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Summer Scarf Styles

The scarf is not just for winter, it is an all year round versatile garment that can make an individual statement or be part of an ensemble. Not only will colour and style be an important factor in your choice, but something simple as how you go about knotting it, can create a myriad of different impressions. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and at affordable prices, allowing you a drawer full of possibilities. A scarf will refresh an existing outfit, making it feel different. Let’s look at a few hints to start your summer scarf adventure.

Don’t think of a scarf for just around your neck. It can adorn a hat, making the band an important feature, even trailing down the back. Loop a thin scarf through your waist band making it a very impressive belt. A small silk Bandana could be tied around the wrist like a bracelet or fixed to the handle of your bag,to add a bit of moving colour. Hold your hair in a ponytail by using a small silk scarf or use a broad folded Bandana for the Axl Rose look. The motto is to be inventive.

Find Your Favourite Pashmina Today

Bustiers are a great way to look cool in summer. They can be worn with a long flowing cotton dress, a flash of midriff and especially a loose casually tied matching scarf . Slip on the sandals with just a few tiny beads attached and away you go skipping through the grass. They are also just right for slipping over a bathing suit so you can sip your Martini at the pool party.

A slight summer breeze and you can adopt the young Sofia Loren look and be a 50′s icon by tying a nice colourful scarf over your head,allowing the hair to fall partly free at the front.

Going out for the evening? Then try a Hijab style scarf, pair it with a smart blouse and some seriously high stilettos.

What about the cowboy look with a light denim jacket and jeans? Tie the scarf in a knot to one side for the equestrian/bohemian image.


Double loop a long thin summer scarf and drape over shoulder, for the student, just dashing look. Great with army type canvas jackets or the trusty leather version. Save the heavy knotted and tangled variety of scarf for winter.

For the older shoulders try a large, light cotton or silk patterned and colourful scarf, that will distract, yet cover sensitive areas of the neck and shoulders, but still allow the summer air to sooth you.

At work, a light scarf can complement a dress suit or smart formal wear. Wear it like neck tie with a loose Windsor knot. Try a Peter Pan blouse with small rounded collar, to soften the hard edges.


Perfect Party Scarf Knots

Scarves are an absolute fashion accessory must. Not only do they come in almost endless designs, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes but they can also be worn in a number of different ways. In fact how you wear your scarf can be almost important as the style of the scarf itself. If you’re going to a party, scarves can be the perfect way to enhance a party outfit, particularly if you tie it in an appropriate manner. To ensure your scarf is knotted befittingly for a party take a look at the following different knots that can be used for parties.

The Bandana-Style Party Scarf

The summer is here and there couldn’t be a cooler way to show up to a party than with your scarf tied in a bandanna-like way. Simply fold your scarf in half (a scarf that’s on the slimmer side works better in a bandana-style knot), centre the scarf around the nape of your neck, collect each side above one ear, tie a double knot and either let the ends hang loosely down one side or twist the sides and tuck them in. Either way, a funky summertime look is achieved through your scarf that is perfect for a party.

Wearing A Hijab Scarf To A Party

If you’re looking for a tasteful, classy and ultra-glamorous accessory to wear to a forthcoming party then look no further than an eveningwear hijab. These elegant headscarves will bring a new dimension to a classy evening gown of glitzy party dress. But how do you tie a beautiful eveningwear hijab?

This easy-to-follow hijab tutorial provides you with a step by step guide on how to tie a hijab whilst retaining a gorgeous, stunning look. What’s particularly great about this tutorial is that it teaches you how to fasten a beautiful silk hijab with a pair of ultra-glam, dangly earrings – Could there be a more appropriate way to tie a knot in a hijab for a party?

The Celebrity Style

Turning up at a party dressed like a celebrity is always going to be well-received so it makes sense to tie your scarf using the celebrity style. For this knotting technique to be most effective you’ll need an eye-catching and striking scarf, the kind the likes of Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss could easily be photographed in. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice and then tuck one end around the knot, like the technique used on the tutorial above. And there you have it, a scarf look for for not just a party but the celebrity circuit too!


Scarves for Every Body Shape

We’ve all heard of jeans to suit a pear-shaped figure, dresses to complement ladies with large breasts and tops to make sporty-figured women look a little more ‘feminine’. Scarves to flatter certain body shapes are a little less well known. Nonetheless they do exist and, might we add, create some pretty impressive results. Take a look at the ways in which scarves can be potent ammunition is either concealing or enhancing the best and worse of our bodies.


Top Heavy

Top heavy ladies might have a couple of desirable assets up front but if you’re not inclined to put your bosoms on display you may want to subtly hide them by wearing a scarf. Being light, long and generous with material, pashminas are the perfect scarf to help make women with top heavy figures look a little more in balance. Summer pashminas are perfect for the warmer weather of spring and summer and are light enough to wear in the day as well as the evening. Opt for pashminas and scarves that are one colour or have a smaller pattern printed on them larger patterns can tend to accentuate larger features.


The Hourglass Figure

With busts and hips that are in proportion the hourglass figure might sound ideal. However this type of body shape is defined by the waist, which is typically much smaller than the busts and hips. If this sounds like you and your curvy hips and breasts seem to dominate your shape, opt for looser clothing that doesn’t cling to the waist. Scarves can also play a pivotal role in helping women with an hourglass figure achieve a sexy, well-proportioned look, as placing a loosely fitted scarf around your neck that hangs seductively past your waist will draw attention from your noticeably defined midriff. Opt for a brightly-coloured scarf, the more eye-catching the better.


Apple-Shaped Ladies

Apple-shaped ladies are significantly larger on top than on the bottom. Those with an apple-shaped figure tend to have a short neck This apple-shaped bodily trait can be overcome by wearing V-shaped tops and jumpers. Alternatively you can conceal a shorter neck by wearing a scarf. From chunky knit scarves in the winter to a beautiful silk floral scarf in the winter, ladies who consider their necks to be shorter than they’d like can cunningly conceal it with a longer scarf of their choice and double wrap them around their necks.


Tall & Slim

Yes they do exists and not just in the fashion magazines and on the catwalk either. If you are fortunate to be blessed with a figure that is not only tall but is slim as well, you can pretty much wear anything you want. Though there are some exceptions. Tall and slim women often have smaller breasts than they might have liked. Avoid wearing low cut tops which would accentuate the flat chest. Alternatively conceal your smaller-than-average breasts by draping a bright and beautiful scarf across your chest.


Hottest Scarf Celeb Looks

Why do celebrities look so darn good? Is it their glossy hair? Their high cheek bones? Legs that seem to go on for miles perhaps? Or is it their choice of fashion? Celebrities do look good, period, and as not all celebrities are born with a natural size 6 figure and skin as smooth and blemish-free as a baby’s bottom, we have to assume it’s their distinct and enviable sense of fashion that propels them to goddess-looking domains.

Accessories play a pivotal role in a celebrity’s style wardrobe and none more so than scarves. Have a look at the following hottest scarf celebrity looks.

Heidi Klum’s Bohemian-Style Scarf Glamour

Heidi Klum's fashionable use of a patterned scarf!
Heidi Klum’s fashionable use of a patterned scarf!

Okay so we said celebrities aren’t born with legs that go on for infinity and cheek bones that defy gravity but we’ll make an exception for Heidi Klum. Asides her natural good looks, the stunning model boasts an impeccably great sense of style.

This style was typified on camera recently at an airport in Cannes, where Heidi was snapped in a stylish printed jumpsuit, a short black leather jacket, topped off perfectly with a black and yellow printed scarf. We have to admit that this leather jacket, printed jumpsuit and brightly-coloured patterned scarf combo is one of the hottest celebrity scarf looks ever caught on camera!

Katie Holmes Denim On Denim

Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit
Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit

Not many can get away with wearing denim on denim. For us mere mortals wearing a denim shirt or jacket with denim jeans would make us look like a tad of a hill billy! Celebrities don’t seem to have the same problem, particularly not Katie Holmes. Perhaps Ms Holmes’ managed to pull off the multi-denim look with such enviable passion and conviction by breaking up the jeans and denim shirt with a colourful patchwork scarf.

The beautiful long silk scarf sported a plethora of patterns in pink, blue and cream. Kate wrapped the lengthy scarf once around her neck and let the ends hang loosely, almost reaching her knee – some feat when you’re 5 foot 9!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress
Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress

Isn’t it almost uncanny how celebrities still manage to look incredible when they are pregnant or not long become a mum? Sarah Michelle Gellar is certainly no stranger to gaining attention through her great looks and fantastic sense of fashion even when wrapped up in the joys of motherhood. One of the hottest celebrity scarf looks has to be Sarah Michelle’s ultra-casual but incessantly cool outfit she wore whilst spending time with her daughter in LA. The star wore a black maxi dress and cropped denim jacket. The look was really brought to life by a beautiful purple and blue scarf the actress had tied around her neck. The scarf was ruffled seductively in what appears to be loosely wrapped around her neck with the ends left hanging alluringly down the front of the black maxi dress.

With so many colours, patterns, materials and styles of scarves on offer, with a little fashion creativity and imagination, you too can achieve a hot celebrity look this summer by making a scarf part of your outfit.

Funky Rock Chic Scarves

Show off our Funky Rock Chic Scarves this year. The vibrant prints and luxurious material will stun all your friends and family. Make sure you get yourself one of these attention-grabbing rock chic scarves to wear to concerts parties and much more!

Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf

Get the ultimate rock star look with this incredibly light Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf. The soft cotton material will feel great against your skin and the eye-catching red skulls on the black background will coordinate with your denim perfectly.

Below we have celebrities Kylie Minogue, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan all wearing a fabulous skull print scarf. Simply wrap this funky scarf loosely around your neck or over your shoulders, the choice is yours!

Get red carpet glamour in an instant with this bold skull cotton scarf which can be worn in a number of ways. Either treat yourself to this scarf or give to a stylish friend or sibling; they will enjoy wearing it every day.

Yellow Leopard Print Scarf

Update your style with this wild Yellow Leopard Print Scarf, perfect for everyday wear and parties. This Stephen Sprouse inspired funky white scarf with black and yellow leopard spots has a stunning tassel edging which will spice up your style.

Coloured leopard print scarves are a big hit this summer and are a great way to add a splash of colour to dark outfits.

Pippa Middleton, Billie Piper and Kelis have been seen wearing one of these printed scarves, so make sure you set the trend and pair one with your favourite prints and glittering gold jewellery.

Striped Skinny Scarves are a Wardrobe Essential

Stand out from the crowd with one of our stunning Striped Skinny Scarves. These stunning fashion accessories are a wardrobe essential and will draw compliments from all your friends. Enhance your look this spring with one of these colourful and attention-grabbing skinny striped scarves.

Green Lurex Striped Scarf

Green Lurex Striped Scarf
Green Lurex Striped Scarf

Feel glamorous wearing our glittery Green Lurex Striped Scarf to all your parties, special occasions and days out with your friends. The deep shade of green will really get you noticed and will look great against the sparkly lurex thread.

Thanks to the lightweight thin material, you can even wear this shimmering green skinny scarf as a headband when it’s hot outside. This will look great with your dresses, shorts and pretty green or pastel pink skirts.

Everyone will be complimenting on your bargain scarf and will want one to slip through their jeans as wear as a belt.

Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf

Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf
Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf

Make a bold statement this year with our striking Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf. The horizontal black stripes will immediately grab your attention and will coordinate with all your favourite outfits.

Wrap this eye-catching scarf around your neck and pair with all your stunning striped leggings and matching headbands. All your friends and family will be impressed with the fantastic quality, skinny design and the glamorous striped design which will update your style.

This stunning scarf will also make a fantastic gift for a friend or family member this year, they will love wearing it will their favourite denim and printed t-shirts.

Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf

Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf
Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf

Add some eye-catching design to all your favourite spring outfits with this incredible quality Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf. The beautiful shades of blue and green will compliment all skin tones and will look great with gorgeous floral prints.

Wrap this stunning blue scarf loosely around your neck or wear it as a headband with a gorgeous summer dress and pumps. The lightweight Rayon material will feel really great on and will keep you cool throughout the hot summer months.

This wonderful striped skinny scarf will completely change your appearance and will immediately bring a touch of glamour to all your everyday and party outfits.

Brown Scarves

Liven up your evening and daytime wear this year with one of our statement brown scarves. We have a wide range of plain and patterned unisex brown scarves which will really get you noticed and will coordinate with all your shimmering accessories. In the picture below you can see David Beckham, Ashley Tisdale, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Duchess Kate Middleton sporting a stylish brown scarf.

Plain Brown Scarves

Wrap one of our inexpensive and soft brown scarves loosely around your neck for a stylish casual look or try knotting it. Everyone will be impressed with the fantastic quality and eye-catching colour which will coordinate with almost any outfit.

Brown scarves look great with denim and sparkling gold jewellery, so make sure you snap up one of these bargain accessories before they all go! You can now feel fashionable all day long thanks to our incredible range of lightweight brown scarves.

Make sure you treat yourself or surprise a friend with one of these trendy scarves; they will enjoy wearing it whenever they go shopping or out for the evening with their family.

Brown Pashmina
Brown Pashmina

Brown Chiffon Scarf
Brown Chiffon Scarf
Brown Winter Scarf
Brown Winter Scarf

Patterned Brown Scarves

Brown Lurex Scarf
Brown Lurex Scarf

Grab everyone’s attention with one of our luxurious patterned brown scarves. Below we have found this gorgeous brown lurex square scarf with a beautiful tassel edging.

The wonderful lurex will twinkle in the light for hours and will instantly light up your look. Make sure you wear this scarf with a plain white top, jeans and ankle boots for the ultimate rock chick look.

This dazzling brown scarf will completely change your appearance and will coordinate with your glittery makeup.

Cheap Pashmina Scarves

Times are very tight at the moment and finding a comfortable cheap pashmina scarf is very difficult. However here at scarfworld.com we have a beautiful range of lightweight pashmina scarves which will give your outfits an instant lift. Whether you want a patterned, silk, jacquard, square, summer, plain or evening wear scarf, you will find the ideal fashion accessory here.

Light Weight Apple Green Pashmina

Light Weight Apple Green Pashmina
Light Weight Apple Green Pashmina

Spice up your style with this stunning apple green pashmina scarf. Light and comfortable, this will bring a touch of summer glamour to almost every outfit you have. Perfect for cool evenings and changeable weather, this luxurious and great value scarf will easily light up your look. Pair a cute jean skirt and brown pumps to get a natural looking style this summer. Make sure you feel fresh and cool wearing this attractive and eye-catching scarf.

Neon Animal Print Pashmina Scarf

Neon Animal Print Pashmina Scarf
Neon Animal Print Pashmina Scarf

Sharpen a simple outfit with this bold neon animal print pashmina scarf. The unique and attention-grabbing animal print design will uplift your plain outfits. Within each of the black leopard print spots are vibrant colours which make any outfit look glamorous. Make this great value for money scarf the perfect addition to your new look or give as a present to a loved friend or family member.

New Summer Scarves

As the warmer summer months are here we have recently added a whole selection of new summer scarves that will give your style a pretty lift. With a selection of different patterns from sweet floral to pretty hearts and funky skulls you will definitely find the perfect scarf for you. In the warmer months lighter material scarves are the best as they are cooling and airy, allowing you to still accessorize your outfits in style. Chiffon scarves are a great way to bring bold colour and style to your look without being too over the top. Below I have chose two of our newest scarves perfect for summer. Remember to keep checking our new products section as we are constantly updating our stock with new trends and styles.

Blue Flower Print Chiffon Scarf

Blue Chiffon Flower Print Scarf
Blue Chiffon Flower Print Scarf

The bright colours and pretty floral design will give any outfit an elegant twist. With bright blue and pink set against a dark black the gorgeous pattern has a lively stand out from the crowd finish. The light and airy chiffon material will keep you cool on hot summer days and warm on chilly summer evenings. Wear with a plain summer dress for an added boost of characterful colour or team with more casual outfits for an elegant lift. The illustrated style flowers are pretty and bring a splash of summer style to all your favourite outfits.

Green Hearts And Stars Pashmina Scarf

Green Hearts And Stars Pashimina Scarf
Green Hearts And Stars Pashimina Scarf

Keep yourself warm on those chilly summer evenings with this absolutely stunning green hearts and stars pashmina scarf. The funky design features classic hearts and stars that are bold and eye catching. Perfect for adding character to dull or plain outfits this pashmina scarf will fast become a favourite accessory all year round. The blue and green colours are bright and compliment each other wonderfully. Wear this scarf to instantly brighten up your whole look with an irresistible charm that will get heads turning.

Printed Summer Scarves

Even with the warm weather a selection of printed summer scarves is essential. Scarves are not only for winter so we have a great selection of printed summer scarves that will look great during the upcoming summer months. Bright colours and vivid patterns are a great way to bring life into a plain simple outfit so it is essential to accessorise your outfits well. Our ranges of printed summer scarves feel light and airy and will keep you feeling cool rather than hot.

Purple Floral Cotton Scarf

Purple Floral Cotton Scarf
Purple Floral Cotton Scarf

The bright modern colours are contrasted well by the classic floral print of this scarf. It has a delightful summery feel that will brighten up all your outfits wonderfully. The whole scarf is woven with sparkly lurex thread which catches the light wonderfully, adding to the overall glamorous finish of the scarf. The floral pattern is pretty and eye catching, bringing gorgeous feminine charm to all your outfits. This scarf will go amazingly with a variety of different outfits from casual shorts and t-shirts to pretty summer dresses. Enjoy gorgeous vibrant summer style all year round with a pretty floral scarf.

White Square Cotton Scarf

White Square Cotton Scarf
White Square Cotton Scarf

A white scarf is perfect for the upcoming summer months as it will brighten up your look instantly with effortless style. The white square cotton scarf has a funky stars pattern that will give any outfit a stylish modern twist. The cotton material is woven with a funky multicoloured lurex thread that catches the light and bring a subtle hint of colourful sparkle to your style. A tasselled edge brings attention grabbing style that finishes the scarf wonderfully. Just simply wrap this white square scarf around your neck for a trendy addition to your outfit.