Use a Scarf To Give More Elegance To Your Bag

There are two things to consider regarding using a long scarf and bag together. One is, do they match each other? And secondly how do I fix a scarf around,onto, or over the bag to give it extra appeal. Assuming that you don’t just want to tie it on for convenience, because it has got too warm to wear, and your bag is too full. We are considering that attaching the two together, is actually a fashion statement.

Tie a Gorgeous Silk Scarf Around The Handle Of Your Bag

Ways To Convert Your Bag With a Scarf

When matching an outfit and accessories, it is common to link up shoe, bag, and scarf or hat colour. They may not be exactly the same tones, but near enough to be comfortable with each other.

Studs in the shoes may be translated into spots of regular colour in the scarf design, or patterns on the bag. The rest of the outfit will tend to be tones that accentuate the accessories rather than clash or compete. Therefore if you have a strong coloured scarf and bag, the skirt and blouse or jumper may be fawn or dusty colours.

Having decided on the colour scheme you now have to attach the apparently casual but cunningly designed scarf, to the bag. This will depend on how you want to appear. You may want to be cool or even make a statement about who you are.

The easiest form is to just knot it mid-way down its length, onto the end of the handle of the bag. This will allow the scarf to hang down covering part of the bag. If you want to have the girl in a hurry look, make the scarf one that is very long, so that it trails behind your shoulder, when you are heading somewhere.

Follow Our Easy DIY Scarf Bag Tutorial
Follow Our Easy DIY Scarf Bag Tutorial

If you have time, then a neat pretty bow on the clasp may look good. But remember a tatty bow will look awful, and you will in any case have to design it so that you can still open your bag with ease. A better place for the bow, may be on the start of the handle before the area where you would hold it.

You can make a custom clutch, rather than use a bigger bag, and decorate it by entwining a small silk scarf around the handle or hanging from the corner. But don’t make it too big, so that it dwarfs the clutch, or makes it difficult to carry.

There seems to be a trend at the moment to completely encase your bag in a scarf,so that it more or less disappears, apart from the odd glimpse of the handle area. I think the idea is to give the appearance that you are carrying a casual scarf type bag knotted at the corners.

The inner bag gives the security of knowing that all its contents are not going to fall out from the corners of the scarf. The other good thing about this style is that you can change the colour scheme much more cheaply, than having to buy a new bag each time. There are some who have the skill to do away with the bag completely and fold and knot the scarf to take its place as a carry-all.