Wear Silk Not For Fashion But For Healing

Here’s a fact you may not be aware of: silk has been the luxury material of choice for humanity for approximately 7000 years. Now, that’s quite a surprising amount of time, but it certainly appears to be true as that number is derived from archaeological findings in China where ivory basins were discovered incised with silk worm designs, dated to around 4900BCE. Sure, we’re not entirely certain silk was considered luxurious all the way back then, but it’s difficult to imagine that it wouldn’t have been something a bit special as it is today.

Silk is also alluded to in literary works as old as Homer’s The Odyssey, where a shirt worn by the disguised Odysseus is described as ‘gleaming like the skin of a dried onion’, which is widely believed by scholars to be a description of silk cloth. In modern times, silk is used to create a multitude of luxury items from bed sheets to underwear, as well as a variety of other fashion uses such as blouses, scarves and pyjamas. However, silk is no longer all about the shiny, smooth feeling it creates when touching our skin because scientists have discovered numerous health benefits of silk, which should make the acquisition of some silk knickers or a silk scarf our utmost priority.

Anti-Ageing Benefits of Silk

The Cosmetic and Toiletries journal published the Swiss study nigh on a couple of decades ago which revealed the anti-aging ability of silk. Sericin is the protein in silk which can combine with the protein in skin (keratin) to create a homogeneous protective film which acts as an anti-aging barrier, retaining moisture and preventing wrinkles.

There is also evidence that the diet of silkworms contributes to silk’s health benefits as well. They feed on mulberry leaves which contain massive amounts of antioxidants (nearly 80% more than blueberries and cranberries which are known ‘super fruits’). These antioxidants help with the cellular repair that our bodies get increasingly bad at over time – hence our aging – and thus help us remain looking younger for longer.

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Silk is a must have fashion accessory

Silk Eases Symptoms of the Menopause

Hot flushes and hormonally-driven skin conditions are common symptoms of the menopause, but silk’s soothing qualities can help with both of these ailments. It’s not certain exactly why silk helps with issues like facial flushing and other complexion problems, though it is likely due to its ability to be cool during the hot summer and yet warm during the winter.

Wear Silk Scarves for their Health Benefits

The health benefits of silk can be utilised in a number of ways, especially with the likes of pillow cases and knickers, but you can also benefit from silk by wearing a scarf made from the material. A silk scarf will also last much longer than underwear or pillow cases, plus you will be able to carry its anti-aging properties around with you wherever you go. Even during the hotter months of the year, silk is the ideal material for a scarf. It stays cool to help your skin remain cool, but will still keep you warm once the colder weather kicks in.

With such a great variety of inexpensive silk scarves to choose from, including patterned Pashminas and even coloured silk Hijabs, there’s never been more beneficial reasons to stock up on a selection of silk fashion scarves to ensure you always have the perfect accessory that not only looks amazing, but will provide you with an array of important health benefits as well.