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Make Your Own Scarf Hanger

What to do with all the scarves you have tumbled together in a drawer or basket. If you are one of those who can’t be asked, to neatly fold every item and secure them from unravelling into a mess, then we have a few ideas for you. These inventive suggestions from scarf world, are ideas for anyone who lives in limited space and needs to be creative with their storage .

Make yourself some personalised hangers, using an adaption of the traditional coat hanger. Use wooden ones, and even paint them up to look more attractive. Buy yourself a set of Novelty Teapots Amber Bracelets Wholesale Glass Tea Sets that are large enough to loop the scarves through. String them on to the bar of the hanger and you will find that you can drape ten or fifteen scarves from just one of them. You could put them in the wardrobe with your other clothes, or make a colourful feature of them hanging from the inside of a door.


Screw a panel of wood,that you can decorate, to a cupboard wall or back of a door, and glue a row of wooden clothes pegs to it, personalise them if you wish. One scarf per peg and you will have a very decorative wall hanging as well as an easy way to store the scarves without them getting creased. Another variation would be to use bungee straps instead of pegs if you wanted to drape the scarves, rather than have them being pinched by the clothes pegs. Just cut the large clasps off and glue or pin the ends to a board, which you can paint in funky colours.

Try a set of interesting door knobs, each one different, but big enough to hold the scarf in place. Reproduction antique knobs can be purchased quite cheaply, and would make an interesting retro feature.

Collect interesting individual hooks, and arrange them randomly on a back board that could be cut to a pattern. Paint each one a different colour and hang one scarf on each of them.


Smallish woven straw baskets can be fitted to the wall, in a vertical line or random pattern. You can keep all manner of personal items of clothing in different ones. These splashes of colour will look like baskets of spices from a distance.

If you are lucky enough to find an old wooden ladder, cut it down to about four or five steps length. Sand and varnish or paint it with interesting designs and colours, then screw it to the inside wall or door of your cupboard. There will be space behind each rung allowing you to drape all your scarves over them.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities, and you may no doubt have your own ideas as well. Experiment and be creative, it can be a lot of fun finding a solution to hanging items. Please take time to look at our wonderful range of scarves; we may have just what you are looking for.

How to Make Your DIY Scarf Handbag

At Scarf World, we have made a really simple DIY handbag guide for you to try at home. This six steps are incredibly easy to follow and will make life a lot easier. So grab your favourite scarf and enjoy wearing it on holiday or out with your friends, the possibilities are endless! Take a look below at the steps to create your home made bag.


1. Fold It – Lay your fashion scarf out flat and then fold it in half to make a square shape.

2. Tie It – Tie a knot (approximately a hands length) on the two opposite corners of the square

3. Knot It – Take one of the remaining corners and knot it under of of the existing knots. Repeat the same with the other corner.

4. Untie It – Untie the first two knots which you have made in step 2 and adjust the length of the handles to your preference.

5. Join It – Join the two ends together to create the handbag’s handles.

6. Wear it & Enjoy It!

This DIY handbag guide is part of a series of how to guides from Scarfworld.com. Look out for more useful scarf hacks from us in the future, you won’t want to miss them!