What’s Your Scarf Personality?

Can you tell what kind of person a woman is just by her choice of scarf? There are certainly plenty of psychoanalysts out there who think there are clues to our personality-types in our choice of fashion accessories. So what can we tell about you from your choice of scarf, and if you know what category you mostly fall under, which type of scarf is ideal for you? Here are ten ‘types’ and their ideal scarves of choice.

The Business Professional

The professional woman needs to look sharp but doesn’t have the time to spend trying on everything in her wardrobe. She needs a few reliable accessories that can go with most of her outfits without too much thought being put into it. Luckily for her there are plenty of options in this department as many scarves are designed to mix and match with a variety of outfits. Business Professionals tend to invest in ruffle scarves for outdoor wear, usually in a neutral colour such as beige or darker colour like this Grey Ruffle Scarf.

The Artistic Individual

Despite not following any particular fashion and facing the occasional accusation of having dressed in the dark, the Artistic Individual is often a starting point of many trends and fashions that go mainstream. She will open her wardrobe and dress according to her heart, which will usually concoct a quirky unique style that sometimes misses, sometimes hits. But when it does hit the bullseye, it hits more spectacularly than most dedicated fashion junkies could ever dream of. The very nature of the Artistic Individual makes her a difficult woman to predict, but I can’t imagine much time would pass before she’s sporting a White Faux Fur Headband.

The Trendy Tweeter

Whether it’s being spotted out at celebrity-frequented clubs and bars, or raising the profile of her ‘brand’ across every available social media outlet, the Trendy Tweeter will always be seen sporting the latest fashion wear. She will also take occasional inspiration from the Artistic Individual because as every true fashionista knows, once everybody’s wearing something, it’s just not as cool anymore. The Trendy Tweeter is very into fluffy scarves at the moment. Perhaps a large animal print variety or a deep and vibrant colour and worn in a loose double loop around the neck.

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The Hippy Chick

This free spirit wasn’t even born in the 1970s but she still can’t let them go. The hippy chick favours floral patterns and long flowing skirts, tops, dresses and well, long-flowing everything really. When not preaching the power of peace and love you can probably find her either dancing naked in public fountains or getting arrested for dancing naked in public fountains. The Hippy Chick loves bright colours, light materials and, of course, the scarf must be long and flowing. A Printed Pattern Scarf is ideal for this far out femme.

Comfortably Casual

The Comfortably Casual girl next door is never more at home than at home. She’s fond of cosy nights in and putting her feet up. It’s not that she lacks effort in the dressing-up department, it’s just that her focus is more on her own enjoyment of her clothes and environment, rather than dressing to impress others. Warm and chunky are the qualities a Comfortably Casual woman seeks out in a Knitted Scarf.

The Glamour Girl

It’s all about making an impression for the Glamour Girl. Whether she’s working or out partying (or more likely shopping), the scarf is always the perfect accessory to add that extra sparkle to her outfit. It’s got to be eye-catching, fun and just a little bit sexy. And if she doesn’t get at least two compliments on it by the end of the evening then that particular scarf probably won’t see the light of day for quite some time. The Glamour Girl will favour large and outfit-dominating scarves like this Fluffy Bolero Scarf.

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The Retro-lutionary

Whether it’s old fashioned styles or vintage clothing from boutique stores, the Retro-lutionary has no inclination to follow modern fads and enjoys sifting through fashion’s entire back catalogue to create her own bespoke style of yesteryear. Sometimes it’s a dress in the style of the 1920s, or a skirt and blouse from the 1950s, but always she dresses with a peculiar elegance only she possesses. Find the vintage fashion-lover sporting a Striped Ruffle Scarf as she swings into town.

The Geek Chic

Video games and comic books are no longer just for teenage boys as the tables have well and truly been turned. These days Geek Chic girls are enjoying blasting away at aliens in their spare time and criticising the differences in the film versions of their favourite comics as much as any geeky lad. One design you can guarantee is part of every Geek Chic girl’s wardrobe is skulls, and lots of them. Skull print scarves make an ideal geek chic accessory.

The Patriotic Woman

We’re not an overly patriotic bunch in the UK as that kind of thing can get a bit unseemly, but with the football World Cup about to take over everything for a couple of months this summer, we may as well go with the flow and embrace our national heritage. We can’t all squeeze into one of those Union Flag mini-dresses that Ginger Spice made famous all those years ago, but we can add a splash of national pride in our choice of scarf. This Union Flag Pashmina Scarf is perfect for the summer as it’s light and colourful and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

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