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9 Amazing Scarf Hacks

The scarf is an amazingly adaptable piece of material; it can be used in numerous ways to create inventive accessories that will liven up an existing collection of clothes. With affordable prices and the expanding variety of designs, sizes and materials there is no need to go out and buy whole new outfits, unless you can’t resist shopping. So here are a few scarf hack ideas from Scarf World, which will have you looking at the humble scarf in a whole new light.

Scarf Hacks Ideas You’ll Love

1. Two large silk scarves, complimentary colours but one plane, one with interesting design. Stitch together along from either end, on one side about two or three inches, and up the two sides about six to eight inches, depending on your size. You should then have gaps for arms and head, bingo! You should have a trendy summer slip on.

2. Buy a large colourful but cheap wristwatch, take off the strap and weave a small pretty silk scarf through the holders, and let it flutter from the wrist, or make a small bow.

3. You can even disguise the laces on your casual shoes with small neat bows.
bows and shoes

4. Two long rectangular cotton scarves knotted at one end and stitched part way up to sides, will make a colourful summer dress to wear over casual light clothes. Ideal for beach or pool parties.

5. Replace your belt with a length of twisted colourful material; it will give a splash of colour to your old trendy ripped or faded jeans. It you have some interesting belt buckles you can stitch a folded scarf in place of the original strap, or cover an existing one. At the very least have a colourful small silk scarf casually tucked into the back pocket of your jeans, so that it hangs partially out.

6. Twist a bright patterned scarf around the straps of your bag. Choose a colour that matches something else you are wearing. It can be twisted tight or left to drape at one end. You could even add a bow for a more feminine look.k5-1024x729

7. Make a vintage scrunchie, they may have been out of fashion for a while, but they are now back. If it’s good enough for Catherine Zeta Jones or Kate Beckinsale,then go for it. Sturdy silk scarf, large pattern, cut 4 to 5 inches wide and 16 to 20 inches long, stitch into open ended tube. Thread wide elastic into it and stick up ends so that the elastic pulls the material into a scrunched loop. These are ideal for holding pony tails and bunched hair in place without creasing it.

8. Design your own bracelets,by wrapping simple cheap ones, in interesting designed material. Add a bandanna in similar colours to achieve a bohemian look.

9. Take a layered necklace several loops of material,cut and twisted, mix and match from a couple of cheap scarves you don’t mind cutting up.

Evening Scarf Styles

The once very humble scarf that hung around in the wardrobe is fast becoming the style diva of modern fashion accessories. No longer have the stylish bags and shoes got it their own way,they have to match in with the ever growing army of scarf styles. The humble scarf has been called eye candy for a new generation. So what is this all about, what should we be wearing on our evenings out and whirlwind social calendar?

“When I wear a silk scarf, I feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman”

This was said by, Audrey Hepburn. It also seems that Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon agreed with her, by constantly being seen in scarves. They wore them during the day and also at chic social functions. If it was good enough for them,then I think we should take the hint.

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Evening Scarf Tips

  • Scarves add a special finishing touch; they are often the focal point of an outfit. Make the most of a plain dress, by adding a splash of colour around the neck. Create different ways to wear it by experimenting with twisting, knotting, looping and draping.
  • Scarves are relatively inexpensive, so you can have a drawer full for every season and occasions. Having said they are inexpensive, did you know that one designed by Henri Matisse, sold for 4.8 million at a Christies auction?
  • Try a Royal blue scarf with a black dress.
  • A Summer scarf will go with a cocktail dress.
  • A Darker green scarf will go with black suit type clothes, and brown or red with dark blue.
  • Try a white scarf with leather.
  • Put opposite textures together, e.g. courser coat with smooth silk scarf or smooth coat with textured fluffy scarf.
  • Use the scarf as a trendy head wrap to go with oriental style clothes.
  • Beware the rainbow scarf unless you are heading to a football match.
  • If the scarf is complex and highly coloured then the rest of what you are wearing should be more subdued.

Many top fashion designers are now including scarves in their collections, for us it is all about being your own stylist. A spokesman for Bloomingdales puts the rise in interest in scarves down to a world, where every purchase has now more than one function. The scarf covers numerous possibilities both as a fashion statement, weather protection and also as a religious head cover.

You’ll Look Our Wide Selection of Hijab Scarves

Increasingly Muslim women are looking for something more stylish to wear at work, college and also at family and evening events. The basic Hijab has been replaced by more fashionable creations. The traditional black, still has its place, but there are now Hijabs in all manner of colours and patterns to suit any dress. The traditional Abayas dress now also be found highly embroidered, and in a choice of many colours and digitally printed designs. There is no need now for having to stay in a drab costume when you go out.

The scarf is also a boon for the older lady, as Nora Ephron puts it:

“Our faces are lies, and our necks are the truth.”

Mature women can look elegant in silk scarves thrown across the shoulders and upper arms of smart evening wear.

Use a Scarf To Give More Elegance To Your Bag

There are two things to consider regarding using a long scarf and bag together. One is, do they match each other? And secondly how do I fix a scarf around,onto, or over the bag to give it extra appeal. Assuming that you don’t just want to tie it on for convenience, because it has got too warm to wear, and your bag is too full. We are considering that attaching the two together, is actually a fashion statement.

Tie a Gorgeous Silk Scarf Around The Handle Of Your Bag

Ways To Convert Your Bag With a Scarf

When matching an outfit and accessories, it is common to link up shoe, bag, and scarf or hat colour. They may not be exactly the same tones, but near enough to be comfortable with each other.

Studs in the shoes may be translated into spots of regular colour in the scarf design, or patterns on the bag. The rest of the outfit will tend to be tones that accentuate the accessories rather than clash or compete. Therefore if you have a strong coloured scarf and bag, the skirt and blouse or jumper may be fawn or dusty colours.

Having decided on the colour scheme you now have to attach the apparently casual but cunningly designed scarf, to the bag. This will depend on how you want to appear. You may want to be cool or even make a statement about who you are.

The easiest form is to just knot it mid-way down its length, onto the end of the handle of the bag. This will allow the scarf to hang down covering part of the bag. If you want to have the girl in a hurry look, make the scarf one that is very long, so that it trails behind your shoulder, when you are heading somewhere.

Follow Our Easy DIY Scarf Bag Tutorial
Follow Our Easy DIY Scarf Bag Tutorial

If you have time, then a neat pretty bow on the clasp may look good. But remember a tatty bow will look awful, and you will in any case have to design it so that you can still open your bag with ease. A better place for the bow, may be on the start of the handle before the area where you would hold it.

You can make a custom clutch, rather than use a bigger bag, and decorate it by entwining a small silk scarf around the handle or hanging from the corner. But don’t make it too big, so that it dwarfs the clutch, or makes it difficult to carry.

There seems to be a trend at the moment to completely encase your bag in a scarf,so that it more or less disappears, apart from the odd glimpse of the handle area. I think the idea is to give the appearance that you are carrying a casual scarf type bag knotted at the corners.

The inner bag gives the security of knowing that all its contents are not going to fall out from the corners of the scarf. The other good thing about this style is that you can change the colour scheme much more cheaply, than having to buy a new bag each time. There are some who have the skill to do away with the bag completely and fold and knot the scarf to take its place as a carry-all.



Should I Wear a Plain or Printed Scarf?

Everybody has their own style quirks and it’s often these little individualities which help stand us out from the crowd. Scarves are the best accessory you can use to add a little bit of individual flair or just accentuate your style whether you prefer neutral tones or bright colours. It’s important to know what kind of scarf goes well with what kind of outfit though, and in this blog we’ll be focusing on plain and printed scarves, and when it’s best to wear each one. There aren’t too many Don’ts, but plenty of Dos for you to try out during these winter months.

How to Wear Plain Scarves

Plain scarves work better with more sober coloured outfits. Black, white or grey clothing will be greatly accentuated by a plain scarf, whether it’s a colourful one or a similarly sober toned shade.

Matching up different shades of grey often has a classy effect, while black and white will always compliment each other. Brown, like grey, is a colour that greatly benefits from being matched with lighter and darker shades of the same colour. This layered colour affect can be lost with a patterned scarf though.

Brightly coloured scarves will usually bring a plainly coloured outfit alive while retaining that understated element of classy style. Printed scarves can work well too with brightly coloured outfits, but they will often seem a little out of place on an otherwise conservatively coloured outfit. A brightly coloured or intricately patterned scarf will become the outfit, so to speak, if the clothing is soberly toned, whereas a simple plain scarf will merely accentuate the style.

Use plain scarves, whether brightly coloured or not, to accentuate rather than dominate an outfit. If the scarf is large, then the brighter it is the more it will dominate the outfit, but a large dark grey scarf will look fabulous worn with a lighter grey top, as would two differing shades of brown.

Plain Grey Scarf with Black Outfit
Grey Scarves Are The Perfect Addition To Your Look

How to Wear Printed Scarves

Printed scarves work best with colourful clothes, though you can use them as the focus point of less colourful outfits as well. One vital thing to remember with printed scarves is to let them be the only print or pattern in their vicinity. Pairing a printed scarf with a patterned dress, blouse or jacket will be far too busy and each print will distract from the other.

Darker reds and blues compliment simple pattern scarves particularly well, while the likes of bright yellows and greens will work well with flowery patterns for a typical summery appeal. There are plenty of darker coloured scarves featuring printed patterns as well, and these match up excellently with white or grey outfits. A black and white printed scarf will look especially good with either a black or white coat.

Black, as ever, will work with most patterned scarves regardless of their colour, but again by wearing a plain black outfit the patterned scarf will dominate your entire appearance, so make sure it’s a scarf you want to be remembered for!

Multiple Scarf Pic
Add Pattern To Your Look With Printed Scarves


Hottest Scarf Celeb Looks

Why do celebrities look so darn good? Is it their glossy hair? Their high cheek bones? Legs that seem to go on for miles perhaps? Or is it their choice of fashion? Celebrities do look good, period, and as not all celebrities are born with a natural size 6 figure and skin as smooth and blemish-free as a baby’s bottom, we have to assume it’s their distinct and enviable sense of fashion that propels them to goddess-looking domains.

Accessories play a pivotal role in a celebrity’s style wardrobe and none more so than scarves. Have a look at the following hottest scarf celebrity looks.

Heidi Klum’s Bohemian-Style Scarf Glamour

Heidi Klum's fashionable use of a patterned scarf!
Heidi Klum’s fashionable use of a patterned scarf!

Okay so we said celebrities aren’t born with legs that go on for infinity and cheek bones that defy gravity but we’ll make an exception for Heidi Klum. Asides her natural good looks, the stunning model boasts an impeccably great sense of style.

This style was typified on camera recently at an airport in Cannes, where Heidi was snapped in a stylish printed jumpsuit, a short black leather jacket, topped off perfectly with a black and yellow printed scarf. We have to admit that this leather jacket, printed jumpsuit and brightly-coloured patterned scarf combo is one of the hottest celebrity scarf looks ever caught on camera!

Katie Holmes Denim On Denim

Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit
Katie Holmes pulling of a Denim-on-denim outfit

Not many can get away with wearing denim on denim. For us mere mortals wearing a denim shirt or jacket with denim jeans would make us look like a tad of a hill billy! Celebrities don’t seem to have the same problem, particularly not Katie Holmes. Perhaps Ms Holmes’ managed to pull off the multi-denim look with such enviable passion and conviction by breaking up the jeans and denim shirt with a colourful patchwork scarf.

The beautiful long silk scarf sported a plethora of patterns in pink, blue and cream. Kate wrapped the lengthy scarf once around her neck and let the ends hang loosely, almost reaching her knee – some feat when you’re 5 foot 9!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress
Sarah Michelle Gellar using a colourful scarf to stand out against her black maxi dress

Isn’t it almost uncanny how celebrities still manage to look incredible when they are pregnant or not long become a mum? Sarah Michelle Gellar is certainly no stranger to gaining attention through her great looks and fantastic sense of fashion even when wrapped up in the joys of motherhood. One of the hottest celebrity scarf looks has to be Sarah Michelle’s ultra-casual but incessantly cool outfit she wore whilst spending time with her daughter in LA. The star wore a black maxi dress and cropped denim jacket. The look was really brought to life by a beautiful purple and blue scarf the actress had tied around her neck. The scarf was ruffled seductively in what appears to be loosely wrapped around her neck with the ends left hanging alluringly down the front of the black maxi dress.

With so many colours, patterns, materials and styles of scarves on offer, with a little fashion creativity and imagination, you too can achieve a hot celebrity look this summer by making a scarf part of your outfit.


Wear Your Scarf Like Royalty

Want to look like royalty? You can forget shoes with four-figure price tags, Armani coats, one-off designer dresses and handbags that cost as much as a house, as to really look like a member of the royal family, it’s all in how you wear your scarf.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following royals who have used the humble scarf to define their own individual style – a style that you can replicate.

Kate Middleton Looks Bonny in Tartan

Kate Middleton

It was a chilling spring day when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Dumfries House in Ayrshire last year. As the royal couple went to greet the throng of locals that had gathered at the house, Kate looked typically stunning, her bright orange, knee-length Armani woollen coat, high black boots and suede black gloves really ensured the Duchess stood out. Though we have to admit what really stole the show was the beautiful tartan scarf Kate wore tumbling down the front of her coat. Kate’s tan checked scarf was tied in one simple knot round her neck with the ends of the scarf left to hang down.

The ‘Kate Middleton scarf look’ can be achieved by wearing a warm and handsome tan tartan scarf in a skip knot round the neck and left on the outside of the coat.

Replicate the Sophisticated Style of Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan is being dubbed as a new fashion icon. Rania Al Adbullah is the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan and she certainly knows a thing or two about creating breathtakingly stunning and unique styles. The beautiful queen is often seen out with a pretty hijab. This exquisite beige silk hijab really epitomises Queen Rania’s sophisticated and alluring style in which simplicity and subtleness is at the heart.

You too can create a queen-inspired look by wearing a beautifully plain hijab. Whether you want to replicate Rania’s style entirely by wearing a jijab around your head or prefer to wrap the scarf casually round the neck and shoulders, with hijabs you have this unique versatility that will sharpen your style impeccably.

Emulate Princess Diana’s Unique Style

Princess Diana

When it comes to members of the royal family who achieved the fashion status usually confined to models and designers, the late Princess Diana was the forerunner. From stunning blue outfits to that unmistakable short crop of blonde hair, Diana took royal fashion to new heights.

Princess Diana regularly wore scarves to complement outfits and became widely recognised for her penchant for wearing head scarves. Take a look at this stunning white, lacy head scarf Diana wore to an event. Her look has been replicated by millions around the world, including Kate Middleton herself. Kate has been known to emulate Diana’s style in the past and looked strikingly similar to the late Princess when she donned a beautiful white headscarf on an event in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia.

It just goes to show what you can achieve with the humble scarf.


What’s Your Scarf Personality?

Can you tell what kind of person a woman is just by her choice of scarf? There are certainly plenty of psychoanalysts out there who think there are clues to our personality-types in our choice of fashion accessories. So what can we tell about you from your choice of scarf, and if you know what category you mostly fall under, which type of scarf is ideal for you? Here are ten ‘types’ and their ideal scarves of choice.

The Business Professional

The professional woman needs to look sharp but doesn’t have the time to spend trying on everything in her wardrobe. She needs a few reliable accessories that can go with most of her outfits without too much thought being put into it. Luckily for her there are plenty of options in this department as many scarves are designed to mix and match with a variety of outfits. Business Professionals tend to invest in ruffle scarves for outdoor wear, usually in a neutral colour such as beige or darker colour like this Grey Ruffle Scarf.

The Artistic Individual

Despite not following any particular fashion and facing the occasional accusation of having dressed in the dark, the Artistic Individual is often a starting point of many trends and fashions that go mainstream. She will open her wardrobe and dress according to her heart, which will usually concoct a quirky unique style that sometimes misses, sometimes hits. But when it does hit the bullseye, it hits more spectacularly than most dedicated fashion junkies could ever dream of. The very nature of the Artistic Individual makes her a difficult woman to predict, but I can’t imagine much time would pass before she’s sporting a White Faux Fur Headband.

The Trendy Tweeter

Whether it’s being spotted out at celebrity-frequented clubs and bars, or raising the profile of her ‘brand’ across every available social media outlet, the Trendy Tweeter will always be seen sporting the latest fashion wear. She will also take occasional inspiration from the Artistic Individual because as every true fashionista knows, once everybody’s wearing something, it’s just not as cool anymore. The Trendy Tweeter is very into fluffy scarves at the moment. Perhaps a large animal print variety or a deep and vibrant colour and worn in a loose double loop around the neck.

Our Women’s Scarves Will Dramatically Change Your Appearance

The Hippy Chick

This free spirit wasn’t even born in the 1970s but she still can’t let them go. The hippy chick favours floral patterns and long flowing skirts, tops, dresses and well, long-flowing everything really. When not preaching the power of peace and love you can probably find her either dancing naked in public fountains or getting arrested for dancing naked in public fountains. The Hippy Chick loves bright colours, light materials and, of course, the scarf must be long and flowing. A Printed Pattern Scarf is ideal for this far out femme.

Comfortably Casual

The Comfortably Casual girl next door is never more at home than at home. She’s fond of cosy nights in and putting her feet up. It’s not that she lacks effort in the dressing-up department, it’s just that her focus is more on her own enjoyment of her clothes and environment, rather than dressing to impress others. Warm and chunky are the qualities a Comfortably Casual woman seeks out in a Knitted Scarf.

The Glamour Girl

It’s all about making an impression for the Glamour Girl. Whether she’s working or out partying (or more likely shopping), the scarf is always the perfect accessory to add that extra sparkle to her outfit. It’s got to be eye-catching, fun and just a little bit sexy. And if she doesn’t get at least two compliments on it by the end of the evening then that particular scarf probably won’t see the light of day for quite some time. The Glamour Girl will favour large and outfit-dominating scarves like this Fluffy Bolero Scarf.

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The Retro-lutionary

Whether it’s old fashioned styles or vintage clothing from boutique stores, the Retro-lutionary has no inclination to follow modern fads and enjoys sifting through fashion’s entire back catalogue to create her own bespoke style of yesteryear. Sometimes it’s a dress in the style of the 1920s, or a skirt and blouse from the 1950s, but always she dresses with a peculiar elegance only she possesses. Find the vintage fashion-lover sporting a Striped Ruffle Scarf as she swings into town.

The Geek Chic

Video games and comic books are no longer just for teenage boys as the tables have well and truly been turned. These days Geek Chic girls are enjoying blasting away at aliens in their spare time and criticising the differences in the film versions of their favourite comics as much as any geeky lad. One design you can guarantee is part of every Geek Chic girl’s wardrobe is skulls, and lots of them. Skull print scarves make an ideal geek chic accessory.

The Patriotic Woman

We’re not an overly patriotic bunch in the UK as that kind of thing can get a bit unseemly, but with the football World Cup about to take over everything for a couple of months this summer, we may as well go with the flow and embrace our national heritage. We can’t all squeeze into one of those Union Flag mini-dresses that Ginger Spice made famous all those years ago, but we can add a splash of national pride in our choice of scarf. This Union Flag Pashmina Scarf is perfect for the summer as it’s light and colourful and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

See Our New Arrivals For More Trendy Scarf Looks

Funky Rock Chic Scarves

Show off our Funky Rock Chic Scarves this year. The vibrant prints and luxurious material will stun all your friends and family. Make sure you get yourself one of these attention-grabbing rock chic scarves to wear to concerts parties and much more!

Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf

Get the ultimate rock star look with this incredibly light Red & Black Skull Print Cotton Scarf. The soft cotton material will feel great against your skin and the eye-catching red skulls on the black background will coordinate with your denim perfectly.

Below we have celebrities Kylie Minogue, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan all wearing a fabulous skull print scarf. Simply wrap this funky scarf loosely around your neck or over your shoulders, the choice is yours!

Get red carpet glamour in an instant with this bold skull cotton scarf which can be worn in a number of ways. Either treat yourself to this scarf or give to a stylish friend or sibling; they will enjoy wearing it every day.

Yellow Leopard Print Scarf

Update your style with this wild Yellow Leopard Print Scarf, perfect for everyday wear and parties. This Stephen Sprouse inspired funky white scarf with black and yellow leopard spots has a stunning tassel edging which will spice up your style.

Coloured leopard print scarves are a big hit this summer and are a great way to add a splash of colour to dark outfits.

Pippa Middleton, Billie Piper and Kelis have been seen wearing one of these printed scarves, so make sure you set the trend and pair one with your favourite prints and glittering gold jewellery.

Striped Skinny Scarves are a Wardrobe Essential

Stand out from the crowd with one of our stunning Striped Skinny Scarves. These stunning fashion accessories are a wardrobe essential and will draw compliments from all your friends. Enhance your look this spring with one of these colourful and attention-grabbing skinny striped scarves.

Green Lurex Striped Scarf

Green Lurex Striped Scarf
Green Lurex Striped Scarf

Feel glamorous wearing our glittery Green Lurex Striped Scarf to all your parties, special occasions and days out with your friends. The deep shade of green will really get you noticed and will look great against the sparkly lurex thread.

Thanks to the lightweight thin material, you can even wear this shimmering green skinny scarf as a headband when it’s hot outside. This will look great with your dresses, shorts and pretty green or pastel pink skirts.

Everyone will be complimenting on your bargain scarf and will want one to slip through their jeans as wear as a belt.

Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf

Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf
Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf

Make a bold statement this year with our striking Black & White Striped Skinny Stretch Scarf. The horizontal black stripes will immediately grab your attention and will coordinate with all your favourite outfits.

Wrap this eye-catching scarf around your neck and pair with all your stunning striped leggings and matching headbands. All your friends and family will be impressed with the fantastic quality, skinny design and the glamorous striped design which will update your style.

This stunning scarf will also make a fantastic gift for a friend or family member this year, they will love wearing it will their favourite denim and printed t-shirts.

Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf

Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf
Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf

Add some eye-catching design to all your favourite spring outfits with this incredible quality Sky Blue Striped Skinny Scarf. The beautiful shades of blue and green will compliment all skin tones and will look great with gorgeous floral prints.

Wrap this stunning blue scarf loosely around your neck or wear it as a headband with a gorgeous summer dress and pumps. The lightweight Rayon material will feel really great on and will keep you cool throughout the hot summer months.

This wonderful striped skinny scarf will completely change your appearance and will immediately bring a touch of glamour to all your everyday and party outfits.

Brown Scarves

Liven up your evening and daytime wear this year with one of our statement brown scarves. We have a wide range of plain and patterned unisex brown scarves which will really get you noticed and will coordinate with all your shimmering accessories. In the picture below you can see David Beckham, Ashley Tisdale, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Duchess Kate Middleton sporting a stylish brown scarf.

Plain Brown Scarves

Wrap one of our inexpensive and soft brown scarves loosely around your neck for a stylish casual look or try knotting it. Everyone will be impressed with the fantastic quality and eye-catching colour which will coordinate with almost any outfit.

Brown scarves look great with denim and sparkling gold jewellery, so make sure you snap up one of these bargain accessories before they all go! You can now feel fashionable all day long thanks to our incredible range of lightweight brown scarves.

Make sure you treat yourself or surprise a friend with one of these trendy scarves; they will enjoy wearing it whenever they go shopping or out for the evening with their family.

Brown Pashmina
Brown Pashmina

Brown Chiffon Scarf
Brown Chiffon Scarf
Brown Winter Scarf
Brown Winter Scarf

Patterned Brown Scarves

Brown Lurex Scarf
Brown Lurex Scarf

Grab everyone’s attention with one of our luxurious patterned brown scarves. Below we have found this gorgeous brown lurex square scarf with a beautiful tassel edging.

The wonderful lurex will twinkle in the light for hours and will instantly light up your look. Make sure you wear this scarf with a plain white top, jeans and ankle boots for the ultimate rock chick look.

This dazzling brown scarf will completely change your appearance and will coordinate with your glittery makeup.