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Snow Hats That Keep You Warm & Fashionable

January and February are the frostiest months of the year and often when the cold starts to bite, many people’s fashion sense goes straight out the window and they’ll just wear anything to protect themselves against the icy winds and rain.

But while wearing the huge and thick jackets that makes you look five stone heavier than you are might be preferable to the sexier but thinner material of your favourite coat you like to wear in less freezing weather, there’s no need to abandon your sense of style completely.

With the right hat and scarf combo, you can make your winter apparel just as stylish as your summer threads. What combination is ideal for you will depend largely on your winter jacket of choice, as the different colours and shapes work better with certain styles than others do.

Winter Hat & Scarf - Pink
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Dark Coloured Winter Coats

If you’ve got a long dark coat that goes passed your knees then you need a splash of colour to avoid looking too dour. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and gaudy, but something lighter and in contrast to your coat. A cream or white woolly hat and scarf combo will work very well with a long black coat, whereas a long brown coat will benefit from pinks and reds. A long dark blue coat will match up well with darker red accessories.

You can rock a matching dark scarf and hat with a shorter dark coat that comes to your waist, and black on black in this case is actually recommended. Even better would be to match your shorter black coat with a dark colour like purple, such as this purple hat and scarf combo. You can also try matching your dark winter coat with a grey scarf, though you’ll want it to be a large scarf which you can wrap around your neck and shoulders at least twice..

Winter Hat & Scarf - Furry
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Light Coloured Winter Coats

It’s better to avoid matching white scarves and hats with a white coat, as too much white can look like you’re trying too hard. But the great thing about a white coat is that you can look pretty stylish with any colour you choose. Blues and reds work with white, as do greens or yellows.

Avoid dark colours, apart from black which will always work well with a white jacket for a stylish but understated look. A very feminine and elegant look can be achieved by matching a short white or even light grey coat with a pink hat and scarf combo. Make sure the pink is a soft pastel, nothing too bright and certainly not luminous, and you’ll have an effortlessly cool style to go building snowmen in.

Winter Hat & Scarf - Couple
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Brightly Coloured Winter Coats

The trick to looking stylish in a brightly coloured winter jacket is to clash the colours of your accessories. For example, if your coat is red, then wear a hat and scarf combo in blue, green or yellow. Try to avoid pink though in that instance though, and any other colours that are lighter or darker shades of your coat’s colour.

If you don’t like clashing colours then you should aim to match up the shades of your coat and woolly accessories as much as possible, so a lighter pink jacket coat would look excellent with this red lurex bobble hat.

Whether to bobble or not bobble is entirely your choice and won’t really affect your style too much, but remember that the brighter the colours of your woolly hat and scarf combo are, the better a bobble looks.