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How To Wear Your Scarf For Work

Isn’t it great being a woman in the working world? With figure-hugging trouser suits and killer heels, we only need to walk into an office and our male colleagues are quivering at the knees. Scarves can help propel the dominant yet at the same elegant and utterly stylish business look to greater heights. Though when it comes to wearing scarves to work, there are certain ‘rules’ we should comply with in terms of how we tie them. Take a look at the following guidelines on how to wear a scarf to work.

The Bow Tie

No went don’t mean the kind Laurel out of Laurel and Stanley wore. A sophisticated and stylish scarf tied round your neck in a bow tie fashion will add subtle touch of elegance to any corporate attire. To achieve the Bow Tie scarf knot take, for example, a polka dot scarf (which work particularly well with this look). Fold the two opposite corners of the scarf so they meet in the middle and fold the sides again. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it softly in a knot. Then simply tuck the two ends behind the knot. And there you have it, an ultra-elegant bow tie look, perfect caper for the corporate world.

The French Knot

There is no look quite as timeless, elegant and quintessentially ‘European’ as tying your scarf into a French knot. Being such a classy way to wear your scarf, the French knot is perfect for work, regardless of your profession. Simply fold the scarf in half, drape it round your neck, then take the folded half and pull the ends that are un-looped through the fold – tres belle! An elegant and super chic silk scarf worn in a French knot will look especially smart and classy in the office.

The Handbag Scarf

It is not uncommon for offices and working environment to get a tad on the hot side during the summer. If the air-con in your office isn’t up to much and your scarf is causing you to sweat profusely, simply take a trip to the ladies’ and remove your scarf. Instead of hiding it away so it becomes crumpled and creased, make your scarf a fabulous addition to your handbag. Simply tie your scarf onto one of the handles of your handbag, either let the ends hang loose or tie it in a bow tie and use it as a decoration.

The Faux Knot

Another great scarf look that was made for the office is the faux knot, whereby your scarf hangs smartly down the middle of your body with a loose knot gathering the ends about a third of the way down. To achieve this look simply fold your scarf so it’s a long, thin shape, drape it around your neck with one end slightly longer, take the longer end and loosely tie a knot halfway up. Take the shorter end and slide it through the loose knot. Tighten the knot and adjust into position – The perfect accessory for a trouser suit and killer heels, guaranteed to leave male colleagues quivering. the faux knot