not entirely certain silk was considered luxurious all the way back then, but it’s difficult to imagine that it wouldn’t have been something a bit special as it is today.

Silk is also alluded to in literary works as old as Homer’s The Odyssey, where a shirt worn by the disguised Odysseus is described as ‘gleaming like the skin of a dried onion’, which is widely believed by scholars to be a description of silk cloth. In modern times, silk is used to create a multitude of luxury items from bed sheets to underwear, as well as a variety of other fashion uses such as blouses, scarves and pyjamas. However, silk is no longer all about the shiny, smooth feeling it creates when touching our skin because scientists have discovered numerous health benefits of silk, which should make the acquisition of some silk knickers or a silk scarf our utmost priority.

Anti-Ageing Benefits of Silk

The Cosmetic and Toiletries journal published the Swiss study nigh on a couple of decades ago which revealed the anti-aging ability of silk. Sericin is the protein in silk which can combine with the protein in skin (keratin) to create a homogeneous protective film which acts as an anti-aging barrier, retaining moisture and preventing wrinkles.

There is also evidence that the diet of silkworms contributes to silk’s health benefits as well. They feed on mulberry leaves which contain massive amounts of antioxidants (nearly 80% more than blueberries and cranberries which are known ‘super fruits’). These antioxidants help with the cellular repair that our bodies get increasingly bad at over time – hence our aging – and thus help us remain looking younger for longer.

Silk Scarf - Vogue Magazine
Silk is a must have fashion accessory

Silk Eases Symptoms of the Menopause

Hot flushes and hormonally-driven skin conditions are common symptoms of the menopause, but silk’s soothing qualities can help with both of these ailments. It’s not certain exactly why silk helps with issues like facial flushing and other complexion problems, though it is likely due to its ability to be cool during the hot summer and yet warm during the winter.

Wear Silk Scarves for their Health Benefits

The health benefits of silk can be utilised in a number of ways, especially with the likes of pillow cases and knickers, but you can also benefit from silk by wearing a scarf made from the material. A silk scarf will also last much longer than underwear or pillow cases, plus you will be able to carry its anti-aging properties around with you wherever you go. Even during the hotter months of the year, silk is the ideal material for a scarf. It stays cool to help your skin remain cool, but will still keep you warm once the colder weather kicks in.

With such a great variety of inexpensive silk scarves to choose from, including patterned Pashminas and even coloured silk Hijabs, there’s never been more beneficial reasons to stock up on a selection of silk fashion scarves to ensure you always have the perfect accessory that not only looks amazing, but will provide you with an array of important health benefits as well.

Perfect Party Pashminas

The versatile scarf that is more than the sum of it’s parts. The pashmina is an article of clothing that can truly be called the perfect accessory. Its versatility and range of styles, makes it able to mix and match, with just about every design of clothes. It can be worn casually with jeans and a jumper,combined with smart day clothes, or even part of an evening ensemble, for parties and dining out. It is imbibed with nuances of different cultures, part eastern, but with western flair and inventiveness.

The poncho has often been seen as dated,ever since Emma Peel and the Avengers, but its cut down and modernised cousin, the pashmina is a perfect cross between a scarf and a wrap, and has taken the fashion scene by storm. Let’s look at some examples and how they could be paired with different outfits for parties.

Take a Look at Our Wide Range of Scarves

The Bohemian Look

Most people feel relaxed when they can dress casually for an event.For a number of years jeans have been seen as a fashion statement, rather than just cheap work trousers. High fashion jeans can even be more expensive than smart dresses. Matched with trendy shirts of cardigans and stylish leather boots, a pashmina will look alternative and carefree, especially if it is intentionally ragged and tasselled. Take a look at this lovely brown pashmina scarf.

The Elegant Casual Look

Many women have to find a look that is both elegant and smart, but at the same time comfortable enough to get through a busy day at work, including business functions and parties. Women that have to face the public in a stylish manner often need to use the same outfit regularly, especially if they cannot afford an extensive wardrobe of outfits.

Mixing and matching becomes important and the role of accessories takes on more significance. The pashmina is ideal for this role. It is cheap enough in general, to have several shades and designs in your wardrobe; Try this wonderful pink creation.

Pashmina Scarves Look Great With Both Daytime & Evening Outfits

Pashminas can also match a wide range of garments, and be worn by almost all age groups. The party night life of the pashmina could include being an accessory to summer silk dresses, in complimentary colours, or as a contrast to a sheer black dress and long dangly earrings,or even funky, with added beads,bangles and adorned hair styles. This strip of cloth takes on far more significance than would be assumed. It can transform a look,without changing much of one’s other clothes.

Other bonuses include practical issues, such as the fact that it will keep your neck nice and warm whilst travelling to your party, without spoiling the look with a chunky big coat. It is also easy to fold up and put away,if it gets too warm once you are inside and dancing away the night.


5 Scarves Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

A scarf is no longer just to keep the neck warm, it ranks alongside other must have fashion accessories. It can be colour coordinated to match your dress, playful as a throw on, or the perfect winter warmer that still looks good. No need to make do with one, here are five scarves that should have a place in your wardrobe;

Natural flower inspired designs and animal prints, have always looked good on silk scarves. They can be subtle tones or colours, such as pale blue and pink, or bold colours with defined patterns. Our natural designs both vintage,and more intentionally funky and modern,vibrate with colour, yet are also very sophisticated and stylish.

Take a look at our wonderful range of long silk scarves in incredibly vibrant colours. The orange flower print scarf dazzles, whilst the leopard print silk scarf, is dramatic in black,grey and white.You can wear these casually or with your best outfit to create a chic effect. A colourful silk scarf is the ideal summer accessory, complimenting flowing light summer dresses.

For the younger look that would go well with casual jumpers and even fashion jeans, and calf length boots, what about a brown, black or blue frayed scarf, not only warm, but can be wrapped around in a casual rough manner, for the perfect bohemian look. This scarf is a mix of streamline and scruffy. It is robust enough to keep you warm but flyaway enough to make you feel good.

Add a Touch of Leopard Print To Your Wardrobe
Add a Touch of Leopard Print To Your Wardrobe

For keeping really warm, but not losing out on the image front,what about a great big knitted scarf, full of nice warming tints. The wonderful brown scarf with chunky textured stripe patterns,and tasty warm orange and beige designs, will look good over thick jumpers or coats and will add a touch of colour to the drabbest day. It will be like a big snuggly friend.

It is good to have a scarf that looks smart and elegant but not overdressed. Something that you can wear with sophisticated suits or jackets and coats. Check and tartan scarves, look functional but stylish at the same time. They give you the no nonsense girl about business look.

The Pashmina is definitely in these days. It is an essential accessory to any girl’s wardrobe. In many ways it is almost seen as a main item of clothing rather than a scarf, as it can hang over a large upper body area, draping down in folds and tassels depending on the style. There are lots of variations which will go with numerous outfits, and you can have fun matching everything up.

Don’t be scared to experiment with combinations and colours, most scarves are relatively inexpensive and therefore you can slowly build up a collection for every eventuality. Take some time to look through our extensive collection to find the ones that best suit your needs.


Perfect Party Scarf Knots

Scarves are an absolute fashion accessory must. Not only do they come in almost endless designs, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes but they can also be worn in a number of different ways. In fact how you wear your scarf can be almost important as the style of the scarf itself. If you’re going to a party, scarves can be the perfect way to enhance a party outfit, particularly if you tie it in an appropriate manner. To ensure your scarf is knotted befittingly for a party take a look at the following different knots that can be used for parties.

The Bandana-Style Party Scarf

The summer is here and there couldn’t be a cooler way to show up to a party than with your scarf tied in a bandanna-like way. Simply fold your scarf in half (a scarf that’s on the slimmer side works better in a bandana-style knot), centre the scarf around the nape of your neck, collect each side above one ear, tie a double knot and either let the ends hang loosely down one side or twist the sides and tuck them in. Either way, a funky summertime look is achieved through your scarf that is perfect for a party.

Wearing A Hijab Scarf To A Party

If you’re looking for a tasteful, classy and ultra-glamorous accessory to wear to a forthcoming party then look no further than an eveningwear hijab. These elegant headscarves will bring a new dimension to a classy evening gown of glitzy party dress. But how do you tie a beautiful eveningwear hijab?

This easy-to-follow hijab tutorial provides you with a step by step guide on how to tie a hijab whilst retaining a gorgeous, stunning look. What’s particularly great about this tutorial is that it teaches you how to fasten a beautiful silk hijab with a pair of ultra-glam, dangly earrings – Could there be a more appropriate way to tie a knot in a hijab for a party?

The Celebrity Style

Turning up at a party dressed like a celebrity is always going to be well-received so it makes sense to tie your scarf using the celebrity style. For this knotting technique to be most effective you’ll need an eye-catching and striking scarf, the kind the likes of Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss could easily be photographed in. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice and then tuck one end around the knot, like the technique used on the tutorial above. And there you have it, a scarf look for for not just a party but the celebrity circuit too!


Scarves for Every Body Shape

We’ve all heard of jeans to suit a pear-shaped figure, dresses to complement ladies with large breasts and tops to make sporty-figured women look a little more ‘feminine’. Scarves to flatter certain body shapes are a little less well known. Nonetheless they do exist and, might we add, create some pretty impressive results. Take a look at the ways in which scarves can be potent ammunition is either concealing or enhancing the best and worse of our bodies.


Top Heavy

Top heavy ladies might have a couple of desirable assets up front but if you’re not inclined to put your bosoms on display you may want to subtly hide them by wearing a scarf. Being light, long and generous with material, pashminas are the perfect scarf to help make women with top heavy figures look a little more in balance. Summer pashminas are perfect for the warmer weather of spring and summer and are light enough to wear in the day as well as the evening. Opt for pashminas and scarves that are one colour or have a smaller pattern printed on them larger patterns can tend to accentuate larger features.


The Hourglass Figure

With busts and hips that are in proportion the hourglass figure might sound ideal. However this type of body shape is defined by the waist, which is typically much smaller than the busts and hips. If this sounds like you and your curvy hips and breasts seem to dominate your shape, opt for looser clothing that doesn’t cling to the waist. Scarves can also play a pivotal role in helping women with an hourglass figure achieve a sexy, well-proportioned look, as placing a loosely fitted scarf around your neck that hangs seductively past your waist will draw attention from your noticeably defined midriff. Opt for a brightly-coloured scarf, the more eye-catching the better.


Apple-Shaped Ladies

Apple-shaped ladies are significantly larger on top than on the bottom. Those with an apple-shaped figure tend to have a short neck This apple-shaped bodily trait can be overcome by wearing V-shaped tops and jumpers. Alternatively you can conceal a shorter neck by wearing a scarf. From chunky knit scarves in the winter to a beautiful silk floral scarf in the winter, ladies who consider their necks to be shorter than they’d like can cunningly conceal it with a longer scarf of their choice and double wrap them around their necks.


Tall & Slim

Yes they do exists and not just in the fashion magazines and on the catwalk either. If you are fortunate to be blessed with a figure that is not only tall but is slim as well, you can pretty much wear anything you want. Though there are some exceptions. Tall and slim women often have smaller breasts than they might have liked. Avoid wearing low cut tops which would accentuate the flat chest. Alternatively conceal your smaller-than-average breasts by draping a bright and beautiful scarf across your chest.


Top 10 Wedding Scarf Looks

The great thing about scarves is that they can be incorporated into any look. From adding colour and additional style to a maxi dress to injecting some life in to a smart suit, you can always rely on a scarf to glamorise an outfit. At a wedding, scarves can be used to set a theme and bring a bespoke touch to traditional attire. If you are thinking about making scarves a stand-out feature at your wedding, take a look at the following ten wedding scarf looks.

1- The Vintage Look

Vintage weddings in which the bride looks like a 1950s movie star are all the rage these days. Scarves are synonymous with vintage glamour, so why not integrate them into your wedding? Augment your stunning lace, 50s dress with a retro silk scarf and by doing so you’ll create a unique and bespoke vintage style.

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2- Scarves to Match Decor

Décor that spills into the attire of the bride and groom, bridesmaids or even the guests always goes down well at a wedding. Scarves could be the perfect accessory to bridge the gap between wedding décor and garb. For example, if the décor at your wedding is dominated by snazzy shades of purple, unite the furnishings with the guests by asking them to wear an eye-catching purple scarf.

3- Classic Bridesmaids’ Shawls

If there is one group at a wedding that can afford to be flamboyant, it’s the bridesmaids. Adorning your bridesmaids in elegant bridal shawls will create a classy and chic look, not to mention help keep the chill off their shoulders.

4- Feather Scarves for Flamboyancy & Fun

If you’re intent on not going down the ‘conventional’ route at your wedding and want to add some burlesque fun, feather scarves adorned round the neck of the bride, bridesmaid and even the guests will add some playful flamboyance to your wedding.

Our Plain Pashminas Will Add Vibrant Colour To Your Dresses

5- An Animal Print Wedding Theme

There is something both sexy and sophisticated about animal print. If you and your soon-to-be-husband have a mutual fondness for animal print and are planning an animal print theme at your wedding, compliment the leopard print wedding cake by wearing a leopard print scarf.

6- Beautiful Bridal Hijabs

A hijab crafts an aura of mystery and intrigue. Why leave the enigma of hijabs at home on your wedding day? Bridal hijabs are simply stunning and can be adorned in jewels, turning the bride into a true princess on her wedding day.

7- Cream Pashminas

Whether it’s the bridesmaid dresses or the bridal gown, cream goes hand in hand with a wedding. Why confine the cream theme to the dresses? Really go to town with the beauty of cream by wearing an cream pashmina.

Our Beautiful Hijabs Will Brighten Up Your Wedding Outfit

8- The Luxury Look

From a luxury wedding venue to lavish flower bouquets embellished on the walls, if your forthcoming wedding is designed to exude the lavishness of a royal wedding complement your bridal dress with a stunning silk pashmina scarf. A colourful pashmina will inject some stylish vibrancy to a traditional dress of white, cream, ivory or pale pink.

9- A Prayer Shawl

Who said the groom couldn’t accentuate his style by wearing a scarf of some form on his wedding day? Prayer shawls can make a man look effortlessly cool and stylish at a wedding. Take a look at the wedding ceremony of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. The couple looked fantastic, Chelsea wearing a Vera Wang strapless dress and Marc wearing a prayer shawl and Jewish yarmulke .

10- Matching Bridesmaids with Bride

Wedding attire that equates the bridesmaids with the brides is always a nice touch. Scarves can make a subtle connection between bride and bridesmaids. Opt for a colour that will suit and enhance the bridal gown and the bridesmaids dresses. For example, a plain light yellow pashmina would make a stylish addition to a white wedding gown as well as complementing darker bridesmaids dresses.

Read More About Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s Wedding

Fantastic Father’s Day Scarves

If you can’t decide what to get your dad for father’s day then treat him to one of our fantastic men’s scarves this June. Our stunning father’s day scarves will immediately enhance his look and will bring a touch of elegance and flair to any outfit.

Blue Cotton Check Scarf
Blue Cotton Check Scarf

Treat your father to this stylish and incredibly comfortable Blue Cotton Check Scarf this year. The vibrant blue and deep black colour will draw everyone’s attention to your neck and will coordinate with all your plain t-shirts and jeans.

Get a fresh and attention-grabbing new look this summer with our fashionable men’s blue cotton scarf which will keep you very cool during the hot months. The eye-catching tassel detail and stunning checked design will immediately brighten up your look and draw compliments from all your friends and family this year.

Tie this amazing cotton scarf loosely around your neck or drape around your neck with a jean shirt, the choice is yours!

Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina Scarf

Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina
Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina

Plain yet fashionable, this extremely soft Brown Paisley Jacquard Pashmina will keep you cool during the summer and warm in winter. The luxurious Pashmina material will hang beautifully around your neck and will give you a sophisticated look in seconds.

If you love warm colours then you will definitely love wearing this stunning brown scarf. Team your tan leather jacket and jeans with this fabulous tassel scarf and watch everyone’s jaws drop!

The plain colour will look great with almost every outfit and will glow wonderfully in the light. If your dad is in need of a fashion fix then this fantastic Jacquard scarf is ideal for him.

Brown Scarves

Liven up your evening and daytime wear this year with one of our statement brown scarves. We have a wide range of plain and patterned unisex brown scarves which will really get you noticed and will coordinate with all your shimmering accessories. In the picture below you can see David Beckham, Ashley Tisdale, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Duchess Kate Middleton sporting a stylish brown scarf.

Plain Brown Scarves

Wrap one of our inexpensive and soft brown scarves loosely around your neck for a stylish casual look or try knotting it. Everyone will be impressed with the fantastic quality and eye-catching colour which will coordinate with almost any outfit.

Brown scarves look great with denim and sparkling gold jewellery, so make sure you snap up one of these bargain accessories before they all go! You can now feel fashionable all day long thanks to our incredible range of lightweight brown scarves.

Make sure you treat yourself or surprise a friend with one of these trendy scarves; they will enjoy wearing it whenever they go shopping or out for the evening with their family.

Brown Pashmina
Brown Pashmina

Brown Chiffon Scarf
Brown Chiffon Scarf
Brown Winter Scarf
Brown Winter Scarf

Patterned Brown Scarves

Brown Lurex Scarf
Brown Lurex Scarf

Grab everyone’s attention with one of our luxurious patterned brown scarves. Below we have found this gorgeous brown lurex square scarf with a beautiful tassel edging.

The wonderful lurex will twinkle in the light for hours and will instantly light up your look. Make sure you wear this scarf with a plain white top, jeans and ankle boots for the ultimate rock chick look.

This dazzling brown scarf will completely change your appearance and will coordinate with your glittery makeup.

Warm Winter Pashminas

Make sure you wear one of our comfortable, warm and stylish winter pashmina this year. We have a wide range of coloured pashmina scarves which you will love pairing with all your eye-catching accessories.

Purple Winter Pashmina Scarf

Purple Winter Pashmina Scarf
Purple Winter Pashmina Scarf

Effortlessly update your style with this cosy purple winter pashmina scarf. This soft and luxurious scarf will shield you from the cold wind. It will also add a splash of colour to all your dull winter clothes.

Everyone will be impressed with your attention-grabbing look and will definitely want an inexpensive purple pashmina to coordinate with all their favourite accessories, glittering jewellery and winter coats.

You can wear this scarf around your neck loosely, draped over your shoulders or over your head to keep your ears warm. This smooth purple scarf will also make a fantastic Christmas present for some special this year.

Light Teal Winter Pashmina

Light Teal Winter Pashmina
Light Teal Winter Pashmina

Brighten up your look with this fantastic light teal winter pashmina scarf. This soft and surprisingly warm scarf is ideal for chilly mornings and frosty nights out. You will love pairing this amazing quality scarf with your warm coat and cosy boots.

Everyone will be amazed with this light and smooth material which will keep you cool during summer and warm in the winter. The fabulous shade of teal will definitely update your dull winter clothes and put you in a fantastic mood.

Treat yourself to this gorgeous teal scarf which will look great with absolutely any casual and formal outfit. All your family and friends will be jealous and will want a plain winter pashmina to wear with their shimmering silver accessories.

Pink Scarves

Uplift your style with a cute pink scarf this season! Get a trendy boho look by twisting a pink patterned scarf in your hair or perhaps knot around your neck for a stylish chilled winter style, the possibilities are endless! Here at scarfworld.com we have a wide range of affordable and luxurious scarves in a variety of styles, fabrics, shades and sizes so that you can create your dream look. These scarves are the perfect addition to your new look and will definitely liven up your drab outfits!

Pink Pashmina Scarves

Pink pashminas are making a come back and celebrities are loving them! Here Lindsay Lohan is working this gorgeous long pashmina scarf, her black outfit makes this long pink scarf stand out from the crowd and look absolutely amazing. Below we have chosen three of our favourite pashminas which can be worn to help you to recreate Lindsay’s look. Choose from a selection of striped, plain, winter, summer and patterned pashminas to help you achieve a fashionable and impressive style in an instant. Wear with dark clothing and watch this eye-catching scarf glitter with red carpet glamour! If you have a boring and outdated outfit that needs spicing up then a simple pashmina will certainly update your look.

Fuchsia Winter Pashmina Scarf
Fuchsia Winter Pashmina Scarf

Pink Pashmina Stripe Scarf
Pink Pashmina Stripe Scarf

Baby Pink Pashmin Scarf
Baby Pink Pashmin Scarf

Pink Chiffon Scarves

Our beautiful chiffon scarves will brighten up your look and will work with both casual and formal outfits. Whether you feel like wearing a patterned, plain or printed chiffon scarf you will always be able to get a sophisticated daytime or evening wear style. Pink scarves will look eye-catching and will focus everyone’s attention to the top half of your body. Comfortable to wear and very lightweight, our chiffon scarves can be tied to the side of your neck or hung around you so that it creates length and height to your overall appearance. Wear a simple black dress with a light chiffon scarf for a fabulous evening look. Perfect for any weather and occasion, chiffons are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe!

Fuchsia Chiffon Rectangle Scarf
Fuchsia Chiffon Rectangle Scarf
Neon Pink Chiffon Animal Print Scarf
Neon Pink Chiffon Animal Print Scarf
Fuchsia Chiffon Scarf
Fuchsia Chiffon Scarf